Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fabric Shower Curtains

By Marion Jones

There was a time when fabric shower curtains went the way of the dinosaur and glass shower doors were all the rage. Like most fads, however, common sense took charge and the fashions of yesteryear have come back around full circle. You'll now find that fabric shower curtains are all the rage once again and are readily available for purchase at most stylish home decor stores.

However, don't jetison your old glass doors just yet. The convenience and smart look of the glass doors seem to be firmly established with some people. Adherents of glass doors will swear by these and will even sometimes be ready to lay down their reputations for them.

You'll find, when talking about fabric shower curtains, that their owners are laid back and will smile when asked about their preferences. Naturally, they'll defend their fabric shower curtains but they also admit to seeing the benefits of glass shower doors as well. No dripping from the bottom of the curtain, no constantly damp curtain folds that need to be separated out each morning in order to prevent mildew.

Most convenient of all, is the easy cleaning afforded by glass shower doors. However, as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you, glass doors have their downsides too, the biggest of which being that if you permit the cleaning of the doors to go for even one week, stains will begin to form along the sides where they're fixed to the wall and some of these seem to have a much stronger will than you do.

And without a good regular cleaning of the glass shower doors, your otherwise nice clean bathroom will begin to look grubby. The reason though why fabric shower curtains are an all out favourite of many people in the know, is for one reason and one reason only. This is also what leads these people to have a contented smile on their faces even after they've just spent the last half hour sponging their bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are disposable.

Yes, that's the one whopping big reason why fabric shower curtains are still a firm favourite of loads of people. Have you ever tried changing your glass doors on a regular basis? It just won't happen and its doubtful if it will ever happen within three years, unless that is you take a hammer to it.

So, now you know the reason behind that mysterious smile and why fabric shower curtains never really went out of fashion. Convenience, more convenience and still more convenience. So if you're considering of swapping from your glass shower doors to the more convenient fabric shower curtains don't be put off by the initial job that awaits you.

Once you remove those doors, your life is bound to become easier, and if it's not, just exchange one pair of fabric shower curtains for new ones. If nothing else it'll make you feel better!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Decor That Is Super Luxurious Yet Eco- Friendly

By Dareth Johns

Would you love to design your home in an eco- friendly manner but are afraid that this will remove the luxurious feel you love so much? Stop worrying and start planning. Many eco- conscious designers have introduced lines of eco- friendly decorating products that give you as much luxury as any other. Thanks to these products and a few helpful tips you can turn your house into the super luxurious, super eco- friendly home you dream of, while saving money.

Pick some really nice eco-friendly items that you can use as focal points to your room, and build them around these items. So many companies are into making eco-friendly items that you will have a lot of choices that you may not even realize.

A great way to go eco-friendly is by switching to hardwood floors. It's not really as expensive as you may think, and so many of the products are made from recycled wood that it's a great way to make your home eco-friendly and luxurious. Simply get a hold of a contractor and see if they can help you get some wood floors made from the recycled wood of an older home that has been torn down. It will save them money too, and most of them will help you out in a heartbeat.

Area rugs are made eco-friendly and they will not only add to your home, but they will make a room seem much more comfortable. If you have wood floor it's really nice to place an area rug on these floors since in the cold they don't stay as warm, but stepping on that area rug will have your feet feeling warm almost instantly.

Try to use as much natural light in your home as possible. Putting in skylights is a great way to get light into your home. Or even adding in some newer windows, not only will it save money on the bills, but it will help your house decor be brighter.

To change your home into a luxurious and eco-friendly home can be very easy. Plus the money you can save by getting recycled items will help you out too. Make sure to ensure that your items are really eco-friendly and get to decorating.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making The Most Of Small Spaces

By Carla Jenkins

Studio apartments are a choice which many people are forced to take advantage of, simply because of their monetary situation. While very few people would actually choose to live in a small, one-room living arrangement, sometimes this is simply all that is available to them. This, however, doesn't mean that you will have to compromise and live in an environment which does not feel like home. If you are planning on moving into a studio apartment you will simply have to be a little more creative on figuring out the best way to make your space comfortable and spacious while still finding ways to have a space for each area that you might need.

If it's one larger room which needs to be split into several, this may seem impossible. Studio apartments are usually the ones which are one larger room but then broken up into a kitchen, living space, and a bedroom. One way to make the space larger is using a futon or sleeper sofa. You can put it away during the day and roll it out at night. No need to break the room up anymore than you already have to.

Kitchens are another area which is quite small in most apartment spaces. Counter space and cabinets are lacking in most cases. Try purchasing storage bins which are on wheels. You can place these in the kitchen or right outside of it to hold your utensils and other dishes which you can't fit into the cabinet space provided.

A table is also a necessity for not only will you need a place to eat and entertain your guests at but you will also need some sort of flat surface that you can use as a work table when you need it. You could choose a folding table of sorts, which can easily be cleared out of the way when more space is needed, or you could get yourself a half-table which can be pushed up against the wall. This could help make more room in the area while still providing a surface for all the necessities.

Area rugs will be a great accent to break the rooms apart. Try to tie the same color theme in with each but it can be different patterns. Placing area rugs in different parts of the room which are broken off into sections is a great barrier and will be a great room brighter.

Space may always become an issue when you are searching around for apartments, especially studio styles. Don't just turn down a great apartment due to the space. Use your imagination and you can make anything happen by just rearranging items in a certain way.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

How To Create An Indoor Home Gym

By Mike Younger

If you are lucky enough to have a room separate from the rest of your home that you can use as a home gym, decorate so that you want to spend time in there working out. Having comfortable surroundings when you are working out is just as important as the equipment you have in your work out place.

If you're lucky enough to have a workout room with a balcony or terrace overlooking the outdoors place your stationary machinery there, like your treadmill, bike, and stair climber. While you are exercising you can picture yourself riding outdoors. This can be inspiring as well as healthy because you can open the door and get fresh air.

You may want a wall with mirrors so that you can watch your movements as you stretch out before you take your run or ride your bike. If your workout room doesn't have carpet, place an area rug somewhere in the room so that you have a soft place to do floor exercises. A rectangular or square rug will help to add extra cushion for your exercise mat or your exercise ball as you are doing your floor exercises. Since this is your work out room, get a rug in the color or size and shape that will inspire you to continue on your way to a healthier you.

One area of your room should be set up with a rack for towels, dumb bells or weights and you should also have a place set up for your music. Everyone needs music to help them get a beat going and drive them on through their work out routine. You can also have a set of scales in that same area as well to keep track of how you are doing. A small refrigerator with fresh bottled water and juice is good to have there as well.

Remember that this room is to help you become fit and healthy. Don't spend too much time in this room except for working out, anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. If you have a goal that you are working towards, like a new dress, then place a poster size picture of that dress on the wall so everyday you can remind yourself of why you are working so hard.

You will also need a chart or calendar to hang up on the wall so you can write down and keep track of your progress. A dry erase board will allow you to create a calendar and chart all in one. It can help you keep track of your weigh ins and help you see your results.

No matter how you choose to decorate your workout room, make sure you include a soft rug on the floor and use all the natural lighting available. Make the space comfortable and inviting and you will reach your fitness goals in no time at all.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Reselling Your House: Increase Its Resale Value By Storing Clutter In A Personal Warehouse

By Dayna Bailey

Even if it does not cross your mind to you to do it at present, there may come a moment in the near future that you would be selling your abode. And when that time arrives, you would certainly wish that the potential purchasers would no longer quibble about the price you are asking for the structure that, for years, was your own dwelling place.

Buyers, however, are very fickle with their choice. They might gush over how lovely your home is while they explore the rooms and the surroundings. Still, when it is finally time to seal the deal, these potential purchasers back out.

Often, the main ground prospective buyers withdraw from the deal of buying a house is that 2 valuable components are missing in the abode that they were primarily determined on acquiring. These 2 criteria are space and purpose.

Make sure that you've done a thorough cleaning up of your house before you receive any potential purchaser for a grand tour of your house. Your personal belongings that would otherwise be thought of as mess by potential purchasers should be stored away somewhere safe and out of sight. For this clearing up job, you can't - and should not - use the carport, the cellar, the attic, or the extra room on the upper story as a warehouse. Many potential buyers would really insist on exploring all rooms in your home. Imagine what their reaction would be if they witnessed that you've merely evacuated the mess inside your dwelling in your carport. Thus, for this type of clearing up, the only viable answer is for you to rent a self-storage warehouse.

If you are renting a self-storage warehouse, it is also a good investment just in case a buyer instantly buys your house and moves in immediately. Thus, all you have to do is bring out your personal belongings from your former house and keep them in storage in your personal warehouse. Your personal possessions will be secure while kept in storage in the warehouse, until the time comes you could find a new place for them. Renting out a personal warehouse guarantees you that your personal possessions will be kept safe and also made available at your most convenient time (perhaps only after that Caribbean cruise you've always dreamed of going).

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bathroom Remodel - A Fruitful Way To Remove Monotony

By Coy Patrick

There are many ways for bathroom remodeling. There are some people who do it elaborately that the whole appearance of the bathroom would undergo a drastic change once the process is completed. But careful and diligent approach is needed in this matter. The methods consist of remodeling showers, changing plumbing settings, replacing or interchanging shower enclosures, bath suites etc, fixing new accessories, bath furniture etc and altering all the wall and floor tiles. At times, people may be baffled how to approach bathroom remodel: though it is not a very difficult matter, it is not so simple also.

First of all, assess the amount of space and money you have got to finish the project. Follow this up with a market research on the modern trends and materials available. You can take the services of an experienced bath designer while scouting for ideas. He would be able to guide you about buying the best materials available for the bathroom according to your budget.

Bathrooms are remodeled to make them attractive, practical, efficient and safe. Stylish sink faucets, trendy wall furniture, mirrors of exquisite designs, environment friendly materials like bamboo shower curtain rods, custom-made storage facilities etc can effectively convert your old bathroom into a veritable beauty.

Changing the bathroom decor would remove monotony from your daily chores. As the saying goes, 'nothing is constant except change', your life also need periodic changes in order to improve its quality. Presently, bathrooms are used not just as place for physical cleaning, but also as a sanatorium where even mental blues are washed off. You would not be able to enjoy spending time in drab bathrooms that lack space and different elements like furniture, bath suites etc impairing easy movement.

Bathrooms play an important role in our daily lives. Hence it becomes imperative to keep them up-to-date, clean as far as the new generation is concerned. The boredom can be removed through small and simple changes. You should always remember to keep the four important aspects of bathroom remodel: beauty, convenience, safety and creativity.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Choice For Bathroom Wall Remodel

By Coy Patrick

If you are confused on what should you do with your bathroom walls to remodel them, then this article is for you. Are you confused on what to use like wall papers or painting? Do you respond yes? Then this article will certainly resolve the issue. You aren't the sole one into this unresolved confusion but there are many who have totally reworked their bathrooms but are stuck with only this confusion leaving their bathrooms incomplete.

There are benefits and drawbacks related to every tiny thing in this world. Say for example if one thing is useful in one aspect the other is for other aspects. Nothing is perfect in this world. In today's trend of toilet transforming the wallpapers are regularly used for transforming the bathroom walls. These are a perfect option for people that like changes each now or then. They offer new patterns and designs making the toilet walls more appealing.

But they have their own cons also. The first and foremost thing associated with wallpapers is that you should be more wary with them. You should be accurate with the measurements as an inch Difference will do you more bad then good. They should be applied on the walls to the sign of perfection as it demands more time and your own efforts. They are less stable as the steam can cause them to grow molds and they can even fall off the wall putting all your work into water.

If you still desire and think that you are going to be able to manage with the cons associated with the wall papers and be cautious with them, then you may go ahead. Otherwise you've got the option to go for painting the walls. You may either set your inner want on fire to paint and paint the walls yourself or if you can afford you can appoint a professional painter. On one hand you will get the satisfaction that you used your own efforts and have the pleasure of getting the walls painted yourself. On the other hand you will get the perfection from the professional in whatever sort of painting you desire.

Take correct measures on what you decide. Don't finish up with all confusion. You must be prepared to remodel the walls regularly if you go for wall papers. You also keep in mind that if you desire sturdiness then painting the walls should be your choice. It is quite clear that painting lasts longer than wall papers.

If you enjoyed this write up about Miami bathroom remodel, then go over and check into this different internet site discussing bathroom remodeling in Miami.

Why You Will Want a Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

By Seal Frank

Ceiling fans nowadays are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, styles and sizes. The fan blades can be made from wood, steel or even bamboo. Even with metal finishes alone, the choices are limitless. There is polished copper and even stainless steel, so it may be somewhat hard to pick the perfect one. However, there is one that is particularly special - brushed nickel.

Boasting nickel plating instead of brass, this popular finish is usually dulled and lacquered for an elegant stainless steel like sheen. If you are searching for the perfect finish that is both timeless and fits any kind of design or decor, a brushed nickel ceiling fan is your one and only choice.

You will be surprised to see brushed nickel finished popping out of a lot of designs ranging from transitional to classic. This flexible finish will fit itself into your existing decor with ease and flawlessly because of its neutral yet striking look. Its polished features also gives the feel of high stature while still being cheap enough to fit any budget.

Since the metal goes well with so many blade types, this type of fan is an ideal and economical choice for those who like to update their living space often. Blades can be easily changed using simple household tools; so, you can be creative with combination like walnut, cherry, bamboo, palm leaf, and metal blades.

A stunning example of a great brushed nickel ceiling fan would be the Involution from Fanimation. This special fan has two 52" fan blades with dual finished - walnut or cherry according to your taste. The motor and body of the fan are also enclosed with a pretty layer of brushed nickel for that clean, modern feel. This is just one example from a range of other designs available. It doesn't matter whether you prefer modern or contemporary, brushed nickel ceiling fan is the answer for both affordability and features.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Decorate Your Home Beautifully with easy to install decorative Architectural Wall Decor

By Joan Mylchreest

Architectural wall decor and decorative trim work once was an integral part of home design, but with the advent of the post war housing development boom everything changed when low budget homes were built at an astonishing rate. At that time with the exception of simple baseboards and window casings, architectural details and quality millwork all but disappeared from new home design. Many of these houses not only lacked architectural wall decor and accents but were devoid of any visual character and personality.

If you think your home's rooms are uninteresting and boring, you can easily make plans for adding elegant and decorative details to liven up your space. From simple chair rails and wainscot paneling to more complicated built-in cabinets, to bookcases and window seats, there are a lot of functional and beautiful decorating choices for you to consider.


Adding crown moldings and trim work to walls, around doors and windows can instantly give boring and dull rooms a decorative flair as well as cover up wall imperfections and unsightly drywall joints. There are all kinds of precut decorative moldings available online for do it yourselfers that have some basic carpentry skills. You can even build interesting shelves and ledges with decorative moldings as well as decorate cabinets, countertops, mantels and bookcases.

Decorative Columns and Pilasters:

How does your entryway look? Want to give it a more elegant and inviting appearance? Tired of looking at those old worn out posts flanking your front entrance? These can be transformed into a decorative and grand focal point with beautiful architectural columns. Pilasters on the other hand are made to look like columns but are actually decorative moldings which are imbedded in walls to divide interior spaces. Pilasters make attractive and sturdy door surrounds and can be bought separately or in sets which includes caps and decorative pediments.

Decorative Corbels:

Corbels or consoles were pieces of carved stone used in classical architecture to hold up balconies or other weighted pieces. They were particularly popular in Roman and Greek buildings.

Some people enjoy scouring salvage and antique stores to find corbels that have been removed from old buildings. Recreations made of plaster or resin rather than stone are also available. While they are used mainly for decoration, they may also serve to hold up a fireplace mantel or decorative shelving.

Ceiling Medallions:

When it comes to choosing architectural wall decor that will add dimension and style to your home, don't forget the fifth wall overhead. Ceiling Medallions make a classy statement surrounding a chandelier, ceiling fans and pendant lights. They come in many ornate and classic designs and sizes depending on your ceiling fixture and the architectural style of your home.

These medallions can be quite ornate or they can be quite simple depending on the style of your home and personal preference. Ceiling medallions are made out of resins, architectural foam or other composite materials and are also available in beautiful metallic finishes.

Relive history with decorative Friezes and Reliefs:

There are lots of ways to dress up inside walls but one way to add some architectural interest to a large blank outside wall is with a decorative frieze or relief. Our neighbor has a beautiful one that matches his outside stucco wall perfectly depicting an ancient pastoral scene. What's so compelling about it is that at first you don't notice it until you're walking past, then suddenly this beautiful relief catches your eye and you stop in stunned silence to admire its subtle beauty and unique design.

Friezes and reliefs often depict ancient scenes or historic events as well as mystical animals and medieval landscapes. Modern applications would include intricate iron scroll work, decorative urns and more abstract renderings.

Create a Focal Point with a Wall Niche:

Wall niches are designed to put focus on a favorite piece of art or collectible. One piece niche models are readily available online. They are usually made out of polyurethane foam, are easy to install and make a perfect do it yourself weekend project.

Pediments - A Decorative Surprise:

A pediment is an architectural ornament consisting of a narrow decorative piece along a wall either inside a room or on the outside of the house. Decorative pediments add architectural interest when placed above doors, entryways and on an outside wall under the roof.

Make a Statement:

In addition, built-ins, decorative shelving and fireplace mantels are other examples of architectural wall decor that can add stunning detail and give your home a sense of permanence, style and class.

Whether you're planning to install a simple chair rail or tackling a more ambitious fireplace mantel project, every job begins with the right tools and an understanding of basic installation techniques.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Points On Making Innovative Table Top Looks

By Jennifer Taylor

Almost all old tables are worn out, particularly the table top. Instead of buying new one, why not make some structural works to have it looks good as new? There are businesses that provide services on refurbishing kitchen area. You can ask them some few things on reconstructing your kitchen and also recreating a new look for your kitchen furniture.

Table tops can be created from hardwood, stainless steel, glass, or granite materials. Use the material that blends with the rest of your kitchen surfaces. You can also try different forms for the table tops. Round or oval shape has more benefits in kitchen area. Round and oval shapes are safer since these shapes have no pointed corners that can harm you and your kids. You can also easily add space for extra person joining your group.

You can also create a tile table top. Set the tiles on the table top and cut the excess parts. Smooth the rough edge with tile file. Put ceramic adhesives at the back of the tiles and stick them on the table top. Apply grout on the tiles and into the gaps. Let it settle down for 2 days before applying a sealer.

Create a new look for the table top using a cloth. Cut the fabric that will fit the size of the table top. Using decoupage glue, attach the fabric on the table top. Then, put high-gloss shellac for fabric protection. Frame the cloth on the table top with tacks or cut glass.

For your old wood table top, make some refinishings. Using a scraper, grate the old finish. After that, smooth it with emery paper. Coat the table top with polyurethane. Allow it to dry. Then, put on the second layer of polyurethane coating. Let it dry again, and then put on the third layer of coating.

Now, new designs for table top developed. Aside from its functionality for cooking, writing, and eating, it may also be furnished with integral power points, and perhaps even a sink with water and drainage outlets. It can also be fixed solidly to the kitchen floor.

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Make The Place Lovable By Interior Design

By John B. Emmerson III

The design should reflect the residents of the house rather than the latest and exclusive design trends. Persons looking for a little assistance, may follow several basic interior design rules that professional interior designers apply.

Rule 1- Proportion and Scale When designing a room, it is essential to take into consideration the dimension and space available. It would be a key design flux-pas to put extra-large furniture into a small room. For example, a dining room table made for 12 would not seem to be appropriate or even match into a dining room made for a four people family.

2 - Balance There are some normal approaches to making balance in a room. Few want to work with symmetrical balance. Symmetrical balance is when interior designers arrange things in a visually symmetrical tactic. For example, a couch with an end table on each end.Other people focus on using asymmetrical balance. Asymmetrical balance does not focus on mirroring stuff on either part, but rather balancing stuff visually through the use of a variety of stuff.

Rule 3 - Contrast Stuff in the room should contrast to help build interest. Interior designers utilize the decoration in the room to continue a solo style through the use of a mixture of essentials like colors, sizes, patterns, textures and so forth.

Interior Design Rule 4 - Textures and Colors Following color and texture rules can be the most daunting section of interior design. Choice of colors will fluctuate from person to person and not every person agrees on what matches and what does not. However, there are various key color schemes that many interior designers employ. Anyone who is designing a space have to grasp that not every part of color schemes or textures will appeal to everybody who enters their home. That being said, they should focus on their own needs and wishes. Interior Design Rule 5 - Rhythm Going hand and hand with contrast, is rhythm. When it's crucial to build contrast for interest, it i also important to keep a rhythm all through the room. Using a single color or pattern and repeating it throughout the room assists form rhythm in a room.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Benefits of Kitchen Ceiling Fans

By Seal Frank

One of the most advantageous things you can install in your kitchen is a ceiling fan. Kitchen ceiling fans not only help in heating and cooling the space, but also provide additional lighting and aid in air circulation - all while adding style and flair to the room.

The kitchen is stuffed with electrical appliances that can heat up the room easily. Hot air radiates from the refrigerator, oven microwave, kettle and even dishwasher. All that can heat up the kitchen to a near unbearable state for cooking, especially in the summer. A simple and fast solution is by installing a ceiling fan. When switched on, the ceiling fan will cool and circulate air around the room. Moving air will obviously be cooler than stagnant air, and thus will cool down the room almost instantly.

Another benefit of adding a ceiling fan to the kitchen is that it can provide additional lighting where it is needed. For example, placing a ceiling fan over your island or other prep area means that you can use the light where you are working, rather than turning on every light in the kitchen. Task lighting such as this helps to lower energy bills and improve efficiency.

Regarding styles and designs, there are a large variety of models and shapes to choose from. If you are going for the country themes, check out the ceiling fan with rooster, apples and floral prints. There are also rustic ceiling fans, brushed nickel ceiling fans, white ceiling fans, tropical ceiling fans and even flush mount ceiling fans. Just choose one ceiling fan that suits the theme of your kitchen and you are ready to go.

Besides the ability to add a whole new level of functionality to your kitchen, these ceiling fans can also act as a very interesting focal point to your kitchen. It doesn't matter what finish you opt for - white, wood, rustic, brushed nickel, wood, or even with patterns, these ceiling fans have the ability to accentuate and provide that extra touch to your kitchen while providing the much needed cooling.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Granite Tops - Proper Care & Maintenance

By Leslie Griffin

For its hard and non-porous surface, granite is a popular material to use when it comes to kitchen countertops. It has a comparatively strong ability to resist stains & chemical damages. Nonetheless, it requires proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of granite countertops. Caring for your countertops includes both sealing & cleaning to keep them looking as good as new for many more years. Here are a few tips on how to clean & seal your countertops without causing any improper damage.

Daily Cleaning

Caring for granite tops begins with keeping the surface clean from spills. Should there be a spill, remove it straightaway and then rinse with warm water. This is all the more important when an acidic substance such as lemon, orange, or vinegar has been spilled.

Every day, you should wipe your granite counter tops with a soft cloth using a mild detergent. This will ensure any surface deposits are removed & keep your countertops looking new for a long while. Strong chemical cleaners should never be used, 'cause they can damage the sealant. Powder detergents should be avoided as well, as they can scratch the counter top surface.

More daily care tips:

- Always dust the surface of the counter - Wash well using warm water after using any cleansers or detergents on the granite - Never use bleach or ammonia on your countertop - Sanitize the surface with a few drops of a pH-neutral cleaner - Although granite counter tops are frequently marketed as heat resistant, always avoid placing hot pots directly on them

Sealing Periodically

Another important part of a care routine is sealing granite countertops, as the seal enables the countertops to retain the beautiful high gloss finish. Your granite counter top should be resealed every six months. It is often hard to detect sealant wear, so even if it doesn't look worn, granite counter tops should still be resealed two times a year.

There are permanent granite sealers, if you want to avoid the hassle typically involved in granite counter top care. Or, you may wish to consider engineered granite which doesn't require regular sealing.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Decorating Ideas For Your Children's Rooms

By John Dinal

The ideas are endless for decorating a child's bedroom. Inspiration is everywhere from cartoon characters, fairy tales, animals to sports, action heroes and nature. What makes decorating more enjoyable is when the child is able to share his ideas and contribute to beautifying his/her bedroom. Below are the Top 5 decorating ideas for children's room:

A princess room is perfect for a little girl. Pink and purple walls are perfect for a princess room. A pretend crystal chandelier hanging from a light fixture will give the room that extra touch, making it look like a royal palace. When creating a princess room royal bed linens are in order. Linens made of satin and lace fit perfectly into any princess room.

Dinosaurs - this is a popular pick among boys. The idea of being in prehistoric times is very exciting for these young lads. Earth colors rule this theme alongside dinosaur miniatures, stuffed toys and posters.

You might want to try to create a game room for your child. Start by painting each wall a different primary color. Next Glue the pieces on to several different board games. These will become art and you can hang them on the child's walls. Just be sure to buy new games, your child may be disappointed if they can no longer play their favorite game.

Sports - lots of children both boys and girls are into sports, which is really good because sports instill positive values among which are discipline, sportsmanship, team work and confidence. You can use decorations according to your child's favorite sport. Most popular are basketball, football and baseball. If your child is an athlete, you can have a glass-cased shelf for displaying the trophies and other memorabilia from his/her competitions. Framed posters of favorite athletes can be the wall hangings, as well as your child's own photos.

For a child who enjoys a room that is a little more peaceful, try a beach themed room. Light blue or green walls will create a serene effect. White bed linens will make your child think that they are sleeping on the clouds! Try a neutral color rug in the room to give it more or a cozy feel. If you wanted to add a little flare you might try hanging a surfboard on the wall. A few large potted plants will make the room feel as if you have brought the outdoors in.

Don't forget area rugs when decorating. Rugs can be used with any theme. Positioning it in the center is an instant main decor, however practicality is also important for a child's room. Hence, place an area rug in your child's favorite spot or where it gets dirty easily. Have enough storage in the room too for organizing things like trinkets and souvenirs. Remind your child to keep his/her room orderly. Cleanliness is next to godliness...and cleanliness prevents lectures, right?

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Decoration Is An Art

By Trevor Johnson

Home could be a place that is often special for everyone. In order to create this special place a more stunning place, folks embellish their house in line with their taste. Most of the house decorating design is mixed in styles, it is a blend of ancient and up to date furnishings with mixing new with the old. The furnishing selections during a home decorating theme are a well though mixture of styles and designs. Therefore, before you are going to brighten your home, bear in mind that a space is infrequently decorated in one style. While picking your home interior style, you must forever choose the furniture that suits your style and place it in such a means that it appearance graceful with the house decorating scheme.

When you are thinking about a new look for your house, the query most typically arises is which color ought to you go for and how would you mix them? And selecting home decorating colours for your house is an important decision. For that you would like to develop the ability and confidence to form your room an area where you would like to pay most of your time. Therefore, it's helpful to be told some basic home decorating color vocabulary. Become acquainted with the color ring, as it is a basic version of the color wheel, sometimes employed by fine artists to understand the principles of mixing colors.

Continuously bear in mind, a well mixture of home decorating patterns, colors, and textures end in a balanced and stunning area and offer you the type of room that makes you feels easy the moment you enter into it. So, first, you have to seem at the home decorating pattern and texture that are imbedded in the design of the room. For instance, the pattern in the grain of a wood floor or the texture of plaster walls, the sheen of a marble countertop etc.

Before, going for home interior design Singapore, the best factor to try and do is to make a plan for it. When you actually begin together with your home decorating project, whether it's big or little, it's always wise to understand what is concerned and the way it can be accomplished. Anyone can do home decorating with the given tips to improve a space that you may fall in love with it, for instance: by merely adding a chunk of furniture into it. However before you paint a wall or get any furniture for your home decoration, suppose through the process of decorating project.

As walls are the largest surface space in any area, thus, the wall treatment you choose will enhance your home decorating selections in a very such manner that no alternative home decorating part can. Hence, before you start, consider the basics of the room; like: the sunshine quality of the room, the size of the room, and different architectural options that you want to highlight or downplay and most importantly, the furniture and materials that you are coming up with to use in the home decorating scheme.

After you decorate your rooms, you will not select a specific home decorating style, however you will certainly attempt to create a fashionable decor for your room. Within the time of rearranging the furniture, you have to determine whether you would like a refresh look with new upholstery or you would like a completely new home decorating theme for your room. Finally it will be said that every one well-designed rooms exemplify additional than one home decorating principle. When each home decorating element is placed in harmony together with different elements, you'll expertise a a lot of elegant style. Interior design Singapore is referred to as the simplest in this regard.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road to The Nursery: Key Decorating Ideas

By Carl Whistler

Below are some ideas for decorating a nursery or a baby's room. These are easy to implement themes that can transform any room to an instant baby wonderland.

Boy's nurseries can be a lot of fun. Many new parents chose to paint their little boy's walls blue. Blue is a beautiful color for a little boy. It comes in many different shades and hues. It can match a lot of different bedding styles as well. If you want to be more unique with your baby's nursery you might try using green or yellow of even red for your little boy. These colors can be fun and exciting as well.

Designs for boys are numerous from sports, animals and nature to action heroes, cars and airplanes. Anything that exudes excitement will also bring the same vibe to the nursery.

For a girl's theme, pink is expected. It is a symbol of femininity, perfect for girls. Pink also goes well with almost all girly design like fairy tales, flowers and fairies. She will love the idea of being a princess or fairy everyday!

Neutral nurseries are fast becoming the trend. Most couples prefer to have a room that can be easily changed over time. The neutral colors of white, beige, tan and cream make this hassle-free to do. Moreover, those couples who await the birth of their child before knowing the sex opt for a neutral nursery. Redecorating this theme is easy to do anyway, what with the flexible colors and decors.

Using a neutral color doesn't really equate to boring, especially that nurseries are typically bright and lively. You can also use other shades as an accent to the neutrality of the room. For instance, you can add pastels, light colors of pink and lavender or bright tones like yellow, red and orange.

If you want a theme for your neutral nursery you could go with baby animals, a seaside theme or even an alphabet theme. These types of themes will be sure to delight little girls as well as little boys.

There's no need to spend an arm and leg for spicing up your nursery. Save the expenses for the years down the road when your child will get to choose his/her own theme. For now, keep the nursery simple but fun. Cute but comfortable. And of course, a safe haven for your little angel.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just What You Need To Know Before Getting Patio Furniture

By Steven Mathis

Back garden oasis patio home furniture is generally placed in small sized gardens and patios that are also known as garden oasis. Garden oasis deck home furniture production has become a major industry in the furniture manufacturing sector, as more and a lot more people are preferring to plant gardens in their balconies. To discover out a lot more about garden oasis patio home furniture read on. Garden oasis patio is a type of miniature garden, that's generally situated around a small water body. Nevertheless, this kind of garden must not necessarily surround a water body. Numerous a times, this back garden is also planted by individuals within the terrace or balconies of their apartments.

The back garden oasis patios are also slowly coming into vogue in many apartments in urban areas throughout the world. These new brands of home furniture, that are being launched in the market, also supply a lot of scope and variety to the individuals who plan to purchase their back garden oasis patio furniture.

Getting an Outdoor Meal: One from the greatest benefit of getting back garden oasis deck furniture is that it is possible to have your meals out in the back garden. Having your lunch or dinner in a garden makes you fresh, and also helps you to relax mentally and physically. In addition, if you are getting your meal in the evenings, it is possible to also enjoy the coolness of the trees.

Making an Impression on Guests: Garden oasis patio home furniture tends to make an excellent impression on your guests, especially your boss. If you have invited your close loved ones or friends for dinner, then there is nothing better than having your dinner party out within the back garden.

Overcrowding: In case you have too many guests within the house and you cannot use your dining table to have dinner, then it is possible to use the back garden oasis deck home furniture. Family Time: The back garden oasis deck home furniture can come really handy, when it comes to spending time with one's family. The ambiance of the back garden oasis is such that one can have brilliant conversations in such environment.

There are three basic kinds of materials that are utilized to manufacture garden oasis patio furniture. Plastic may be the most widely used material, when it comes to manufacturing back garden place deck home furniture. The second kind of material that's utilized is wood, and the third is metal. Many people consider purchasing plastic furniture, as it's bit cheaper than the other kinds of home furniture. However, plastic home furniture for back garden oasis have many drawbacks.

The first drawback is that extreme climatic conditions affect plastic and the charm of the furniture is immediately lost. An additional drawback is that this furniture can't be repaired and has to be discarded in case of damage. The discarded plastic home furniture is extremely hazardous towards the surroundings and becomes an instant pollutant. On the other hand, outdoor deck home furniture that's created up of plastic, has only a single merit, that it's light and manageable.

The home furniture that is created from wood has an equal number of advantages and disadvantages. The greatest benefit of this wooden home furniture is that the back garden and home furniture blend with each other really well. The greatest benefit of garden oasis patio furniture is that it's created up wood and is repairable. The repair of this furniture is so easy, that a single does not need a carpenter to repair the home furniture. Some from the varieties of outdoor wooden furniture are manufactured using substandard quality of wood. These pieces of furniture deteriorate, if subject to extreme weathering. A very big advantage of this type of home furniture is that it can be polished and the initial charm of the home furniture can be restored.

The greatest kind of oasis deck furniture is made from wrought iron or other alloys. The specialty of this kind of outdoor home furniture is always that it's resistant to extreme weathering. Wrought iron home furniture is also rarely damaged. This type of furniture is basically created to last for a long time. So much is the durability that many generations of the same family can make use from the same wrought iron furniture. Nevertheless, the best choice of garden oasis patio furniture can be created by the individual who is making the back garden. All the various kinds of back garden oasis patio furniture give the back garden a various feel and look.

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Decorating For A Boy

By Forest Talbot

There will come a time when your little boy will have outgrown their old room. Maybe it's just because of age or it might be because their interests have changed. When you go to take on a project like this it can be a very exciting thing, and one that will have your boy enjoying some time with you. That is if they are old enough to help with the choices you should include your child in the decisions of how to redecorate their room.

You will need to figure out what theme you will be completely the new decor in. This can actually either be very tough, or simple. Your child will most likely have many types of interests. But try and see what their absolute favorite is and change the theme to this style. It may be a cartoon they absolutely love, or even a movie that they want to see again and again. Books are another good way to come up with a new theme idea.

You may run into the problem of it being harder to decide on what theme the room should be in. In that case you should go and find maybe a favorite color of your boys, or something else that may well be used for a theme. Than you will need to check what kinds of furnishings you want to add into the room.

Once a decision has been made on the room theme, the rest of the project goes fast. If the theme chosen is Disney World, say, your son can be surrounded by elves and princes and princesses and Lion King and cartoon characters and on and on. The characters can be on his walls, on his bed, on his area rug and also on his ceiling. He can live with them and visit them as often as he likes.

Jungle themes are very easy you can get several objects that are animals you would find in the desert and place them on the walls. Also get a rug that has a jungle animal or theme on it.

Sports can either be based on a specific team, or just a sport. Adding up posters that show the sport or even a lamp shaped like a baseball will be a great addition to the little guy's room.

You have too many themes that will be possible to do the boys room in, so you most likely will have several different ways that you can go about adding to the theme and decor of the room.

A neat thing to do is have an artist come in and paint the room walls with the theme motif. If the theme is football, the walls can become the playing field. Your son can be painted onto the field running for a touchdown or throwing a pass. The other elements of the room--the furniture, the bed coverings, the rug--can all be coordinated to the murals. The artist can get as detailed as you like (or can afford).

It will great fun planning such a themed room but it will be even greater fun to see the expression of joy on your son's face when he realizes that he is going to be living in a room that he helped to create, in a make-believe world that he chose.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Make Your Kitchen and the Eat in Area Look New

By Beau Hartwick

Kitchens are one space which you never really thing about decorating since it's usually just for cooking. By decorating the place with a few items here and there you'll notice it will seem much cozier. Kitchens are of course one area of the home that can be small but cost a pretty penny to update so make sure you are aware on what exactly you'll be taking on if you decide to update your kitchen.

If you aren't into remodeling but just want a few updates to get your kitchen into the proper style then just do a few changes. Try a fresh coat of paint in a new color or a neutral color. This will brighten the area up and give you that great look it's needed. Curtains are another way to update a space and its design. They are both inexpensive and can be done at any time.

Cabinets are another thing you may change in a kitchens design. You either can paint them or spend a few bucks on new handles for the drawers and cabinets. That will be a small change that will go a long way. Since there are so many different types of handles out now for purchase you'll find one that best fits your style and design of your kitchen space.

If you have windows which let the natural light in, add a few plants in the window. This will just add a different punch of color into the room's decor. Another great idea if you aren't someone who has plenty of light entering their kitchen is a great silk floral arrangement. This will just give you the visual of nature without the watering.

Canister sets are great to keep on the counter and if yours are a few years old try replacing them with a different tone which has a design or a different color that blends in with the rest of the area. They are inexpensive and will get their pennies worth! If you aren't someone who likes to spend if they don't need to replace something, add a stencil onto the existing canister sets if applicable. That will create a look of new ones with only spending a few dollars on the paint and stencil.

Flooring in most kitchens is either laminate, hardwood, or tiled which may seem cold when the winter time comes. By adding a few area rugs with color and texture it will soften up the room's decor. Just make sure it has slip proof padding underneath or purchase rug slip guards to make sure their aren't any accidents in the kitchen.

Scented and colored candles can also add color and they are wonderful for giving the kitchen that "I just baked an apple pie" smell if you buy those that are scented or "Flavored". Baskets on top of the refrigerator or freezer are also a nice touch and you can change the flowers out to go with the seasons. Another ideal would be seasonal fruits in a basked in the middle of the table. These are not very expensive ideas and the change can be very subtle but awesome as well. Hand towels and pot holders are also a good way to add a little touch of color and decorations as well.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Distinctive Designs To Greatly Enhance Your Home Beauty

By Eric Carlton

Are you currently into the idea of drawing the interests of your visitors toward the exterior region of your house? Would you like your home to become a standout inside your whole neighborhood? Now if the answers are all yes, then you may employ the usage of an iron arbor decor. Iron arbors can provide a distinct characteristic to your home.

Up to now, its acceptance has never died out. In the market, you can find generally a lot of iron arbor items sold. Contained in today's popular choices would be the intricate designs on fences, stair railings, gates, plant stands, garden accessories, and many others. The use of wrought iron in gates, fences, and stair railings can exhibit a majestic appeal like your house is a castle in disguise. Inside your garden, the iron arbor can provide a location for you wherein tranquility can be derived from.

Using the creation of an iron arbor inside your garden, you might turn the place into the classic yet stylish Victorian-inspired garden. The iron arbor might be placed at the entrance of the garden to disguise the closest entry point from the house itself. It might also be placed on a particular area to signify a focal point wherever beautiful vine plants might be grown. Iron arbors placed within the middle of a garden can likewise be the ideal place for you personally and your visitors to sit in if you want a taste of the outside air.

The general design of the iron arbor could be complex or very simple. What is essential is that the style fits your taste, your budget, and it stirs the proper impression that you wish to produce to your neighborhood and friends. Iron arbors are typically utilized for the purpose of encouraging the growth of climbing plants or vines in a specific shaded location in the garden. Most American residents install iron arbors in closed vicinities wherever they can grow fragrant rose bushes. The traditional iron arbor is consists of only one of the sides which is left open. It is really much unlike the archway or the pergola.

You must have concluded that the iron arbors are heavily constructed. They're seldom repositioned in the region simply because they are basically made with concrete materials. It's impractical for you to set the iron arbor in the ground where soft grass grows since the heavy metal construction will sink into it and therefore destroy the soft grass.

So prior to you location the iron arbor into your garden, you must have already decided on its exact location. Overall, the price that you simply need to pay for iron arbors differ on the style and size that you prefer alongside with the accents that you simply would like to use with it.

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Find Chair Covers For Sale That Are Inexpensive

By Paul Micheals

When you talk about chair covers for sale, you can find tremendous wide selection of products for you to select from. Starting with the durable cotton products for dining rooms to sheer satin products for weddings; you are likely to find exactly what you're looking for. The greatest way to locate what you'll need in by browsing online, as the options obtainable online usually are a hundredfold of what's available in any local retail outlet.

Whatever you want to use them for, it's important to ensure that the color of your new covers will match the overall design. For instance, in case you are searching for something new for your house, and also the room that you simply plan to make use of them in has a colorful style, you can merely select the chair covers for sale of a matching colour. In case you are planning to redecorate the entire room, then you can use color wheels for new colour scheme ideas and color combinations (mustard, lemon, and yellow; olive, mint, and green; midnight blue, powder blue, and blue). If you have a neutral design in the room, then you can go using the handles of any bright colour, including navy and burgundy. Alternatively, you can make a neutral room look more elegant by using silver and gold colored items.

In case you are looking for covers for a wedding or any other unique event, it is possible to match them using the overall theme from the event. Alternatively, you can match them with the season. Any plain white or black chair covers can be livened up using ties and bows. These will add a complementary colour to the room's decoration subtly and unobtrusively.

Chair covers for sale might be a much a lot more practical solution than renting. Depending on the material, you can find excessively inexpensive and durable products. These items could be used and reused as numerous times as you need, such as for special events. If you are going to make use of them at home, it is possible to change them as frequently as each season. You can also have unique items for Christmas and Halloween.

The products for Christmas are often made within the form of Santa's hats and snowmen, while those for Halloween frequently feature scary skeletons, spider webs, and numerous other holiday-themed decorations. All of these items are very affordable, and you can use them to add to any occasion at a really little cost. Covers for sale usually come with a cash back guarantee. Nevertheless, you'll need to keep in mind that you simply might only be eligible for a full refund if you return them without any sign of wear, and in the original packaging.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ideas On How You Can Speed Up Your Home Renovation

By Caroll Collins

We all know the significance of good planning - in all facets of our lives. Thus, we cannot ignore the value of preparation when it comes to our homes - in interior design and in renovation. When it comes to home renovation, it is critical to be prepared and to oversee each detail in your design plans before you start construction. This detailed renovation planning includes the following:

1. File all the needed renovation permits to particular authorities.

2. You must secure financing fully before starting your renovation. You must allot an emergency fund which is one-third of your total renovation budget - just in case some problems develop during the renovation period.

3. For your renovation materials, it is better to order them early so that they will be readily available when you start your renovation.

4. As time is of utmost importance when it comes to renovation, you should also remember that additions can be particularly time-consuming. Avoid additions as much as possible, especially the ones that demand a foundation.

5. In time constrained renovations, avert taking down walls, avoid relocating plumbing fixtures, gas fixtures or high load electrical appliances.

6. When it comes to floors, take finishes that let faster installation. Among the handier finishes are sheet linoleum or vinyl, wall to wall carpet, such as wood, bamboo or cork.

7. For faster renovation, it is also better to avert from custom cabinets and other personalized or custom made items that may need more lead time, bigger budget or longer construction periods.

If, however, you are really short out of time, you can accelerate your renovation schedule by increasing your budget.

Yes, money can do wonders, even in renovation. You can always ask your contractor to add more workers to accelerate things up. The key thing in renovation is getting the design you desire, at a budget that you place and with a realistic timeframe.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Renovating Your Home Can Increase Its Market Value

By Tommy Miller

Investing in a property make over can be an excellent action. For the few thousand dollars spent\invested you can usually double or even triple your money as long as you spend it on the correct areas. As well as adding capital value to the building you can also increase the salability. Time should not be an issue for such projects because a house with a good facelift is always favoured by prospective buyers, thereby raising chances of a profitable resale.

A quick example of increasing the property capital value as well as salability and rent ability is adding a garage or car port. If the property has the space to add a car shelter and it does not have one, future buyers or tenants will see the added value. When you rent a property you can often recover the cost of the work from a tenant within two years. After that the extra rent you charge will be pure profit. On top of the rent amount if you are making additional changes to the property at the same time, your bank will take the upgrades into consideration when you get the property revalued.

Home renovation is a complicated affair that includes everything from painting the outside walls of the house to mending the electrical wiring systems, and also altering the decor of the rooms. The entire concept of renovation centres on making the property both more functional and more comfortable for its residents. A 50% raise in property value is not unheard of through an elaborate renovation.

The most important part of a renovation is making the look of the property attractive enough. The interiors of your renovated property should be more in sync with the latest style so that potential buyers, who are mostly conscious of the present trends in interior design, feel pleased and are ready to pay a good sum for it.

Professional service of an experienced interior design specialist is a must for better renovation. If limited renovation is what you are aiming at, then the interior designer can recommend which areas of your house can be cleverly redesigned to appeal to prospective buyers.

Only an interior design expert knows how and where you can make small architectural changes at minimum cost to give your house that irresistible look so that buyers can't cast their eyes away from it. The pattern on the floor and the paint of the walls can make the interiors look dazzling and more airy. Advice on the structure and the need for strength and support can also be provided by an interior designer. From his experience, he will be able to make recommendations on the basis of your budget and likings.

An interior designer can also suggest to you which renovation materials are long-lasting and cheap at the same time. They know where to buy these materials and appliances from the market at reduced prices. The time span of the whole makeover activity, from applying the first layer of paint to striking the last nail, can also be properly calculated by interior designers.

It is also recommended to seek advice of a property broker who can inform you about the current trends in the real estate market with reference to the likes and preferences of buyers. After all, the entire objective of the renovation is to satisfy them to be able to draw a bigger price for the property.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding the Perfect TV Stand

By Trevor Bradley

You can possibly relate to a scene that was very relevant to me recently. I walked over to my nearest electronics retail store and purchased a brand new LCD screen television. I packed it in the rear of my truck and highly anticipated it new presence in my house.

As soon as I arrived home, I took the TV out of the box and out of the packaging. I also took out the free TV stand that came with my purchase and I set the entire thing up in the corner of our family room. I then stepped back to enjoy my new splurge.

Unfortunately, it looked absolutely awful. Although the television was stylish and had a great picture quality, the stand that came with it was so cheap looking and seemed to be made of a cheap plastic or MDF.

It was at this point that I realized why stores give these TV cabinets away for free; it was a piece of crap and probably cost them absolutely nothing to make it.

Looking at this quite ugly piece of furniture sitting in my family room, I made a plan to see what I could find to replace it. I really wanted a TV stand that was plenty strong to hold my television without worrying if it would collapse, but also looked trendy.

This seemed like a fairly simple request. It didn't seem as though I was looking to purchase anything particularly outrageous.

As I wandered round the shops and looked at a number of websites, I realized that my request must have been something out of the ordinary. It quickly became clear that 90 percent of retailers specialize in selling cheap TV stands, while I was really looking for something with a little better quality.

I did not want something that was produced with a million other pieces of furniture in a cheap assembly line. If it was owned by another dozen people in the street where I lived then it wasn't something that I'd want in my living room.

Finding something that was unique, strong, and had a true modern look to it was not as easy as I had at first hoped but I did eventually find a manufacturer making cabinets that met my requirements.

There was a company called Spectral that seemed to specialize purely in cabinetry and high quality TV stands (really just cabinets that you could place your TV). Although they're not cheap, they are clearly built to a high standard.

I am now the proud owner of a Spectral Television stand and it looks great in my family room, nearly as good as my LCD television.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Six Best Ways To Use Area Rugs

By Shawne M.J. Patrick

Using straightforward things like an area rug can add so much to the flooring and feel of your house. Putting a little rug in a room can add a little accent or a giant focal point. Here are some easy paths to employ a rug.

1. Save the carpet from the kids! Kids can be truly hard on the carpet, and not everyone can afford to just go out and replace the old stuff. By utilizing an area rug in a child's bedroom you will be able to save wear, and the stains will be far less difficulty. You may also give your kid's bedroom a whole new look.

2. Cover that worn out carpet: Let's face up to it we all have had a little point where replacing the carpet was just out of the question. However , you can always cover up those defects with a little rug, while also adding a great design to your room.

3. Entrances: Putting a pleasant rug in the door way can be a big benefit to the feeling of the house. Putting a little rug in front of the door can be like a welcome home greeting, and will give your home that relaxing homey feeling.

4. Give style to hardwood: Though hardwood floors are stunning and a great thing to have, too much can make your house feel boring and empty. Adding an area rug will add style and warmth to the feel of your house.

5. Give it a focus: Putting an area rug in a room can be a great way to give any room a focal point. Whether or not it is a living room, rec room, or bedroom, adding that small bit of color will tie everything in harmoniously. You will be able to feel the difference on entering the room.

6. Cover an ugly wall stain: If you have got a patch of wall with an enormous stain or hole, you can always cover it up. With a light weight rug you can cover up that stain while at the same time adding a bit of art to your room. Woven area rugs look good when hung on a wall and always give the room a more pro feel.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unique Lamps- For Every Room

By Danny Ricks

Decorating your home has become as important as beautifying yourself. Home not only reflects your taste for things but also speaks volumes about your personality. People also are experimenting with their places and trying to make it look unique. Decorating your house can be a tiresome job which can leave you exhausted at the end of the day. But since we have various options like internet and television which are a good source of getting ideas and have made our life much easier. You can find affordable pieces which are quite unique by just click of a button.

To brighten up your room you have various options like wall color, curtains, and a bright furniture upholsteries etc. There is one more thing which has been used for centuries to help the place look more vivacious and these are unique lamps pieces. They not only give the place a much warmer look but also are good source of light. It gives an unmatchable attractiveness by making the whole area lit up. It is also a very good idea if you want to focus upon a particular corner especially a dark corner. You can also use them to highlight other items in the room like a chest, sideboard or a table.

They come in all shapes, sizes and style. Since you have lot of option, it can be quite confusing to make the right choice sometimes. Depending on your personal choice and usability you can pick table lamps like if you want for bed sides or for reading table. Style of lamps wary from Tiffany Lamps, Mica lamps, Country lamps, Crystal Lamps, Hand painted table lamps, to going for more traditional style lamps, etc. Whichever style you choose just keep in mind that it should gel well with other items in the room and not be a mismatch.

Let's have a brief description on various unique lamps to help you make the right choice for your room. Tiffany lamps are the most colorful lamps as they are handmade by fixing together various colourful stained glass pieces. These glass pieces are help together using a copper foil. They help the whole place look more vibrant. Mica lamps are also very attractive and they are made from mixing mica flakes and organic shellac together.

If you want to go for simple design you can always opt for Country lamps they look elegant though. They are designed to give warmer look to the whole place and due to their simplicity can be well coordinated with other items and furniture in the room.

If you have a traditional type of setting then to enhance the whole look you can opt for a traditional style lamp. They are made from wood or material emitting wood look or iron. Since these are smaller in size they can be easily moved and rearranged. It makes the complete room look more sober and warm.

Bed side lamp also give a completely new look to the bedroom. Just keep in mind that they should not be picked in such a way that it should not disturb the sleep of your partner. The height of the lamp should be considered.

The unique lamps styles are the best way to enhance the complete look of the room. Position the lamp in such a way that it brightens the whole place and make the place look more stylish.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Should You Use Fireplace Screens?

By Jeff Bridges

It is very enjoyable to have a fireplace in your home. While fireplaces may use different fuels such as wood, gas or electricity, all can benefit from beautiful fireplace screens as they add beauty and warmth to your home. In addition, if your fireplace burns wood, it should always be used with a screen.

While it is sometimes wondered if a fireplace screen is necessary, a little bit of research will show you the importance of having the screen to prevent any sparks from coming off the fire and causing problems. This is especially true for a wood burning fireplace. You should never have a wood fire without having a screen in place in front of the fireplace. This will significantly lower the chance of ever having a fire started in your home by your fireplace.

While a necessity for wood burning fireplaces, a fireplace screen can also give a look of authenticity to gas or electric fireplaces. They can also prevent children from getting too close to the heat source and being burned. Since fireplaces often form the focal point of a room, adding a screen and fireplace tools, makes the fireplace look great.

Even persons that never burn in their fireplaces enjoy having a screen in front of the fireplace because it gives it a great look. If you do burn in the fireplace, you have the assurance that you are doing your best to operate the fireplace as safely as possible.

Fireplace screens are available in many unique designs. Some will have colored glass inserts while others have decorative metal work in front of the screens. You will find flowers, scroll work and gold or brass work to decorate the screen.

Screens can also be used to hide the mess of a wood fire. Ashes and partially burned wood is discussed behind the fireplace screen. This can help you living area to look great until you can have an opportunity for cleaning.

The the screen in front of the fire is bothersome to you, then try a screen that is made of glass. This will give you a less obstructed view, but will still protect your home from the flying embers.

Fireplace screens have been around for years, they are still a great way to keep your home safe. The screen will keep the home safe and protected. Buy a screen so that you can operate your fireplace and have it look great.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Romantic Greek Style Bedroom

By Carol Porter

If you are trying to create a great romantic bedroom feel for your and your loved one, why not choose a Greek style? It will make everything flow without any complications.

First of all, invest in a four poster bed with a either a wood frame or an old iron frame. This will give more of a romantic feel to the room. Decorate it with a beautiful white cover like the bedspreads you can buy in Greece with crochet patterns on them or just a white floral bed cover. Fill the bed with warm colored pillows that feature exotic designs on them. Decorate the posts with a floral nylon type of material to make the bed stand out. Place a rustic area rug on each side of the bed.

Green plants or other floral plants which bring a scent to the room are another Mediterranean technique to give you comfort and a better nights rest. It will make you feel as if you are sleeping in a bed of flowers in nature.

For the flooring, use area rugs. If you, already, have wood or laminate flooring, then adding some patterned area rugs will be perfect. A large circular rug will do wonders for the room. How about a red rug or a floral square rug that matches with the cushions on the bed. If there is carpet and you are fed up with it, for a change lay down stone effect tile flooring or even laminate flooring that has a stone effect. Rustic rugs will enhance it. You can place a rug by the bed or anywhere in the room.

Sand colored art work on the walls will give you enough decoration along with a neutral design. Great oil paintings are another way to go if you still want to add additional punches of color into the room. Aphrodite whom is the Greek Goddess of Love would be a great addition in the room as art work. It will make the room come alive with its Mediterranean style.

Light the room up with candles. Place them around the room in wrought iron or brass candle holders to light up the bedroom and give it a sensuous, romantic feel.

Wicker furniture with a great floral printed cushion set will work as a seating area in your bedroom. You can sit and relax while reading a book or enjoying the newspaper.

If you are shopping around for new furniture for your Greek style bedroom, try choosing darker colored wood. It will accent the rest of the decor for the Mediterranean feel. Vases with wonderful floral designs are another plus on each of the night stands to bring some more plant like style to the decor.

No matter how much red, floral, or plant like pieces you use in your room, this will be a space for you to relax and enjoy time with your loved one. Romance is the key to any relationship so make sure you have at least one room in the home for you and your loved one.

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Southwestern Design for Your Living Room

By Paul Anthony

When we think of the Southwest most of us think of desert, cactus and wide open space. When we decorate for Southwestern flavor, it is the colors of the Southwest that become important. The colors of nature abound in the Southwest. Blending into nature's palette are the colors and design associated with the Native Americans indigenous to this area.

Before you assault the task of redoing your living room to a Southwestern motif, you need to decide what colors you would like to employ. Do you want neutral colored walls the color of the desert sands or would you prefer the rich hue of turquoise? The traditional decorator colors for the Southwest are shades of yellow, orange, red and green. It is easy to see the colors of the vibrant sunrise and sunset seen over the desert landscape in the colors of the Southwest. Even in the midst of the desert plants thrive. Green is the color of life in the desert. So, as you can see, the four main colors are highly significant to the Southwest and important for inclusion in your Southwest decor.

Now if you head into the direction with a neutral wall you'll want the color to pop out in the decor such as window treatments, throw blankets, and pillows. You can also throw a few neutral pillows with match the walls colors to tie the theme together. Just by adding a few colorful details into the room you'll still create the southwest style.

If you aren't afraid of color and don't mind painting your wall an orange or yellow then you'll want to choose your furniture wisely. You'll want more neutral pieces with a few bright colored pillows. You don't want to overwhelm the design with a horrid palette. Always remember that dark wood furniture and other pieces in the room are a great design when choosing this style.

Your accent pieces should be as near to authentic Southwestern as possible. Many of the Southwest's Native Americans weave beautiful rugs and wall hangings and artisans create wonderful carvings and works of art that look beautiful in rooms with a Southwestern theme. Look for many authentic Indian works to include in your new living room.

Area rugs are another great option to tie in another color palette or even a different texture into the room. If you're able to find a rug which looks like an authentic Native American hand woven rug, you're in luck. Snatch it up and place it in your new living room.

There is no more comfortable, welcoming living room that one with a Southwest flavor.

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Decorating Children's Rooms- General Tips

By Brandy Kirkland

A child's room needs to be relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Since your child will be spending a lot of time sleeping in this room, you should make sure it is something that is as relaxing as it could possibly be. In a child's room, you should always avoid adding in colors that are very bright and stand out. Sure, this may look good, but it doesn't help your child as he or she is trying to sleep during the night time. As you read this article, you are going to come across some techniques for decorating a child's room, so you should pay close attention.

Curtains are a great way to start off the room on the right track. Have your child help you choose the curtains which they want to place in their room. Whether it is a princess theme for little girls or a cars theme for little boys, they'll feel like they helped design their room.

Once the curtains are purchased you'll be able to base the rest of the room's style and design around those. Again, when choosing the bedding and other accessories which will be placed in the room, try having your little one be a helper with this process. They will enjoy shopping with their mommy and choosing what they want in their space.

Area rugs are a great accessory for your child's room. If you have a princess theme entering this area try going for a great pink shag carpet or something which ties in the theme. If it is just going to be a color palette which you're working with then maybe add a rug which has a design on it.

You want to make sure when the lights are turned out at night that your child isn't scared of any shadows which may appear on their walls from the window or other objects which are near their night light. You want them to fall asleep with a calm and safe feeling. By purchasing darker shades or curtains this will decrease the shadows which may occur with the moon lights shining in.

When choosing wall art for your child's room you want to make sure it is nothing which is breakable such as picture frames with glass. Try choosing plaques which have designs and will be strong enough to last if it is accidentally hit with a toy. And last but not least you want to make sure the room is safe for your child and they'll feel secure when entering.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home On A Budget

By John Sung

Altering the interior design provides a fresh feeling to your home, but most people are troubled by the expenses that they will incur while renovating. Here are some tips for refurbishing your house without spending a lot on the activity.

Structural modifications to your house will cost you a fortune and will consume plenty of time. Hence they must invariably be avoided unless there is some feature of the house that is especially troubling you. Alterations that don't need a huge investment or any external assistance from a seasoned professional are the ones that are more sensible to focus on.

Your bank will love you if you make structural improvements to your home that will heighten its value. Funnily enough if you read up on what some house renovation investment gurus recommend some of the improvements are low priced but can add thousands to the amount of rent you can charge if renting, plus can add to the capital value of your property as well. If you want to leverage on the increased value of your improvements then you will need to get your property revalued and then go see your bank with the new valuation.

The primary focus should be on the walls. Merely by replacing the wallpaper or colouring the walls with a striking colour you can achieve a total makeover of your home. When choosing a new colour, you should be mindful of various aspects, like how much sun light you get into your home and if you have kids who would be happier with brighter colours.

Next, you should consider the drapes. The colours and designs of the drapes must be carefully chosen. Moreover, you should also be conscious of the fact that different fabrics allow different quantity of light through. For example, for your living room you might need something partially transparent, through which some natural light can enter to keep the room bright.

Furniture plays an important role in the decor of a room and any home renovation exercise is not complete without considering it. Fabric covering the furniture can be cleaned or changed, while the wooden parts of the furniture can be re-polished to make it look fresh.

The last element is the kind of art you want to put up in your rooms. New artwork such as paintings and sculptures will be a fresh addition to your rooms. You can either sell off the old sculptors and paintings or you can move them around the house so that the rooms get a different look.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Using Budget Friendly Methods For Designing A Room

By Connor Sullivan

Whether you are the owner of a brand new home, enjoying the challenges of a fixer upper or renting a temporary abode, you will want to remodel your own rooms. Redoing a room can be a costly investment, and is often worth every penny. However, it can be tough to come up with the budget for these projects. This is especially true if you have more than one space. Often, the smallest projects end up over budget and taking more time than you intended. However, with some planning and time management, there are a lot of changes you can make to the space without going over budget. Carpet Tile and do it yourself carpet can offer affordable flooring options, creative furniture shopping can offer more bang for your buck, and paint is an inexpensive way to creat a lot of impact.

Flooring is often one of the costliest expenses. If your original floors are badly damaged, they may need refinishing, or you may need to start from scratch. In order to save money, consider doing things on your own. You can also choose unexpected flooring, like tiles. These are easy to clean because you can remove and reinstall. Another choice that works especially well is using large area rugs. This may be your only option if you are renting.

Once you have made your flooring decisions, you will need to choose furniture. This could be the most expensive part of redesigning a room, but it is also the best place to cut corners. There are plenty of options for finding inexpensive furniture. The place to start is at the usual furniture store. Chances are there will be a selection of returns, factory seconds, and overstock. Much of this furniture may be in perfectly good condition, but available for a lower price. Head to a thrift shop if a favorite furniture store does not have what you are looking for. Sometimes it is filled with trash and run down items, but other times it is filled with treasures. That is part of the fun of visiting a second hand store. At a low price, you can get great items. It is also a great way to find cheap pieces you can mix with the pricier ones you already own, or you found at the furniture shop.

If you think flooring and furniture will not create the look you are searching for, go for a bold, bright pain color. Be sure to finish painting before adding floors and furniture, but have some idea of what style of furniture you like. This way everything will form complete room that will have a polished, finished look at the end.

The best way to create a new look in your home is to decorate on the cheap. You can redo several rooms without spending a lot of money if you shop smart and have a plan.

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