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Read This Before You Buy A Router - Buying Guide

By Ryan Henders

Anyone that is into woodworking or is even a general handy man will tell you that the tools of the trade are not cheap. If they are well looked after though they will provide many years of satisfaction and service.

Ideally, to start with you want to purchase tools that can be used for multiple things. A good example of this is the Router. It?s wonderful for cutting shapes, patterns and trims for example.

When its time to buy one then there are some specifics that you should know and there will be decisions to make.

You will need to choose between a fixed base and plunge router. With the fixed how deep you are going to cut has to be preset. These are the cheaper of the two. A plunge router will let you do your depth adjustments while it is running. This is good when you need to make several passes.

When you are looking for how much power a router consists of you will note it is rated by HP. Naturally the higher the HP the more power but also more weight. Motors contain copper wire and the more wire there is usually the stronger the motor is. You may have noticed that most of your tools are rated by amps as opposed to the HP. Amps requires independent lab testing but HP ratings are done by the manufacturer so may not be as accurate. So when you are purchasing check out the amp ratings.

Router bits are referred to by their shank, which is the part of the bit that goes into the router. There are three sizes ? inch, 3/8 inch and ? inch. There is a wider choice of ?-inch bits available so keep that in mind when you are buying your router.

You may hear the term EVS this is referring to electronic variable speed which are the newer type routers for the woodworking enthusiasts. This means you can adjust the speed of the bit. This is a safety feature that allows you to slow down the larger bits. The smaller bits are not a major concern at higher speeds. Your project will determine if you really need this type of router.

Changing the bits on routers can be a bit of a drag especially for the older models, which require the use of wrenches. The newer models have spindle locks, which only require the use of one wrench instead of two.

Various models come with different switches with some being toggle and others trigger switches. Then aside from your router, there are several accessories you can purchase such as edge guides, jigs, bushings or router tables.

When you are ready to purchase shop around and see what the newest models have to offer. Then make you choice of that which is going to meet your needs and your budget. It?s better to buy a quality piece of equipment that you may pay a bit more for now but is going to last you a lot longer than one of the budget models.

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TV Stands For Flat Screens

By Ricky Green

These days, when people pick up television they almost mean they're buying a flat screen TV. Generally, flat screen TV's are quite expensive so you just couldn't buy any old TV stand. Here are some tips that would help you find a TV stand that would work really well with you.

The screen size of today's flat panel TV is often larger than the conventional ones but the depth of the screen is always far less. So, the TV stand doesn't have to be as large to be able to hold the television. However, there is another important thing to consider.

Also, when it comes to flat panel TVs, there's more thing to consider than size. The aspect ratio of a flat screen TV is much different from the conventional TV. Conventional TV has a 4:3 ratio which looks quite like a square. Flat panel TV's, however, have a 16:9 ratio, making them look more like rectangular. This aspect ratio accommodates for both HDTV and film formats and provides a good viewing experience.

You have to be keen in choosing a TV stand. It has to be wide enough to protect the length of the TV screen otherwise, the ends would protrude the edge and someone could bump into it and knock it over.

There are many styles of flat screen TV stand nowadays. Some are longer, narrower and others are lowered to the ground. The newest design is the flat entertainment center. It provides a flat, wall-like surface which the TV is mounted on.

However, there are some people who opt not to buy any TV stand at all. Where do they put the TV? They mount it directly on the wall. They can also just simply add a small piece of furniture that can store other media equipment.

When shopping for a media stand always keep in mind the safety of your television. Get a stand or mount that will support your television and at the same time blend with your overall style.

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Auto Tools - Pnuematic or Cordless

By Nicholas Halmond

Learning to make your life easier around the house is key to having fun doing it. No one really likes to tackle a hard job that they can't finish or have a hard time finishing. You see automotive tools make jobs a lot easier and almost effortless around the house such as driving nails, or tightening screws. However, you have to be careful sometimes when trying to find the right tool, or brand of tool for the job. Understanding that tools are not created the same is very important, especially when you take on some of the most pressing jobs.

When both affordability and efficiency are heavily in depend, pneumatic tools or air tools are the way to go here. These automotive tools are smaller in size and utilize few electrical components simplifying the process. Also known as air tools, pneumatic tools gets its automotive features by utilizing pressurized gas to put the mechanical parts to motion.

What it comes down to is the air compressor is its main source of energy. Granted, you'll need the appropriate compressor for your pneumatic tools, but there are plenty to choose from when you're searching. Just remember to think about the air flow as well so you can receive the optimal performance from your tools.

Not only does pneumatic tools save big on electricity output but will last longer because it doesnt get as hot preventing the tool from overheating. This happens because the tools run off of air and not electricity so the tool doesn't heat up as fast or nearly as much. Because they are very dependable and wear at a slow rate, buying pneumatic tools used is ok as well, because they function almost the same.

Cordless automotive tools score extra points for being powered by the latest lithium ion technologies. This can be noticed in the newest automotive tools and generally perform better. Cordless tools can save on your electric bill as will since they never get plugged into sockets. However, you still need to buy batteries anyway and charging the device would mean consuming a little bit of electricity.

It's always nice to enjoy a tool that doesn't have cords wrapped around everything, and gives you the opportunity to reach tight spaces. No one can ever complain about not having enough freedom with cordless automotive tools. Oh, and you'll lower the risks of accidents as well.

Even if you're purchasing your first one, cordless automotive tools are becoming better and better each year. In the beginning they just weren't powerful enough to take on hefty jobs, but the batteries that they're utilizing now are a bit more powerful than standard pneumatic automotive tools.

You might have a hard time deciding on which type of set to purchase in the beginning. Pneumatic tools are great for individuals who are on a strict budget, and want to save on electric in the long run. If you need more "umph" in your tools, then consider looking into all the different automotive tools available.

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Find Out How Good DIY Windmill Plans Are The Means To Professional Quality DIY Windmills

By Gary Greenman

Don't pay some contractor 1000's when with the correct windmill DIY plans you can have a DIY windmill for less than $200. Would you pay twice as much for something when you did not have too? Alright, maybe that isn't the best example but you get the idea. There is is nothing special about a windmill except how much money it can save you.

Does the wind ever blow at your house? It doesn't matter if you live in the city or in the country. Whether you live in the country or the city you can benefit from a DIY windmill.

Would you like to save thousands of dollars every year on your electricity bill? Who wouldn't. All you call for is a quality set of DIY windmill plans and the proper support to answer any inquiry you may have. You'll be generating electricity and saving money in just one weekend.

Does living a 'Greener' way of life sound good to you? We require to do all we may to help defend our earth. Lord knows the administration or the corporations is not going to do it for us. It is up to us as people, one person at a time living a greener lifestyle - get your DIY windmill plans - build a windmill - and be green.

It may sound too simple, but with pioneering windmill DIY plans you can help defend our earth. If merely one out every 1000 houses in the US alone was generating just a portion of their power with a DIY windmill we could save millions and millions of barrels of oil each year. The big guys would be forced to look at additional forms of energy to make money - we all succeed.

Windmill DIY plans for $50 = Your own DIY windmill for less than $200 = Thousands saved every year on your power statement! Seriously just 50 dollars for your DIY windmill plans - a great windmill that you craft yourself for less that $200 and you could save a minimum of 25% off your power bill every month. Go ahead and do the math - that is a lot of cash for you - not the electric company each year.

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Discover How to Save Significant Money With Solar Electricity

By Gary Greenman

Wind energy, solar electricity and water is a brilliant way to make your own electrcity. There is information on the internet in the form of guides so one can learn to create alternative electricity. This alternative energy source will trim down your energy costs, and at times ged rid of it. A quality source puts in plain words the methods to make energy at house. Once a system is in place, the sooner to dispose of the scary electricity bills you now face. If you really desire to save cash on your electic bill, renewable energy is for you.

An overlooked alternative electricity is wind power which can be produced by windmills. This idea as we know it has been around for quite some time.The use of wind turbines or wind turbines can make a lot of electricity. As time passes, this is one of the best sources of alternative electricity as the wind continues to blow, and will increase popularity more and more as the energy crisis increases.

Solar electricity is great because the sun is your only source of power the sun isn't going anywhere. Solar energy is one of the best to use in your house. The solar power panels will cut your electricity bills almost in half and the ecosystem will benefit too.

Water or hydro energy is another great means in which to use alternative electricity in the household. You can use water to work vehicles and power electrical appliances. Hydro electricity is can be used up to 90% of renewable energy in your home.

Many guides includes a total set of diy directions on how to create electricity to power your house with renewable energys by constructing your own wind power generator or installing your own solar panels. In order to make these work for you, you need to follow the step by step directions provided.

A quality guide should show you how to harness wind electricity as well as the sun's rays using solar panels to employ the elements for electricity. The use of alternative power will help you out to save on your electricity bill a minimum of $1000 every year. The internet is a good teacher for the person who is looking for alternative energy sources utilizing sun and wind.

Your home will be the setting for your energy creations either through a wind turbine or solar panels. You may have solar panels on the roof of your home or in the back yard and your wind turbine is in an airy place, with this you will be saving cash as well as having a healthy environment. We need to preserve our ecosystem by making use of the natural resources in the safest method, because this earth supports us as well as the coming generation.

You may be a bit nervous about the whole system of electricity making. Bit by bit you will come to see that wind and the solar energy both are the safest and best methods to generate electricity and save bucks as a result. Why do we have to spend money for the energy statement when nature is so supportive and caring? It is high time that we understand this technology and make use of it. Nature is the best friend you may have. Preserve our nature and future with renewable electricity.

Wind energy and solar electricity is is certainly good value if you want to save money on your energy statement in your home or business with renewable power.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Expensive Homes Usually Have Big Walk-In Closets

By Sarah Poyert

Women love closets and the bigger they are the better. If you ever walk through an open house that has a big master closet, you will hear the woman get all excited about the different things she can do with it. The guy, on the other hand, will most likely show little interest. What this means is that women are usually in charge of the closets in the house and they are always looking for ideas on how to use them more effectively.

Only the bigger more expensive homes used to have walk in closets but now they are becoming more common in all types of homes. If you do have a large master bedroom closet, you will probably be looking for ways to manage the extra space. Typically women will have no problem figuring out what to do with all the extra room, as they own a lot more clothes and shoes than a man.

Anytime a woman walks into a big closet, you can almost hear her mind thinking of all the ways she would like to use the space. On the other hand, a man will have little interest in a closet of any size. This means that walk in closets are good for both parties because the woman will want to take over the space and the man wont care. This will make them both happy.

If you have a big closet, you will need to come up with a good way to get the proper lighting in it. Many walk in closets now days are so big they are almost another room and need their own lighting. Installing overhead lighting such as track lighting always looks good and will highlight certain parts of the closet. You can also bring your own lamps into the closet as long as there is an outlet in it. Usually a bigger closet will come with one overhead light but often times that light is inadequate to do the job.

Ultimately, identifying what space belongs to who is the most important part and the woman will most likely get most of the closet. From there, make an agreement that you can each do whatever you want with your allotted space. This will undoubtedly help save the relationship as far as closets go!

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The Easy Way To Restore A Log Cabin Kitchen

By Ryan Henders

Owning a log cabin is often a dream of many. On the other hand when it comes to having to do some restoration to some of its contents then it may not be such a great dream. It is a task that can be done quite successfully if you are somewhat handy with some woodworking tools. If you aren?t then there?s no better time to learn. Unless of course you want to contract the work out and pay big bucks for labor.

Most often with a genuine log cabin, you want to preserve its character. The room that is probably in most need of repair will be the kitchen. In this case, consider giving it a face-lift as opposed to ripping everything out. The biggest area to work on or will be in need of work is the cupboards and counters.

On an average, you will find that they were probably constructed from 1-inch pine. The counter top should probably be replaced especially if the surface of it has begun to crack. This can be a health hazard because food builds up in the cracks and lays the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

So getting down to work the best thing is to remove the cupboards and drawers and take them to the workshop or outdoors to work on. Begin with a 120-grit sandpaper and sand each one of the pieces. If the paint is, solid it should act as an undercoating for you and you won?t need to sand down to the bare wood. All you are doing with this sanding is removing the surface dirt and debris that has build up over the years. Once you have done this then you are able to choose the colors you want to work with. You want it to compliment and blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Perhaps deciding on your counter top first will help you to determine a complimentary color for the cabinets. Don?t just toss the hardware away. Most often, it can be cleaned with some silver cleaner or brass cleaner depending on what they are made of. Even paint thinner may do the job. If you find the hardware doesn?t fit in with your new d?cor then you may be forced to buy new ones. Just put the old cleaned up ones away for another project.

Depending on the shape of the interior of the cabinets, you may only need to line them with fresh shelf paper. If there are a fair number of cabinets, then buying a roll of vinyl wallpaper may be cheaper than buying those small rolls of shelf paper.

You will probably find installing the counter top a bit more of a challenge. You may want to consider buying one of the new tops. There are many on the market that would no doubt blend in with the d?cor of the cabin.

If the wood of the counter top is still in good condition, then just remove the decorative surface and consider buying one of the easy to install laminates. If this isn?t to your choosing, you may want to consider some rustic ceramics. There are many options available when it comes to new tops. You may want to consider one of the butcher-block type styles.

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Remodeling With Bathroom Vanities For A Fresh Look

By Bruce A Velloso

If you're thinking about bathroom remodeling and not quite sure what to do to jazz it up a bit, you've come to the right spot. No matter how much space or little space you have you can find a bathroom vanity to fit your bathroom and your decor.

Your bathroom can be well organized, and look great. You don't have to try and decorate with just special shower curtains, towels, and throw rugs. There are bathroom vanities that will create a whole new look for your bathroom.

For the larger bath, choose a double sink vanity in a style to fit in with your home decor. There are bathroom vanities in Contemporary styling, a more modern look, and of course a traditional style. For the second bath, or if space is a problem, getting a bathroom vanity to fit nicely is still not a problem. The single sink bathroom vanities are beautiful too and still come in furniture style. Either way you go, you can add another elegant feature by installing a vessel sink.

Don't worry; there are many bathroom vanities to choose from in different styles. Do you want a traditional look or do you want a more contemporary look? If you're not short on space, extend storage room and add a bathroom vanity with two sinks. No more fighting over who gets there first. You can have personal storage areas and sinks for two. I bet the wife will like that. If space is an issue, that's okay too, because the single sink bathroom vanities have plenty of shelves and drawers for storage of personal care items and look beautiful also.

If you decide on furniture style bathroom vanities, you'll have all the drawers and shelves to hold all your personal care items. If you're going double, you can have your own private storage area and not be rushed or be bumping heads at the sink. A furniture style bathroom vanity can be a marvelous option to provide the look of elegance and still keep to a budget. The furniture style vanities come in all the favorite wood types and finishes. I'm sure you can find one to match the furniture of your choice.

The furniture style of bathroom vanities comes in most wood types to match the furniture in other areas of your home. You can choose to go with a mahogany wood finish, cherry wood, in a traditional style. Maybe you will go contemporary with a tempered glass, stainless steel, and black wood. Your bathroom vanity can be as large as there is space available. Even if your bathroom is tiny, you can select from one of the corner bathroom vanities. How about that? I'm telling you, this is a way to go to get that re-molding done with a style and flair personalized just for you and your needs. It's a very good way to provide the look of elegance for a moderate price.

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Five Restaurant Food Preparation Tips to Use At Home

By Malcolm J. Richmond

The majority of us love having fresh food prepared for us in a special way by someone who is talented in this field when we dine out at a restaurant. Nonetheless, as well as being a little on the expensive side, does being rushed through your meal because the restaurant needs your table for the next diners or having your meal interrupted by waiters or waitresses spoil the occasion slightly? If so, do you know that it's possible to enjoy just as good a dining experience in your own home? Well, it is and here are five tips to turn your kitchen into a kitchen of delight.

Tip 1 - Label It It will help you immensely if you ensure everything in your kitchen is properly labeled. We have all taken things from the refrigerator in the past and not really been too sure of exactly what they were. In particular, spice labels need to be replaced as they wear off because if you are unfamiliar with the various smells of spices you could end up ruining a dish by putting the wrong ingredients in it.

Tip 2 - Be Clean and Safe The finest restaurants always have extremely clean kitchens. Take for example, one of Gordon Ramsey's - you would never his kitchen in a state of chaos. The kitchen is where you are going to prepare the food you and your friends and family are to eat so make sure it's clean and safe and the chances of food contamination will be considerably reduced.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place Just as in a restaurant kitchen you should keep raw food away from cooked food. Both these foodstuffs have their own place and this is another way of ensuring that food doesn't get contaminated.

Tip 4 - Make Sure Your Foodstuffs Are Fresh You will never find real chefs using packaged or pre-prepared foods. Only the best fresh produce will do, right down to the herbs and spices in their kitchens. With fresh food you will be able to produce flavorsome dishes to tickle your taste buds at the same time as giving your body the necessary nourishment it requires.

Tip Five: Be Creative With a clean kitchen and fresh ingredients don't be afraid to experiment with recipes. Try new food combinations. When you walk into a fine dining kitchen you aren't going to see any cook books or recipe cards lying about. Be creative, mix what sounds good. You may find that you are the best chef you know.

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Battling Grubs in Southern Turf

By Kent Higgins

June may be bride's month to many people, but to the busy southern gardener, it is "groom" month. Lawns - Watering, fertilizing and mowing make up the grooming operations for the lawn this month. The effect of nitrogen fertilizer applied in April will have about worn off by now and a light feeding is necessary.

Few gardeners realize that an average grass plant in one season may make as much as two or three feet of vegetative growth. This plus the fact that over 300 grass plants are on each square foot of lawn area make it easy to realize why regular feedings are necessary to maintain beautiful lawns. Regular applications to the lawn area will maintain good color. Irrigate your lawn, do not sprinkle. Thorough soaking once per week should be sufficient. Mow frequently and to the proper height. The average height of cut for Bermuda grass lawns should be 1 1/2 to two inches. Most people mow much lower and are not aware of it.

Put the mower on a flat surface and measure the distance to the cutting edge of the bed knife (stationary horizontal blade) to determine the height of cut. By doublecutting it is easy to prevent swath patterns in the lawn. If rotary mowers are used make sure the blades are sharp. Dull blades will rip off the tips of the grass, leaving them void of chlorophyll (green coloring matter) and in a few hours white streaks appear on the lawn.

Lawn Pests

One of the worst insect pests in lawns is the beetle grub. This pest is active during early June. It is the larvae stage of several beetles and the most injurious ones come from the beetles whose life cycle is one year (the Asiatic beetle group). The larvae of the so called June mealy bug also causes damage, although not so extensive. The larvae are commonly called "grubs." The grubs feed on the tender roots of grass just below the surface of the soil.

The first indication is wilting of the grass due to the water supply being cut off, then yellowing and in some cases death of the grass. Many times the grass actually can be lifted or kicked free of the location. By digging into the soil a large number of white grubs can be found. Luckily these pests can be controlled rather easily, check with your local county agent for the best control chemicals for your area. Killing the grubs does not repair any damage already done, so careful feeding and watering is necessary to re-establish the lawn.

The only other insect problem on the lawn this month is the army worm. These hairy caterpillars attack in spotty locations and strip off all the foliage. Control is the same as for grubs.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Massage Chair Therapy

By Claudine Balsells

There are many things that can impact getting an effective massage therapy session. It is important to think about where you are receiving the massage and what possible distractions can occur. To maximize your massage experience, you want to create an environment which is conducive to relaxation. This will help your mind and body both relax and release their attention. Here are a few simple ideas that will help you get the most out of your massage therapy session.

Massage is about relaxation and recovery. Massage is the perfect bounce back after physical exertion or when you are under stress. However, to get the most out of your massage experience an environment of relaxation needs to be created. This will facilitate helping your mind to let go of its sources of stress while you get your massage.

Relaxation is a state of mind. If your mind is busy with its own problems then it'll be more difficult to relax. It is important to establish an environment which will facilitate the mind to relax and unwind. If the mind continues on a path of stress then it still holds tension over your body.

When your body is under tension, it is holding your muscles taut. This sustained attention results in muscle stiffness and fatigue. The muscles simply become tight and loose their flexibility. If your mind hold on to its troubles then it is harder for the muscles in the body to relax.

Perhaps the most important single item is to avoid interruptions. Once you get your mind in a state of relaxation, then you want to avoid somebody taking you out of this state of calmness during your massage. It is important to find the right time and place where interruptions can be avoided or minimized.

As you begin to get your massage you will start to get better connected with your body. You will feel tension start to be relieved as the mind and body are relaxing. Receiving a telephone call will certainly interrupt this state of mind. If you can remove your cell phone and telephone from being a potential disturbance to your therapy session, then your total experience will be enhanced.

There are ways to cut out the ambient or background noise. Playing music is a perfect way to control the auditory reactions. Normally, it is good to play instrumental music without words. Many popular tracks used in massage therapy come from the new age and smooth jazz categories.

Many massage chairs come equipped with an MP3 player and headphones. Headphones are perfect to drown out the ambient noise. By using headphones and soft music, you can remove a whole layer of potential distractions. This is a great way to relax your mind and let it drift off into the music.

Lowlight conditions are preferred to induce greater relaxation. If the lights are too bright, then it is harder to relax and distracting. Low lighting helps to establish an environment of relaxation. If you have a dimmer, put the lights on the lower settings.

The scent of something nice is another way to complement your treatment. You can use a soft fragrance. Fresh cut flowers can be a good way to go. There are also many candles which he made a fragrance while burning. These can provide a nice scent to help your relaxation.

The clothes you wear are another important factor during the massage. If the clothes are too thick or too tight, then it is harder for the treatment to penetrate the muscles effectively. Lesser clothes and looser ones facilitate greater penetration into the soft tissue and muscles. This will help relieve and soothe them much quicker.

These are just a few tips to help you increase the effectiveness of your massage chair. It is important for your mind to let go of its troubles so your body and muscles can relax. If the muscles are tense and tight massage, then it is harder to penetrate then and soothe their stiffness. Make a few small changes in how you receive your massage chair therapy and you will be happy with the results.

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Use of Alternative Power Is Getting To Being More Popular Each Day

By Stewart Mathers

The cost of electrical energy is growing and the best alternative that we have nowadays is using solar power. The genuine reason for this being burnt of fossil fuels like coal,which in turn is being used to provide electricity,so if we would like our future to be the safest, this is the time we step forward and start using solar technology needed for Electric power bitching that have consistently supported that electricity is of the most importance and wishes to stay are:

1) Need for light and power after it becomes dark 2) Need for appliances to work so the food we eat remains edible. Not having the ability to use electricity for either work or entertainment would be a great hamper on life as everyone knows it.

Varieties of solar power products are the actual reason that many folks do not use solar power is usually because they are not aware of what all it has got to give. Thsi being said that they don't seem to be mindful of what all products are available that may be used with aid from solar energy for a mean home.

In fact, you can install solar energy systems that range between miniscule portable systems for your holiday home to big permanent solar electricity systems that are built right into your place as either a standalone system or a grid system. It is this wide-ranging flexibility linked with the undeniable fact that it is a renewable often available power source that makes it such a great thing. You can start out small with individual systems like solar water heater,solar shower, solar lighting, solar fans.

That is not all today we also have solar radios, solar cookers and solar purification systems. Solar electricity is way more useful as it could be employed to recharge your electric batteries and you may also power up each single appliance in your place with the help of the right solar system. It is merely a matter of deciding where you want to use it. Solar power can be employed in your business or shed. There are a mess of uses for solar power round the household. After you discover solar energy for the home, you can notice that you can power up nearly any electric appliance or machine with the right solar power system and supplies.

After reading the above article you can straight away start to see where and how using solar power would benefit you,your money and your children. Just remember that todays savings could lead to a bright and healthy future.

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Discover 5 Secrets To Make Your Garden Magnificent - Garden Sheds

By Ryan Henders

Years ago, garden decor used to consist of putting in some exquisite flower gardens then setting up a small umbrella tables and few chairs to sit and relax in. This is far from the case now with most people no matter how small their back yard is. Many people have adopted to the fashion of extending your indoors to outdoors. So now, many living rooms for illustration flow out onto the patio with the couches, loveseats and most any other furniture you would find in the living room. This has called for more broad grooming to the common architecture of the backyard itself. There are many things you can do to enhance the ambience that you have made here in your backyard.

Making little flower rooms in your garden is a wonder touch. It just means having pathways or walkways leading to various segments of your backyard that are little stand-alone areas. You can create these walkways with cobblestones or bricks. You can even use wood chips or stone. Build your walkway in accordance with the size of your workspace. If it?s small then go with smaller paths.

One of the newer additions to the garden is mirrors. These work extremely well if you have a very small backyard or one that has a lot of shade. You can position the mirror so it reflects sun to the shadowed areas. It also makes your flower gardens look twice as big. Be careful where you situate the mirrors though because they are breakable and you don?t want something hitting them during a storm perhaps.

A pond and or fountain add tranquility to your outdoors. There is nothing more soothing than the sound of water slowly running over some rocks. Then if you have a pond, you can consider having some gold fish in it to enjoy watching. In any event, you must keep the water treated so it doesn?t become stagnant and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If maintained properly it?s no different than your swimming pool. You must keep the water clean. Once you have decided that a pond or fountain is a good idea you will find many simple plans for installing or building one.

Pergola?s trellis?s and garden gates all add to the d?cor of the yard and are added extras or final changes. They are magnificent when climbing roses are allowed to grow over them. You can once again build these yourself or buy kits that you just need to assemble.

In all likeliness, you are going to have to have a storage shed especially when you have a lot of garden tools. This is one area you do not what to skimp on the cost. You not only want one that is durable but you need one that is going to fit in with the ambience of your outdoor space. Be sure to choose something that is going to stay within the d?cor of the area where you will be placing it. Choose this place wisely. You want it easily accessible but not so, it stands out more than the rest of the garden d?cor.

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Estimating Solar Cost For Your Home

By Joan T. Ritzborough

If you are thinking of going green, solar panels might give you an interesting solution. Quietly they will convert sunlight into electricity, giving you DC voltage as the final output. For your home devices this voltage should be inverted to AC.

To make it happen there are some solar kits that you need to purchase. These kits are determined by how would you want to have the system installed. There are three different set-ups you can choose. First is on-grid, meaning you have the solar electricity integrated with the utility grid. This is the most popular option because you need to spend less money compared to other systems.

Grid-tie is cheaper because we don't buy batteries to bank the solar electricity. The expensive part to purchase is solar inverter only. By eliminating the batteries from our system we have save some money. Solar batteries are different from vehicle batteries and they are expensive. This option however will not give you electricity during power outages.

The next choice you have the solar system integrated with utility grid similar to the first option but backed up with solar batteries. The advantage of this system is it gives you power redundancy, the battery bank will release the current to power your home during utility blackout. To have this system you will need to buy solar regulator, solar batteries and solar inverter which differs from the solar inverter we are talking about in the first option. Bringing in these parts to the system obviously increase your spending budget.

For people living in isolated places there is only option left. Due to no power lines available you can only get the off-grid system. This system is totally independent and use solar energy as its main energy source. Here you will need to buy solar regulator, batteries and solar inverter. In addition to the main parts you will need to buy small accessories as well such as terminal connectors, wiring, fuses, etc. This also applied to the other two options above. To back up your solar electricity you can add a gas generator or wind turbines to the system in case of cloudy days.

While the solar cost greatly varies it is quite safe to budget around $15,000 to $60,000 for your up front investment. This cost is actually depend on how big the wattage you need. A full substitution of the utility wattage is not recommended because it will jack up the cost.

The other factors that also contribute to the price are the quality of solar parts and installation cost. Solar inverters for example has a wide quality range and solar installation cost differs from one company to another.

If you are thinking of getting a lower price then US government has a good news for you. Having renewable energy source installed in your house will allow you to get 30% federal tax rebate followed by the local tax incentive. You also get credits from the net metering system by sending the solar electricity to the grid.

There is no need to fully go with 100% solar electricity, even starting with 15% substitution will make a difference. You can always expand your system later on.

Is it true that home solar system needs a one time investment only? The reality is some parts have shorter lifespan, i.e. batteries and solar inverters while other part such as solar panels can stand for 30 years. Most likely you will have to spend money for some parts so it would be better to have this possibility counted into your calculation.

Should you still have no idea about the cost planning there are solar companies available. Search them online and drop your query. They would be happy to help you.

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Real Estate Postcard Marketing Tip: How to Check if Your Direct Mail Copy is Effective

By Mark B. Bradley

You may be a bit tired of acronyms. After all, they're all around. But I'm going to provide you with just a few more initials that make it easy for you to reread your postcard mailing to ensure its effectiveness. And these letters come from none other than marketing guru Joe Vitale, who has made literally millions of dollars selling all sorts of products and services. He insists that if you remember the Four P's of copywriting, you'll be destined to be successful from this moment on.

So what are these wonderful words, which all just happen to start with the letter "P"? They are Problem, Promise, Proof, Price. Include mentioning each of these in your next postcard message and watch your response skyrocket.

Joe Vitale, an expert in marketing, emphasizes the four keys that any investor must take notice of in order to come up with an efficient copywriting.

You outline his problem so he knows that you sympathize with his plight. You outline his problem so he knows you understand where he's coming from. This, of course, assumes that you do know what his problem is. So bring about this simple command to present his problem, the underlying assumption is that you've done your homework and studied your typical customer.

After you sympathetically outlined his problem, you promise him that you can help him with this. This means you can take that problem and actually eliminate it for him. In this case, his problem is that he needs to sell his house, and fast. Either his house has been on the market for a while with no interest or he's facing foreclosure. In either case, promise him that you can help him out.

Your copy must also contain the Promise key. Make sure that your customer would feel that there is still hope and that you can provide the solution to his problem. Make a promise that you can get rid of his real estate problem and that your expertise and knowledge would save him from his plight.

After making a promise, make sure that you have the Proof key. You must back up all your promises with a solid proof that you can definitely provide the solution. A proof key will separate you from the other investors who may have already contacted your customers before.

Then finally, you need to mention the fourth "P". In this case, "Price". Of course, price can mean many things. If you were providing him with a product, you'd tell him how much it would cost. Perhaps telling him the cost of not selling his home to you would be a more compelling argument for now. What's the price of inaction, you may ask him.

Finally, you need to check your real estate direct marketing materials for the 'Price Key'. Price is the number one concern of most home sellers. So this one will depend on your investment strategy and how attractive you can make your offer. Another angle to pursue is the price to the customer if they don't choose to accept your offer.

So review your copy right now and check if it contains the four keys. If you think you have them all covered, your real estate marketing plan will be much more effective.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Candles Guides To a Romantic Dinner And More

By Nina Russell

Candles, it used to be a boring tool used for lightning purposes. Nothing more. But now that we have electricity, candles has lost its original purpose. Instead, candle now comes in a variety of scent, color and smooth texture.

In the past, candles is used as a practical tool to light up the darkness. But now, it serves a purpose when your electricity is cut off or when you need to set the theme and mood for your house or a particular area of your house. One of the best candles to do this is soy candles because of its environmental friendly features that doesn't damage your house's furniture.

Soy candles are highly recommended to be used for dinner settings. This is because of the fact that they do not release toxic soot and thus makes them environment and health friendly. Besides setting the mood on dinners, you can do a lot more exciting things with soy candles. For one thing, soy candle are great creating a romantic setting. Let us examine its main characteristics and how these features make a soy candle a great romantic decorative piece.

Like it or not, colors play a huge role in setting the mood for your dinner. (or any occassion for that matter) For some unknown reason, human connects color with powerful emotions. For example, many associate the color red for love, passion and intensity. Taht's why you need to be clear of your purpose before you choose a color for your candle. Is your purpose to romance your partner or to make him relax?

It has already been scientifically proven that scents can affect the human mind and thus the mood of a person. It is in this theory that aromatherapy was based. Your choice of scents for your candles is very important. If you want to create a romantic setting, vanilla scent should be your choice over lemon. On the other hand, if you prefer to create a tropical setting, you surely would go for a lemon scent.

Finally, you need to choose the right kind of shapes. They come in different sizes and shapes? Yes, they do. In fact your creativity and imagination is the limit. Don't just buy a pillar type shape, it's boring. You can choose from heart shape or even animal shapes.

I hope you understand the full implication of choosing the right scent, color and shapes of your candles. It can have a great effect once you get the right combination.

But you must remember that all three elements is highly linked to each other. This means the color green wont' go well with the heart shape in vanilla scent. So you should always keep that in mind when you're mixing and matching the three elements.

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Using Wide Panels For Your Home DIY Projects

By Ryan Henders

How many times have you started a project then discovered that the wood you require is just not wide enough. Perhaps you are making a tabletop for example. Well you can actually make your own board. It's not all that time consuming or that much trouble. Basically, what you are going to be doing is simply gluing some smaller boards together to make one large piece. That's the basics but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when doing this to be successful.

All wood has some degree of movement to it. It shrinks and swells depending on what it is exposed to. In some cases, you are better ahead to use plywood.

To make your own large board you need to take the smaller boards and being sure they are perpendicular to the board facing you need to glue the edges of each board. Clamp them together tightly so they will bond.

You may want to use a power tool that will plane a smooth surface such as jointer. This is done after you have cut your boards with your power saw. If you are using a good saw blade, the cut maybe smooth enough and you won?t need to plane the edges. If you don?t have a jointer try using a router with a straight-piloted bit.

To create the illusion of it being one piece of wood arrange the colors as close as you can together and alternate the grain patterns. When it comes to choice of wood, you can use most of the hard and softwoods provided they have been kiln dried. It?s less likely to warp. Make your panel a couple of inches bigger so you can trim. Try not to use warped lumber. You can clamp it into place but it will most probably eventually weaken and bow.

The type of glue you use is important and polyurethane glue does a good job but it?s a little more difficult to work with. You don?t want it too thick although it has to be able to seep from the joint to properly bond. Check the expiration date on your glue as well. Just use enough glue to cover both the adjoining pieces. Remove the excess glue with a putty knife after it firms up.

You must clamp firmly but not over clamp because if you do you will cause the wood to bow. Place your clamps on alternating sides to help prevent this.

You want to do a dry run or layout of the boards first to see that they are going to fit properly and you are happy with the way the colors and grain work. Then you can if there is a problem with any of the edges correct these before you start with the glue.

You can use dowels if you want to reinforce the joints but it?s really not a necessity using a good glue is all you really should need. To achieve an even stronger bond cut in a glue join along the edges.

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Shop For Cultured, Beautiful, High-Quality Chinese Fans In Beijing

By Andy Lao

China has a long history of making fans. Archaeological evidence shows that the Chinese tradition of making fans goes back to as early as the Zhou dynasty, over 3,000 years ago. Even back then, ancient artisans had already reached a very high level of skill. Visit the fantastic local shops in Beijing to buy some authentic, exquisite Chinese fans.

The development of fans made of silk, feathers, paper, wood, fabric, bones, and ivory came throughout Chinese history. Initially used by the upper class to symbolize their power, fans gradually became a popular item used by people from all segments of society. In the Ming dynasty, Chinese fans were introduced to Europe and became an instant hit.

Usually decorated with traditional paintings or calligraphy on both sides, the artistic value of a fan is prized far more than its practical function. A Chinese fan has a very high value if it is made of a precious material, has an beautiful shape, and is decorated with a piece of work done by a famous artist.

Round fans and folding fans are two main types of Chinese fans. Invented earlier than folding fans, round fans have a simpler design: just a round, flat surface placed on a wooden handle. Folding fans became immensely popular in China during the Ming dynasty, after their introduction from Japan. They are made of a number of thin pieces that revolve around a pivot.

Different regions in China have their own local styles of fans. The most famous are the "Four Major Fans" of China: sandalwood fans from Jiangsu province, pyrography fans from Guangdong province, bamboo fans from Sichuan province, and silk fans from Zhejiang province.

Sandalwood fans made in Jiangsu province are known for their deep, mind-refreshing fragrance that can last a long time. After being stored for 10 years, they can still give off a pleasant smell. People like to put one such fan together with their clothes to keep them from being damaged by insects. The beautiful pictures carved on the wood are also very attractive.

Pyrography fans weren't invented until late in the Qing dynasty. With a handle usually made of glass, one such fan features unique images burned into the surface by a heated iron. Pyrography fans are very popular with art collectors, because their images will never fade.

Bamboo fans are prized for their delicate body, thin surface, and exquisite design. Most of them are created in the shape of a peach and have handles made of ivory or ox bone. They are so incredibly exquisite, some regard them as a national treasure of China.

Silk fans are produced in Zhejinag province, and are known for their light body, elegant design, and smooth surface. Owning one such fan shows a fine taste in classic Chinese art.

Fans have long been an integral part of Chinese culture. In earlier times, people of different social status and gender were allowed to use different types of fans. Ancient Chinese women, according to tradition, should hide their faces with a fan when meeting strangers. Over time, round fans became a symbol of feminine beauty and grace, and were even nicknamed "Hiding Face."

Beijing is a place with many small, specialized shops that offers high-quality Chinese fans. It is best to buy fans in these shops, because even though a lot of mass-produced fans are also available in the market, they usually have low quality and can easily fall apart. You can find a personal shopper or shopping assistant in Beijing to help find the right shops for you.

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Choosing An Appropriate Patio Umbrella Base

By Jessica Martin

If you choose the wrong base for your patio umbrella, you may be facing disaster. The next strong wind may topple your umbrella right over, or even carry it away! Finding the right base is absolutely necessary to the success of the umbrella in terms of keeping it secure and in place.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when looking around for your patio umbrella base. If you choose wrong on any of these you run the risk of having a stand which is unsuitable for your specific patio umbrella. In general what's important is size and weight.

The weight of the base is the most crucial aspect of it because holding the patio umbrella down and in place is the entire job of the stand. A couple of factors affect what weight is appropriate for your stand, including the size and placement of the umbrella.

The larger the patio umbrella, the heavier the stand needs to be. Most manufacturer's determine what weight is required based off of the diameter of the umbrella's canopy. Sometimes this statistic is listed on the product itself. If not, just apply a tape measure and you'll be set.

The placement is important because you won't need as much weight if the stand has support from something else. For instance, if the stand is placed inside a table on your patio, it won't be able to topple over as easily, meaning less weight is required.

In general, you can shift the necessary weight of the umbrella base down one category if you put the patio umbrella inside a table. So if a base needs to be fifty pounds for a free standing umbrella of a particular size, it would only need to be thirty five pounds in a table.

You also want to make absolutely sure that the base's neck diameter is the right size for the patio umbrella. If the umbrella's shaft is too wide for the stand, you won't be able to assemble the umbrella at all. This is definitely frustrating.

If you keep these critical umbrella base aspects in mind when looking for one, you're sure to get the right base for your needs. After you have found one that meets the practical requirements, don't forget to choose one that will look great too.

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Basement Remodeling Comes With These Problems

By Samantha Jones

If you are considering finishing your basement and making it into a room in your house that can be used, there are a couple of obstacles along the way. It is common for basements to be both dark and cold which will make them uncomfortable unless you make some changes.

Basement lighting can be quite important as the basement is naturally dark. If you dont provide adequate lighting for whatever type of room you turn it into, your basement space will not be as hospitable as it should be. Lighting can also be used to enhance and highlight areas of a room and this can be perfect for a basement. Especially if you turn it into a game room or a movie room, lighting will become an integral part of your new basement.

Track lighting can be used in a case where you are turning your basement into a room where you will be having friends over and entertaining in. Track lighting looks cool in a bar setting, a game room setting, and any other type of room that you want to look special and highlight certain aspects of. If you are going to be using your new basement for a family room or a playroom, more consistent and bright lights should be used so that the whole room is lit well.

One of the difficulties of finishing a basement and turning it into a usable room is the fact that basements are cold. Heat rises and so the basement is always going to be the coldest room in the house. Many people are discovering they can use their basements for much more than just storage but they are also finding out they have basement heating issues that need to be resolved.

When you remodel your basement and start using it as an everyday room, you may find that it needs its own heating system. Basements can be a good 10 to 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house and so heating the house normally may still leave the basement too cold. This means you might have to get an independent heating system just for the basement or some sort of stand alone heater to do the job. With the stand alone heater though, it will mean you will have to wait a while for your new basement room to heat up to a comfortable temperature before you can use it. Unless you want to keep your heater on all the time, heating a basement is always a problem.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking A Really Close Look At Wind Turbines And What You Might Select

By Jacob Smithson

Many nations understand that the timing of these occurrences is rapidly sneaking away from us; we realise now that we are at the "we need to get it done now stage". Sooner rather than later, the influence will quickly start to be; we had better get this done and then we wish we had gotten our energy habits under control.

In most respects, the full problem can be intimidating and to a certain degree depressing. As luck would have it, there are solutions to the world's energy issues if they are simply applied and developed to their fullest and most efficient potential. Solar energy is beginning to make excellent headway in technology and execution as are other unconventional energy solutions. One of these alternatives is wind turbine energy, a source of eternal clean energy that is actually making great strides in reducing coal power energy point source where it is being utilized.

What is a wind turbine? A wind turbine used for making electricity is not all that challenging a thing to comprehend. It is almost exactly like the water wheels that centuries of people have used to make their flour. The only difference is that instead of using water to turn the water wheel wind is used. The wind makes the blades of the wheel turn which; with the help of some gears, magnets and resistance creates electricity which turns a motor to send the energy along power lines. Unfortunately, at the moment the energy generated from the turbine cannot be stored in batteries so there is a need for back-up systems but, for the most part, it is a fairly efficient system.

Location, location, location This last point about not being able to store the generated electricity in batteries for later use puts quite a bit of emphasis on where the turbines are placed. Since the power that is generated needs to be sent along the power lines and used right away, the turbines need to be located in a place where the wind is constantly blowing. One might think, well that shouldn't be that difficult. Well yes and no. The turbine needs to be located where there is a steady wind most of the time, but just as importantly it also needs to be positioned in a place where quite a few turbines can be located. The current issue is that one turbine generates quite a bit of energy, but not enough energy to make it economically feasible. Several hundred turbines need to be in place to make this happen. There are many places around the world where this is possible, but the overall concept is regional in nature. In other words, the electricity made in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The power generated in West Texas, stays there too. This is not generally a bad thing since larger cities in places like North Dakota are deriving a nice chunk of their power from the wind turbines which lessens the need to use coal power needed for other places like Denver.

With a new focus on green energy sources, we believe that Wind power is at the start of a huge surge. Think about wind power for your home.

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When Should You Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

By Sharon Jeggert

If you need your carpets cleaned, what kinds of options do you have? We all know a professional can be hired to do the job but do they really do that much better a job than you could do on your own if you bought a machine or rented one? The machines the professionals use are big and so heavy that they often stay in the truck so it seems their machines might do the best job.

If you buy your own machine, your carpets will be cleaned but probably not as well as they would have been if you had used a professional with one of his big machines in a truck. It does seem that to get the absolute best cleaning job done, a professional would have the machinery to do it. But that doesn't mean that you can't do the job yourself and get very good results as well.

If you really need your carpet cleaned, and I mean deeply cleaned or steam cleaned so they have the best chance of looking new, you have a couple of options. You can go out and buy one of the best carpet cleaning machines on the market that are expensive and do it yourself, or you can call a professional. The question is whether that machine you might buy in a store will do as good a job as a professional who has a huge machine in his truck.

If you have carpets that have been neglected and are looking to get them as new looking as possible, hiring a professional cleaner is clearly your best choice. They have the bigger more expensive machines that have cleaning power unmatched in any machine you can buy at the store. Additionally, they have the knowledge of how to clean the carpet and give it the best shampoo and steam cleaning possible. For instance, if you were going to sell your house you might want to use the professional who could do a better job than you could.

Anyone with pets might consider buying their own machine, as periodic cleaning will really be needed. Pets do all sorts of things to a carpet and having your own machine that you can pull out anytime and use just makes sense. For the dirt, germs, and grime pets bring into the house, the carpet cleaning machines you buy in stores will do a good job if you use them frequently. The trick is to never let the carpet get too dirty because if that happens it may become harder to restore it back to its natural state.

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Mulch In The Southern Garden For June

By Thomas Fryd

In June we should think seriously about summer gardening. With less frequent rains and the ultimate drought periods not far away we must think of ways and means of offsetting them with mulches and artificial watering.

Mulching is important in the South. Whether ones soil is the heavy clay of Georgia or the sandy soil of the coastal areas, the preservation of moisture is a vital problem. Even though you can use great quantities of water during periods of drought, there is nothing so effective and useful as a good, heavy mulch around the shrubs, in the rose and dahlia gardens and everywhere that plants are widely spaced.

Mulches work wonders in conserving moisture and keeping the soil cool and mellow through the hottest and driest weather. Apply summer mulches of all types this month. Probably the most popular material in the South is pine straw. It conserves moisture, yet is porous enough to permit free circulation of air, heavy enough to avoid blowing of in strong winds and has an attractive appearance. The only drawback is that it makes a breeding place for pine mice in some sections. These rodents travel through tunnels in the mulch and eat the bark of the roots of some of our most-prized shrubs. Where pine mice are a problem use peatmoss. It does not attract mice.

Vermiculite is another useful mulch. It has great insulating powers and protects roots against heat and drying winds. Apply a 2 inch layer. I do not advise using the fine, granular grade for this purpose. The coarser type permits much freer air penetration to the soil and is often sold as the "horticultural grade."

Lawns are well under way. Established Bermuda lawns are now green and active and the winter rye grass is beginning to turn yellow as it finishes its season of growth. As the weather turns warm and dry it becomes too late to plant Kentucky Bluegrass and the fescues. It is a perfect time, though, to sow Bermuda seed and to plant centipede, St. Augustine, Zoysia and African Bermuda grasses by means of sprigs.

Summer also brings the problem of controlling lawn weeds for, in addition to dandelions, plantain and moneywort, crabgrass makes its appearance this month. The 2,4-D makes short work of broadleaved weeds, but watch out for crabgrass. There are many 2,4-D preparations on the market today and not all are the same.

In the Lower South gardeners are faced with the control of mole crickets in the lawn. This was a definite problem when gardeners had to apply bulky mixed baits that were not too effective, but now chlordane almost completely eliminates this pest"and is easy to apply.

House plants appreciate a change by moving them outdoors into the garden... remember they will need to acclimate! Many ferns, crotons, low light palms. aspidistras, sansevierias and begonias can be used to good advantage to make the flower border attractive. Most of these thrive best in a semi-shaded spot.

One of the headaches we often have in plunging house plants outdoors is that the roots go through the drainage holes and become imbedded in the soil. When the pots are pulled up in the fall most of the roots are broken off and the plants suffer. Much of this can be eliminated by setting each pot inside another pot.

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Decorating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

By Marion Jones

For people who seem to have it all or for the people who are bored with their lifestyle, there are a few things that they can do to spruce-up their lives. Maybe one of the best ways though is to start redecorating one's home. Two of the first places you should look at redecorating are your bathroom and kitchen.

These are usually the most overlooked and most used rooms in the entire house. Think about it, have you redecorated at least even one of these rooms within the past few years? The answer is probably going to be no. In which case think back to the last time you even looked closely at your bathroom or kitchen other than to clean them.

More than likely, if you noticed anything at all, you put the idea off until a future date when you could devote more time to refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen, although at that time, the place probably didn't look as old as it does now, after all, the years soon mount up and even though you've been keeping it spotlessly clean you can't stop the slow march of time.

It is probably true that if you took a closer inspection now, you'd find that the curtains are looking a bit drab and ragged around the edges, as are the bathroom mats. And do not even talk about the toilet roll holder. It is quite true that they don't make things like they used to and for a very good reason too!

So, you should do yourself a favour and throw out all that unused clutter in the bathroom and get yourself some new stuff - you will be astonished at what beautiful things you can find nowadays. Anyway, you've probably been eyeing that lovely new bathroom set you noticed in the mall for some time, so at the very least now you will have a good reason to go out and splash out on yourself.

And while you're about it, don't forget to buy that lovely new spice rack you saw for the kitchen and a few mats that can be used in either room. Ideally, they should be resilient to such everyday accidents like water spillage, soap, oil grease, fat and all the other things that somehow seem to become ground into your carpets.

But, if you're looking for some new ideas about decorating your bathroom or your kitchen, there are a number of sources you can get your inspiration from. The best one I've found so far are the catalogues, which you can browse through until you find what you want.

With all these options, you could even swap something that is a bit cheaper for the things you want in the catalogues. This is the easiest method to get your decorating projects off the ground and to keep yourself pleasantly busy for some time and to transform your long suffering bathroom and kitchen into brand new, glitzy areas.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Building Your Home Garden

By Peter Jackwright

A garden brings to mind healthy green grass and several wonderful trees and bushes. Green is a color that is associated with living things and positive energy. A patch of green in the house, on the road or anywhere else makes us conscious of the fact that we are one with Nature. There are countless gifts bestowed upon us by nature. Basically a garden consists of plants, flowers, fountains, long winding pathways, ponds and, let's not forget, green grass. A lawn with neatly trimmed grass is a pleasure to one's sight as well to walk on. Children should be allowed to walk on the grass with their bare feet, as this helps in circulation of blood in the body. This is similar to acupressure for one's feet.

In order to have a great harden, you need to have a nice lawn. The first step in growing a garden is proper lawn care so that when you grow your plants, the soil will have all the nutrients the plants need to grow. Make sure you fertilize your lawn frequently. When your lawn is nice and filled with nutrients, then you can begin to grow a garden.

Watering your garden is an important aspect of building your garden. How much water you'll use depends on the weather, soil conditions, and the type of grass used. For example, the Kentucky blue grass requires less amount of water. Other types of grass, however require an increased amount of water. If you incorporate organic manure into your soil you will not need pesticides and fertilizers. Choose a type of grass which is popular in your area. Some types of soil will benefit some variety of grass. Always choose grass varieties which are known for growing well in your area. Choosing the right type of grass to grow will save you time, money, and effort.

Adding bushes and hedges may be a good part of planning your garden. Assign a space for a pond where you may keep colorful fish and water lilies. Proper plumbing is essential if you're going to set this up. It requires enormous amounts of time and energy to build a garden " just like building a house. Flowering plants and trees are a pleasure to the sight. Take an excursion to your neighborhood nursery and get the right plants and seeds. The gardener there will be able to guide you what grows well in the area.

If you want, you can grow herbs in your garden, as well as a small patch where you can grow vegetables. There is nothing more nutritious than home grown food. It can be a great way to teach your children about nutrition, cut down your grocery bill, and make your meals tastier and nutritious. There is more to a garden than just flowers.

Having a patio with a deck can be refreshing when you feel like relaxing outdoors. Apart from beauty and aesthetics, gardens also provide peace and tranquility to a home owner's mind and soul. Gardens are a great source of pride and food for people. Don't worry if you don't have a natural green thumb- you can learn it!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patio furniture surfaces

By Bill Richards

Patio surfaces can be constructed from different materials.

Obviously, the easiest of surfaces has to be a lawn. This is often already established when buying a home, unless of course you purchased a new home whereby the builder doesn't usually offer landscaping as part of the price. For the purposes of this article, assume that the garden is established.

If you have a lawn, you merely have to place the patio furniture on the grass, in the desired location. The most natural of surfaces.

Wooden decks are a great choice for a base, and compliment most types of patio furniture. Decks also give a feeling of warmth, and offer a very natural way to enjoy outdoor patio life. A deck structure will be suspended off the ground, and each project will determine the height required, as the landscaping varies from house to house. As with most surfaces that are built, the requirement of drainage is needed. A deck will avoid the need for this.

Wood bark and stone chippings can prove to be very appealing, and the beauty of this surface is that its relatively cheap, and easy to create. You simply need to produce a leveled surface on the soil, which in most cases will provide natural drainage. Once level & compact, cover with wood bark, or stone chippings. The irregularities of these coverings will allow rainwater to escape.

The most common of patio bases is a concrete slab, which is poured to a custom shape, and is maintenance free.

The desired location is leveled and compacted either by hand or hired machinery. A trench is dug to allow for drainage. The point of exit for your drainage needs to run into your household storm drain. Generally a single drain should suffice in the middle of the patio, but every drainage project will vary according to your plot.

The whole area will now be covered with loose stone or rock. This can be any old brickwork you may have lying around. This is then compacted down to a thickness of 2. This will be your sub base, remembering to incorporate a gradient for rainwater to escape into your drain positions.

This area is being prepared to pour a 4 concrete base directly over the rubble. Again depending on the size, really determines whether or not you should incorporate re-enforcing rod, also known as re-bar. This is simply " steel rod interwoven, and positioned on top before the concrete is poured. For an area of less than 6 its not really necessary.

This process is the same for any type of stone material. For pouring concrete, and for containing the perimeter, you would make a former around the perimeter to contain the concrete as it sets. You will also have to allow for expansion joints every 6 feet to avoid the slab from cracking

When making a base that will have paving stones as the finished surface, you will still need to provide a sub base of rubble, but this will then be covered with 2 of building sand, compacted and flattened, and incorporating a fall for drainage, you simply place the paving stones in the pattern required, until covered. Once complete, with a soft brush, brush a dry mix of sand & cement into the joints. The weather will eventually cure the mix.

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Why We All Should Harness The Power Of The Sun - Some Amazing Reasons

By Kyle Zaltowski

It warms up our faces and grows our food; energy from the sun is our life blood and gives us nearly everything we need to endure. Using its potency, however, has escaped the earths population, or at least until of late. Harnessing the sun's full potential may be a long way into the future, but until technology shows us the true possibilities of our sun's power we can use what we have as a matter of necessity, economic need and personal responsibility.

Maybe we are happy with what's going on today. Perhaps you feel all is fine and you don't feel the need to change a system that's worked for over a century. If you do, consider a few of these benefits to solar power and you may just recognize its potential in a somewhat more responsible, yet selfish, light.

But I don't care about the environment? Perhaps everything in the world is fine as far as you are concerned. The last thing that you care about are plants, clean air and pure water. Heck, the water turns up every time you turn on a tap, the heat comes on when it's cold, the light switch brings you light. What's there to worry about? Consider that this is just the problem. If you don't care for the situation, the spigot may not bring you pure drinking water, the heater may not go on and the suv certainly won't start. If the planet is kept neat and left to do what it was intended to do, everything would continue to work fine. But get in its way and everything you thought was hunky-dory won't be for long.

Cost savings - One of the best things about caring for the suns ability to serve its rightful purpose is that it saves you money in the longer run. Once solar modules are procured and installed, they cost very little, if anything to operate and maintain. In most instances, the government will even help to pay for the upfront costs of installing the system through tax incentives. Additionally, power companies in most regions are required to pay you for energy that you have generated and not used. Yes, you read correctly, the power company will pay you!

Makes Financial Sense - In most instances, 70% of the northern hemisphere can produce enough solar power to run and heat their homes with existing solar systems. This means that whatever is left over goes back to the power grid if you so choose. Just think of your electricity meter running backwards. The extra energy you need for that cloudy day is stored in ever more efficient batteries. Most current users of the technology say that the use of solar energy systems only takes a little thought in terms of power management.

Off the grid - Depending upon how you feel about things, another of the better reasons to use photovoltaic solar panels is that you can take yourself off the 'power grid' so to speak. Many people do not enjoy being a part of the social collective that is interconnectivity. Going sun powered takes you away from this one aspect of community and puts you closer to self reliance which is a great thing.

Versatility - Just because the solar power industry has come a long way in providing energy, heating and cooling and a host of other services there is a long way to go. This is not to indicate, however, that solar energy is not currently versatile in form and function. Photovoltaic Solar systems can currently be formed into thin sheets for vehicle top electric powered vehicles. They can cover urban rooftops and not be noticed, unlike those 1990s units. Costs are also coming way down, almost as fast as the MP3 Players of today.

Personal responsibility - Past the cost benefits and environmental benefits that solar electricity brings you should consider using it because you are part of a greater social order that will procreate. Man has not been on this planet for all that long and is doing its best to end its run in one way or another. If you would like to give your children's children a better shot at continuing the human species' time on this planet, solar power is one small contribution that you can make all by your self.

One way to fulfil the goal of preserving all the creature comforts of home operating the right way is by using other sources of power generation like solar, and not generating nasty things that get in the way of the environment doing its job. Most current sources of power include carbon based fuels such as petrol which are derived from dead plants. Environmentally responsible power, heating and cooling, and daily transport come from living or energized sources like water and oxygen molecules. The Sun's rays can be turned into electricity and used to power your boat, heat your house and provide your light. But to make the process work, you need to be able to have a direct shot at the sun, which means taking care of the environment and not getting in its way.

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Indoor Bonsai Trees for Beginners

By Sarah Duke

It's critical that you understand precisely what you are in search of when purchasing indoor bonsai trees. If you want a bonsai to thrive in the setting that you plan to position it, you will need to be familiar with a few points to begin with. Facets of the art of bonsai growing comprise tending, height, width, and shaping, which might be pretty overwhelming when you don't understand what to do.

Here are several illustrations of the points you must be on the lookout for prior to heading out to get your very first bonsai tree.

Care: Every sort of bonsai tree has its own individual care requirements. This is one of the very first things that you should look at when selecting a plant. Read the watering instructions. If you believe that you may well fail to remember to water your bonsai plant from time to time, then it can be advisable to choose a tree that doesn't have need of watering as frequently as others. Then again, if you are liable to over water your plants, then pick a bonsai that is able to handle extra wetness.

Another important component of bonsai care is sunshine. A number of bonsai plants will call for a substantial quantity of daylight. For that reason, you need to guarantee that you have a place in your house in mind for your plant where it can receive a decent amount of sunlight every day.

Size: Yet another thing to keep in mind when selecting a bonsai tree is its final stature. Depending on where you plan to locate your tree, make certain that you have a sufficient amount of room to allow it to develop properly. Needless to say, height may not be an issue if you plan to grow your bonsai tree outside. The same issues apply to the width of the plant.

Shaping: When you have reached a choice on which bonsai tree to purchase, you should think about taking a workshop on how to appropriately sculpt the plant. A number of individuals get pleasure from the artistic part of growing bonsai plants. Hence, in order to be true to the art, you should take the time and effort to sculpt the plant. You can employ various different looks, or discover your own inimitable look and shape.

However no matter which style and shape you select for your bonsai plant, it is very important that you make use of the correct tools. The tools that are necessary for shaping bonsai trees are available at nurseries.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Homes in Costa Rica

By Randy Berg

Costa Rica is an unbelievable nation in Central America over 1,200 km of Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. This country appeals every people and they start exploring it regularly and the demand for Vacation Homes in Costa Rica is increasing day by day in Costa Rica. There are many investors looking this ways for getting good returns of their properties and want to really earn a good return by investing in this region as this is a growing region people do no mind investing here and gaining some good results.

Value and worth of real estate at Costa Rica is beautiful, but much of island is been protected from developing, and where construction is permitted companies are building and designing. Costa Rican Rental Homes may derive owner's big asset, property as well as everlasting investment property.

Climate in Costa Rica is tropical & sub tropical and rainy season lasts from June - November, however it never turn very cold with average of around 30 degrees. During the rainy season, because of rain in noon and evening, it stays fresh throughout.

The climate in the vacation homes in Costa Rica is tropical and sub tropical. The rainy season lasts from June to November, but it never turn cold with average of 30 degrees. During rainy season, due to rain in the noon and the evening, it remains fresh throughout. Costa Rica is a politically stable nation. Many people want to make use of their surplus amount and get good returns for their investment and this is one of the best options for doing that and gaining good returns.

Vacation homes in Costa Rica are considered to invest safely. The standard of living is little high, the demand also starts increasing, and all people are willing to pay and make their stay the most pleasurable one. There are some of the very good options which you need to take into consideration so that your returns.

The investors should do something back to their country. The attraction in Costa Rica includes the biodiversity, for the enhancement in the tourists and for increasing the investments of the foreigners. The owners welcome the international visitors and feel proud of their secure country. The backdrop and the landscape in the vacation homes in Costa Rica is fantastic and wonderful. They are very popular and people do love investing in them and then expect good returns.

The cliffs framed with the rain forests, wild ocean waves in the Pacific Ocean, with evergreen palm trees, blue and beautiful skies, white fluffy clouds and the soft and smothering sandy beaches were found to be an ecstasy and heaven on earth in Costa Rica which attracts and appeals people all over the country and make them invest in the elegant landscape. This is a place where we can expect tons of amazing things and get good returns on.

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