Monday, November 30, 2009

Guidelines To Find The Unusual Design For That Funny Shaped Corner

By Connor Sullivan

Everyone, at some time or another, will get thoroughly fed up with the same old furnishings that they have looked at for many years. Sometimes it does the home, and the owners, good to have a great redesign and breathe some new life into the place. Custom cabinetry can bring that touch of change to brighten up the place. Custom furniture will be able to be fitted anywhere, by a qualified cabinet maker, particularly into those odd little niches where ordinary furniture will not look good. Sometimes the homeowner will want to refurbish the whole house, or maybe that room that is no longer needed. Whichever it is, the artisan can turn that small idea into a great piece of furnishings that will be a treasured addition to the home. Indeed, pieces that are designed by the owner often become family heirlooms that are passed down through the family forever.

Victorian style houses, or period houses, have somewhat unusual design problems. For example, clean and straight angular lines will not suit the more ornate and fussy styled Victorian house. This era had heavy fancy furnishings which tended to be very large and awkward. For the modern furnishings lover, this would not be acceptable at all. For those with relatively new houses, the same would apply. Heavy furnishings would look and be too large for the space.

Probably the best place to look for new ideas is the local shops and magazines. Local shops will give some idea of where the fashion trends are heading. It also gives some indication of prices, although having furnishings purpose built will be pricier that buying ready made furnishings. Magazines will show what is on the cutting edge of the fashion front showing colors and styles which will take some time to filter through to the shop floor.

If the project is to be a large one, start gathering up cuttings and articles describing the style and color of the overall look that is being thought out. Match soft furnishings with existing furnishings to mix some old with the new. Finally, show this to the designers so that they have some idea of what the look is to be emulated in the home. They may also be able to advise on what types of wood should be used etc which could add some extra style to the finished design.

One interesting fact is that if a piece of furnishing is made from two different colors and species of wood, it may be possible to 'twin' this with another similar design to add interest to the home. That is, if there is to be inlays in the wood, say perhaps a light wood inlayed into a darker grain, then the pieces left behind will make an exact mirror image that can create a similar piece just like the first piece. If someone else is interested in this kind of piece then the neither customer will be charged for the wasted wood.

Remember though that once the work is started, it is virtually impossible to change the design, so check it over twice before putting in the order.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs - First In Design And Functionality

By Duncan Danutts

I will never forget when the first office I worked in that had Herman Miller Aeron chairs. When I first saw it behind the desk, it was not familiar to me. Not having much of an interest in the design of furniture, it did not initially strike me. But that was before I sat down.

I have still yet to sit in another office chair as comfortable as that one. And it continues to be comfortable after hours of sitting in it. You feel just as good getting up from your desk as you did when you first sat down. For people with back problems, they may even feel better after sitting in one of these chairs for a while.

Introduced in'94, this chair has been satisfying users for more than fifteen years. It is still one of the most popular high-end office chairs. It even has a place in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art for its aesthetic and functional design.

The chair comes in three different sizes, so that you can find one that works well for your body. This is especially important for those who are broader, shorter or taller than the average person. Some critiques say that the wrong size chair can be not just uncomfortable but painful. However, I have never found that to be the case in the ones that I have used. There are also a variety of adjustments that can be made including seat height, seat pan angle, tilt tension, lumbar depth, lumbar height, armrest angle and armrest height. With all of these possibilities, you will be able to find the right combination for the comfort of your body.

I no longer need to sit in front of a computer for hours. But as an acupuncturist and massage therapist, I make referrals for this chair all the time. When clients or patients come to be with back problems, it is this chair in particular that I always recommend.

Another factor that gets high marks is the mesh seat, which keeps you cool while it is supporting your body. Unlike cushions, this does not get lumpy or wear unevenly. Speaking of the material, the Aeron chair is 94% recyclable. But with its continued comfort as well as the twelve year warranty it comes with, it is likely to be a long time before you will need to worry about that.

For me, function will always outweigh design when picking out office furniture. But the fact that it really is a beautiful design does not hurt one bit. While there are those who say the design is no longer fresh, for me it is one that remains classic and timeless.

This chair is not cheap. And normally, I am not one to spend this kind of money on furniture. But this is the first and only piece that I am happy to spend the money on, because I know that the benefits I receive are worth it. Keeping my back in good shape and out of surgery is worth twice the price.

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How To Have An Impressive Interior Design For Your Home

By Simon Alvarez

Most people are at their wits' end when it comes to planning restoration work of their houses, and are bewildered by the sheer magnitude of the task. Given below are a few tips that can give you a fair idea about how to go about it.

The primary thing you must do is to decide what changes are required, and magazines and shops on interior decoration can greatly help you in this respect, as their displayed designs can help you select the appropriate one for your house. Customers usually have a certain fancy for a traditional European decor, for 'green' interiors adorned with furniture made of jute or cane and with indoor plants, or for finely carved woodwork and decorated carpets that are typical of Moroccan home design. You can also adopt ideas from Feng Shui, which help create positive energy inside the house and make your living relaxing and peaceful.

When you have a fair idea of the kind of alterations needed, you should get in touch with an interior designer to build on your ideas. It is a misconception that engaging an interior designer is a useless expense. A large number of those who attempt to do their own home designing do not possess the essential skill, and mostly end up having to spend a lot more to get their faults corrected by experts later. Therefore, it is more prudent to appoint an interior designer at the very first stage of your renovation project.

Another misconceived notion is that interior design can't be afforded by a middle income person. In fact the interior designer can help you discover low-cost items that you can smartly use for your interiors to give them a look to match the standards of the ones displayed in any posh showroom. But you must keep in mind that the decor that you choose should be one that can be used throughout the home so that no room stands at odds when compared to others.

It should also be remembered that it is not only the big things like furniture and walls that constitute the decor of a house. It is also essential for you to pick the appropriate artefacts, linens and accessories for your renovated rooms, as these will express your personality and make you feel more attached to your home.

Finally, you should not get discouraged by the enormity of the project. If you engage the services of a seasoned interior design expert, you will get the thrust and will be able to get the work done without any trouble.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

For A Bedroom That's Lovely And Inviting - Try Comforter Sets.

By Maisie Leopalla

When you are changing the decor of, the best atmosphere is created by using the best comforter sets for one thing. First, think of the motif you are trying to accomplish. Then after you have the furniture in the bedroom, if you are buying new that is, then it is time to judge on which comforters sets will fit your theme. The comforter sets come in every style and color you can think of almost.

If you like the country look then you can find sets that look like old-time quilts. These could also come in garden patterns that will fit the country theme too. This theme is all about comfort. If you want something more modern, you can find that too though. The modern look is sharper edges on the images. More modular-looking designs. Geometric designs are big for the modern look too. Circles, ovals, and other designs in various colors can really brighten a modern-style bedroom. You can go with the classic black and white designs for modern too.

There are also exotic animal themes that make you feel your bedroom is in the middle of a jungle. This is fabulous for a young man's bedroom or for your own when your partner doesn't like frilly prints. These designs can be quite wonderful in fact. Now if you like feeling like royalty you can go with brocade patterns. This type a pattern makes you feel like a king or a queen. Add several extra pillows and you can really make the bedding comforter sets look like it is ready for your royal stay.

You can do a paradise theme with these comforter sets too. With tropical flowers and foliage. You can make believe that you are in Polynesia when you enter the sanctuary of your bedroom. Just think about what a fun theme this would be. For your kid's room the comforter sets come in their favorite cartoon or movie characters. This absolutely delights children! They feel like they are living in the imaginary worlds of these characters. Whether it is Barney or Transformers, these themes can be found in these sets. So you are starting to get the idea of all the patterns and themes can be found in these sets. You can find everything from stripes to animal prints! With all these choices, you will surely find the set that is right for you.

Cotton and polyester along with other materials can be used in the construction of the comforter. If you are searching for something machine washable, be sure to check the label to see if it can be washed that way. You need to take proper care of your comforter sets to make sure they last a long time. Some comforters sets come with just the comforter and pillow shams, while others have matching sheets with them. Curtains or drapes can also at times be purchased to go with these sets. Sometimes even rugs are offered extra with these comforter sets to complete the motif totally. So just look around and do some shopping for the bedding comfort

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Any House

By Kandy Spears

The color scheme and choice of fixtures in your bathroom can really set the tone. The shade you choose for main floor guest bathroom color is extremely important for the right look. The choice of color in this room should always be muted so that guests are not overpowered as they freshen up. The one time instance in which bright colors are acceptable in your guest bathroom is when the entire house is painted with bright, vibrant colors.

Bathroom fixtures have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Bathroom fixtures can play an important role in the overall design of any bathroom. Selecting exactly the right fixtures can be an overwhelming task because of the vast amount of options available today.

You need to keep in mind all of the various styles, colors and finishes of the faucets available now, as well as whether or not to choose automatic fixtures. Electric or automatic faucets are seen more frequently in homes nowadays, as they are cleaner. As with any aspects of modern bathroom design, the fixtures you choose, including faucets will have an impact on the overall look of the room.

Bathroom sinks all used to look alike. White, plain, and made of porcelain was the only choice anybody ever had for their sinks. Now though, there are tons of different bathroom sink ideas and the choices are very exciting. You can have your sink made of stone, metal, glass, or porcelain now and each of these can be as stylish and colorful as you want. You can buy expensive blown glass sinks or stick with the standard porcelain style; the choice is all yours. Designer sinks are all the rage and you can use them to make a special statement in any bathroom. Your sinks are now just one of the many design choices you are going to have when you update and remodel your bathroom.

Browsing through various home design and/or home improvement magazines is a good way to get bathroom shower curtain ideas. Shower curtains are often chosen based on the wall color in your bathroom. The pattern and color of you shower curtain is visible even when it remains open. If your shower curtain does not compliment your bathroom decor, it throws off the entire room. For that reason, choosing a shower curtain that compliments your other bathroom accessories is essential.

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Houseplants And Softening Design Lines

By Kent Higgins

Here are some ideas for using vines and hanging plants in indoor planters and gardens of all sizes and types.

For an airy, open screen or room divider, find a grille, or similarly patterned felt material, frame it, and set a planter garden at the base. The garden may be sunken, or simply a shallow galvanized tray with a layer of pebbles to set the pots on. Unless there is enough natural light from a nearby window, install fluorescent fixtures at the top. On ornate grille patterns train plain-leaved plants like scindapsus, cissus, philodendron; for simple geometric designs, fatshedera, nephthytis; if there is sunlight, the fiery manettia.

To divide a small room into two functional areas - for cooking and eating, dressing and sleeping - train a single vine on an open trellis made of plastic clothesline strung in fan shape from plant to ceiling. Use stem-twining or tendril-climbing foliage vines - cissus, serjania - that are content with artificial light, or hoyas if there is sunlight.

Separate living and dining areas, without sacrificing spaciousness, with a raised planter half-wall topped by a garden of colorful foliage and flowering plants. Finished with the same wood paneling, the planter becomes a continuation of the wall; built of brick, or covered with brick-patterned plastic, it receives emphasis and becomes a center of interest. Provide good light from fluorescent fixtures overhead.

Use upright plants in the background or middle foreground. For accent, let a variegated scindapsus or philodendron climb a piece of bark or tree trunk. Let flowering trailers like aeschynanthus or episcias spill over the front.

For milder climates, or summer in cool areas, install twin planter gardens inside and outside a glassed-in entry or foyer, creating continuity between indoors and out. Outdoor evergreens could carry the effect through winter. Group upright plants tastefully, and use a ground cover like ivy to tie the two gardens together.

Add drama and interest to a small entrance hall with a triangular sunken planter - an opening in the floor with a container supported in it - and clinging vines like ficus or nepeta climbing the wall or a piece of driftwood.

Soften a kitchen ceiling line and make it seem higher with shallow, artificially lighted planter boxes on top of the cupboards. Use dangling plants like commelina, chlorophytum, peperomia.

Extra storage cabinets divide kitchen and dining areas, and do it more decoratively with a planter sunk in each end of the counter. Train foliage vines - or morning glories, if there's sun - up trellises at the ends and across the top to unify and frame the effect.

To enclose an entrance and keep drafts out of the living room, set up a Fiberglas panel surrounded by a continuous garden of neon pothos on the floor. Light from the door or nearby windows is sufficient for foliage climbers like monstera, philodendron, syngonium. With good light and sunlight, try clerodendrum or Cobaea scandens.

Make a miniature landscape in any empty nook, like the shelf of a corner cupboard; or build a terrarium-type box to hold it. With fluorescent light and a tray to hold moist peat moss or vermiculite, you can grow all kinds of dainty creepers and climbers like selaginella, piles, cymbalaria.

For indoor planters and gardens located where they receive more than a modicum of sunlight. If the plants will receive little or no natural daylight and sunlight, you can use fluorescent tubes as a substitute.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Small Arrangements For Temporary Decorations

By Keith Markensen

Like cut-flower arrangements, making table-top compositions with vines and all kinds of containers offers a challenging chance to express originality and creative artistry. But behind the creativity there should always be planned design. Combinations of plants and containers should be in proportion and harmony with their setting and with each other. Colors and textures should either blend or contrast for good reason. Sizes and shapes should be in pleasing scale. It's easy to see, at first glance, whether a table-top arrangement has made its appearance because the plant and container happened to be on hand, or whether the effect was artfully conceived.

There is infinite satisfaction in creating a composition that is both unique and decoratively sound. This is "flair," the indefinable quality that distinguishes the competent from the outstanding, avoids the ordinary but acknowledges a debt to artistic discipline. Flair is the happy result when new plants and unusual containers are combined so they complement each other and fit nicely into the setting.

Vines for small compositions can be used like bouquets for temporary display - either bought just for the purpose, or brought in from the home greenhouse or other growing area, and returned before they fade. Containers come from everywhere and anywhere, and the ingenious decorator collects them as some people collect Dresden figurines. She keeps a selection of bronze, brass, ceramic, terra cotta, wood, and other standard containers - and also a motley assortment of bird cages, soup tureens, goblets, compotes, pitchers, bamboo vases, bean pots, glass and salad bowls, kettles, cookie jars, and straw hats from which she improvises containers to suit her arrangements. Some have natural wells for a pot to fit into, others can be adapted.

The following suggestions include only a few of the delightful dangling and creeping plants suitable for table-top or other small decorations.

Suspend a basket or wicker cage with plumy asparagus fern, or davallia, over the center of a large dining table.

Stuff the pocket in a piece of driftwood with sphagnum moss, and insert the roots of a small rhizomatous or trailing begonia, or an episcia. Feed the plant by soaking the moss with soluble fertilizer solution every ten days.

Hide the base of a stiff, upright plant with a soft creeper like helxine or pilea.

Below the knocker on the front door, hang a fishing creel with a bright-flowering pot of balcony petunias or put a mass cane plant in a pot on the floor.

For a party centerpiece, let the dainty schizocentron spill its red stems, tiny leaves, and magenta flowers over the edge of a straw bonnet.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simple Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree You Can Do Today

By Giselle Taylor

It has been a custom to families across the globe to set up and deck out a christmas tree in twinkling lights and festive trimmings. There are many new and exciting christmas tree decorating ideas you can use so long as you infuse it with your personal style and taste. Get great tips on decorating a christmas tree you can use with your family this year.

Let us start with the framework of it all-the christmas tree. You can use either a synthetic or a live tree. If you are like me and love the smell of a fresh pine tree in your home then trek on to your favorite christmas tree shop to get yourself a beautiful fir. Take care in loading in your backseat or tie it securely on the roof. Ruffle up the needles when you unload it as car rides tend to squash some of the volume out of them.

Have the tree pruned, washed and dried before you bring it inside your home. Set it up in a spot where it will be showcased best to your friends and guests like the living room or by the foyer. Make sure you place it near a wall socket but far enough that you can walk its circumference comfortably. If you want, you can move it farther against the wall when you're done decorating.

Choose a theme and a color palette and have your tree adhere to these parameters as well. The first decorations you will hang up are the lights. Mini white lights are a classic which go well with anything but take your pick among the different kinds available in the market today. Begin with the lowest set of branches, coiling the strand of lights around the trunk and limbs evenly and work your way upwards.

The next set of decorations we hang up are the holiday garlands wrapped around the tree. Use tinsel for this purpose. There are some with little sequins attached to them and when the light hits it, they give off rainbow colored reflections that are stunning to see. Avoid using edible food like stringed popcorn and cranberries unless you can be sure no mice or bug will sniff this out and gnaw on them in the middle of the night.

Now for the really fun part: the accessories. What motif have you decided on this year? We will build our look around this. If you want a classic and elegant look, trim the tree in velvet, lace and pearls all over. How about trying a country theme? Just fasten mistletoe with sprays of baby's breath and other herbs and tie it around the tree's boughs. Surprise your visitors with neon colored embellishments strewn across the fir's branches. The best christmas decorating ideas are always fun and exciting.

Finally, use glass ball ornaments as fillers in the christmas tree. Mix different sizes and textures to make the whole tree look interesting. You can use graduated colors of the same color family to add depth to it. The only rule here is to make sure that these balls are evenly distributed throughout each side.

These tips on decorating a christmas tree will get you a lovely looking tree. However, it's up to you to make this a beautiful and memorable time. You are loved and a blessing to people-- enjoy life, enjoy the holidays!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elegant Home Decor and Area Rugs Should Include Hand Made Wool Rugs

By Frank Conn

The first wool fiber textile was introduced in Europe around 1500 BC. Over a period of time, all over Europe people used to use wool as a form of clothing to cover their bodies. This was an outgrowth of man's initially utilizing sheep and goats for a multitude of domestic purposes, including utilizing the hides and skins for blankets and clothing.

By the middle ages, wool was considered as a product favorable for business opportunities, and as time passed new ideas and techniques were developed to produce wool textile products in different configurations, colors and patterns. This was the direct result of the evolution of domestic animal husbandry techniques improved and developed over the centuries, wool became a ever more important commercial and trade commodity. Wool rug and other wool product manufacturing became a major force in international trade.

Many of the very ancient styles of wool rugs, in particular Persian Rugs, are still highly valued and prized for their superior quality and unique and fine quality designs. These rug styles date back to ancient Persia, and are beautiful and stunning hand woven wool rugs. These Persian rugs are classic examples of traditional styles and designs of the wool rugs and are still hand made by expert craftsmen. These are prized for their intricate designs, vivid colors and patterns.

One of the amazing aspects of Persian rug design is that they include single or multiple motifs. Different types of rugs, of course, contain different motifs; however some persian rugs are so intricate that the contain multiple complex motifs. These are all hand woven with carefully crafted curvilinear and other intricate designs. The work is enormously complicated but the result is stunning.

Contemporary styles and designs are different from the traditional styles of wool rugs. These are specially designed keeping in mind the modern appeal. They consist of many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They are soft as compared to the traditional wool rugs. Contemporary styles and designs are simple but look elegant. The colors used in the manufacturing of these rugs are vibrant and also provide modern designs. Many are still made by hand, either hand woven, hand tufted or hand knotted, but many are also machine woven for the sake of economy.

However, handmade rugs which use contemporary styles, the two most popular techniques are the hand-knotted and hand-tufted techniques. Today, most of the homes opt for these special and attractive looking rugs for home decor.

Hand tufting has special features which have made it very popular. This technique can provided a desirable carved effect due to the different pile heights. The hand tufted techniques basically refers to the cutting actions which enable to produce a cut pile tufted rug, carpet or wall hanging. The hand tufting "gun" is a hand tool which has the ability to cut pile to loop pile or modify the height of pile in a short period of time. It can even switch from an even sided cut pile to a "J" tuft. These special features has made the hand tufted technique popular.

Hand knotting is another technique which is popular in the making of modern and contemporary wool rugs. Here, the rugs are produced in a manner which offers a pre-determined height to give the pile uniformity. The value of this technique is that a hand-knotted rug depends on the number of knots per square inch. The more knots per square inch the heavier and more substantial and it is considered a higher quality.

If proper care is taken with regard to the maintenance of wool rugs, they last for a lifetime while retaining their softness. For affordable and elegant wool rugs and wool area rugs, the best shopping today are reliable online rug sellers like Hollywood Love Rugs.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Advanced Basement Remodeling Ideas

By Casey Torren

Some homeowners have started on basement remodeling project but have put it off for some reason or another. It could be because they have not started out with a complete plan from start to finish and are now running out of ideas for basement finishing. The good news is, you do not have to be stuck with that type of basement. Continue your project with some of these advanced tips.

Big home improvement projects, such as the one you are undertaking now, require special planning. Carefully considering the many factors involving your basement remodeling project will end up with a fresh new space, which will be fun, comfortable and livable for many years to come.

The challenges that come with basement remodeling are several, and these include inadequate or zero natural light, musky smell, exposed ductwork, low ceilings and concrete structural beams. Regardless of these challenges, think of the more positive side. Imagine, a basement offers lots of raw space to work with. For instance, ductword can be concealed with hollow beams or drywall, generating an interesting soffited or coffered ceiling. A little bit of creativity will go a long way and make your basement remodeling tasks a bit simpler.

Of course, you need to select the purpose of your basement wisely. This will give you a good head start on your remodeling project. What activities would you like to cater to? While you are thinking about this, also consider the available features your basement already has. Use these features to your advantage instead of working against them. For instance, basements are naturally cold and dark, so you may want to transform the space into a movie room, entertainment space or home gym.

Form and Function

If you are planning to incorporate a bathroom or wet bar, you need to focus on plumbing since pipes need to be placed underneath the cement floor. Once all plumbing has been incorporated, ascertain to fill in all cracks in the walls and flooring. If your basement does not already come with glass block windows, do employ them.

Glass block windows offer a variety of purposes: decorative appeal, light transmission and security. Next, make sure to employ an adequate number of electrical outlets and telephone lines to cater to thinks like lamps, computer modems, TVs and cable lines. To conceal cement walls, use drywall. Use acoustical tiles for your ceilings, as they are both appealing as well as offer easy access to utilities. Finally, employ a subfloor between the concrete and floor surface so that your basement will be dryer and warmer.

Basement Remodeling Secrets

Then there is the basement drywall. Before installing the drywall, you can highlight essential areas by stretching a tape measure across your studs and snapping a digital photo. The picture can later be enlarged to establish precise measurements. If your home is quite new, and you have detachable basement windows, ascertain your framing is employed so the window is still detachable when the basement remodeling project is done.

One good tip is to always hold your exterior wall frames approximately an inch off the walls. After you are done sanding your freshly drywalled walls, ready a container of water and a sponge. Dampen the sponge and clean the walls. This will eliminate dust as well as trace the outline of the mud compound on the wallboard to feather the materials well.

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Feng Shui House - Energize Your Air With Indoor Plants

By Clark Meyer

When it comes to Feng Shui House decorating, one aspect is the necessity for having indoor air that is clean. If you are going to find and maintain great Chi, you need to improve the air quality in your house. The reason you should do this is because the air you're breathing indoors is more harmful than air outside.

Indoor pollution is a big problem when you want to use good Feng Shui at your work place or at home. All the consulting in the world, putting to use the Feng Shui compass and Feng Shui Ba Gua will not do you any good unless everything you can control in your home is at the best level for you, which means having clean air indoors. The lucky thing is that there are quite a few indoor plants that can help make your home's air pure to achieve the best possible Chi.

Before you start trying to find a list of plants to help, you also need to know why they are needed. There are actually many pollutants indoors that are harmful that are called volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs. If your home has carpet, synthetic products, plastic and even some kinds of plywood in the home, they break down slowly releasing the volatile organic chemicals. Certain air purifying plants work wonders in clearing the air.

Here is an abbreviated list of air purifying plants that will be beneficial to your Feng Shui House:

1. Boston Fern - This beautiful plant is is great for removing formaldehyde and various other pollutants from the air. These are beautifully popular plants that make a space extraordinary; however, they are high maintenance and require daily attention in order to thrive.

2. Rubber Plant - This is a favorite house plant that will remove various types of pollutants, like formaldehyde. The rubber plant is quite hardy and can stand up against low light and temperatures on the cool side.

3. Peace Lily - This is a popular plant around Easter time, but be sure to grab a few of these pretty flowering plants that get rid of many toxins in your home.

4. English Ivy - Formaldehyde in no match for the air purifying English Ivy. This plant cleans the air and is simple to grow.

These plants can be used to purify the air in your home. However, it's not a good Feng Shui House practice to use them in the bedroom. A lot of energy flows through these plants, and when you're trying to sleep, this energy can be a distraction. Use them throughout the home for great Feng Shui house and clean air, just keep them out of your room where you sleep.

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Scream Out Your Thoughts With Wall Writings

By Bart Icles

Greeting cards, streamers, posters and postcards - here are ways on how people want their messages to be seen. Ways to send messages has developed creatively through the years. From simple letters in stationeries to writing messages in the sky, from emails to blogs, messaging could definitely done in various ways. Graffiti is another way of getting what's in your mind known, although, not a lot of people would consider it done inside the walls of your home. These times, there is now a way to make writing on walls informative, tasteful, and classy.

Vinyl lettering is an innovative kind of wall writing method. Because you can choose which font, how large or thick and what color to use for the letters, it can be suited to what kind of character a person has or what personality he or she wants to project. If you are an environmentalist or some kind of activist, you could choose a message which would describe your beliefs and have them formatted to your liking. If you're someone who's sophisticated, you could choose sophisticated lettering which would diffuse a classy ambience fit to your lifestyle and personality.

Writing on the wall could be as much fun as making graffiti. Though you may not be spraying paint and forming each letter manually, you could have a neater way of printing out your messages. Since these are done in a more technology-integrated way, the spacing of your letters would come out even and the letters would be perfectly cut. Despite this cleaner appearance, the lettering would still come out as if they have been painted.

Your inspirational messages could be visible within the walls of your house or office without it looking bothersome. Unlike painting directly on your walls, you could have a preview of how it would look on your walls with vinyl letters. Though it seems that it is very difficult to attain such perfected lettering, its application is actually not that complicated. Applying this to your walls is a no brainer. All you need to have is a pair of steady hands.

The great thing about having wall writings is not only to provide a great wall decoration. Most importantly, it is an amazing and fun way of instilling your motivational messages or motto onto a place where it could be seen all the time. By constantly seeing this, you could remind yourself or the people you want to deliver your message to, your beliefs and thoughts which will inspire you throughout the day.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Kinds of Tile For The Kitchen Floor

By Ralph Owens

If you want to uplift the look of your kitchen, you may want to change the tile for your kitchen floor. Admittedly, tiling a kitchen floor can be rather expensive but it is worth it in the long run. You have many choices when it comes to tile for the kitchen floor. You can choose ceramic tiles that are 8 X 8 squares or linoleum tiles that are also the same size but made from linoleum. Another option is to look for laminated floor tiles that are made to look like wood or quarry tiles that are usually 12 X 12 or even larger. The type of tile that you use for your kitchen floor depends on the size of your kitchen as well as the money that you wish to spend.

Least Expensive Option- Linoleum tiles are the least expensive of all tiles for the kitchen floor and are also easy to install. You do not need to use a professional tile installer to lay down linoleum tile, although it will make the job go faster if you are not really the DIY type. Linoleum tile is softer and many people prefer it because of this quality. It comes in a wide array of different styles, many of which are designed to look like wood or quarry tile.

Linoleum tiles are the cheapest and the easiest to install. This kind of tiles is softer and comes in design appearing like quarry or wood tile.

Top of the Line - Quarry tiles are large, oversized tiles that need to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to installing this tile. Tile cutters are needed to do this job so that it can look professional. Quarry tile is costly and looks best in larger sized kitchens.

How to Finish Off the New Kitchen Do:

If you have a kitchen tile floor, you are going to want to put down some area rugs in the kitchen for warmth as well as comfort. You do not want to have stark tile all over the floor as this looks very cold. Most people will put an area rug under the table and chairs as well as in front of the area where the sink is located so that they can be warm when working and the floor can be protected when people are eating. You should choose area rugs that are made of some material that can be cleaned easily when you are choosing rugs for your kitchen.

Improving your kitchen is one of the best things you can do for your home. After all, it's always nice to hang out in a cozy and pretty looking kitchen isn't it? It also makes preparing meals a lot more fun. Pick out the tile of your choice and shop for area rugs to finish the look.

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Dual Purpose Roll Top Computer Desk

By Dave Johnson

Versatility is preferred by all in today's world and even a piece of furniture like the roll top computer desk is made with an intention to fulfill people's demand for versatile use of a single product. Well, this sort of demand is not illegitimate at all.

Because we all lead such busy lives we have less time than we did before. So a piece of furniture that plays not one but two roles in the room is a great way to save time and effort, not to mention money!

Features and Functions of a Roll Top Computer Desk

Roll top computer desk is made of different types of wood like cherry or mahogany. They are very useful as they serve more than just the purpose of a computer desk. There are sufficient spaces for accommodating all the computer accessories in a roll top desk e.g. shelves, drawers etc. They can cover all the peripherals like the monitor, printer, scanner, CPU, web cam etc.

This desk is often provided with wheels for the ease in movement around the home of office area. The top can be rolled down to turn it into a coffee table or other desk requirements. This desk is more suitable in a public domain like the living room or any other public where people need to gather and discuss or do brainstorming about any topic or even just for the sake of a get together.

A door can be provided with the desk to fit for the CPU and the printer and slots can also be provided for putting other accessories like CDs, documents etc. A very attractive advantage of such a desk is that they are provided with locks to protect the devices from theft.

Another benefit of this desk is that it prevents dust to collect on the desk which reduces the time and energy required for the cleaning and maintaining purposes of the desk.

Aesthetics of Roll Top Computer Desk

These desks are very sleek and stylish and suit any room design that you may have in your house or office. They adapt themselves to their users and come in a wide range of sizes and styles so no matter what your taste is there is one that will suit you.

A roll top computer desk s the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to renovate furniture and will be a stunning piece to have in both your home or office.

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Facing tighter budgets, more homeowners are rethinking remodeling

(ARA) - With more Americans downsizing their household budgets, larger-scale renovation projects are out and frugal remodeling is in. And when it comes to saving money, experts say home improvement projects that increase energy efficiency are among the best investments to deliver paybacks -- now and in the future.

The average return on investment for midrange home improvement projects focused on aesthetic appeal, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, is down since 2007, according to “Remodeling” magazine.

“Energy efficiency upgrades provide homeowners with the rare opportunity to see a return on their investment almost immediately and at resale,” says Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit dedicated to promoting energy efficiency. “We can’t always predict how the market will impact home prices over the long term, but all homeowners can improve their home’s energy efficiency to increase its value.”

Heating and cooling can account for nearly half of a home's energy bill, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, and with temperatures dropping, it’s the right time for homeowners to focus on ways they can trim costs and energy consumption.

“The reality of the new economy is that homeowners want to save money while maintaining the value and comfort of their homes,” says Mike Lawrence, vice president and general manager of Insulation Systems for Johns Manville, a manufacturer of building products. “There are economical and smart steps homeowners can take that will positively impact their monthly energy bills today and their home’s value tomorrow.”

Homeowners can tackle projects that are low in cost and high in value and return on investment, either as do-it-yourself projects or by hiring a professional contractor.

To get started, homeowners should first estimate the current performance of their home by using an online energy efficiency assessment tool, such as the Home Energy Analysis test available at Online assessments help gauge the savings that could be realized by making efficiency upgrades.

“After evaluating their home, most homeowners will find that adding insulation to their attic is a smart and cost-effective first step, since most homes are under-insulated,” Lawrence says. “When adding insulation, homeowners should also consider weatherizing their attic to help eliminate any holes or gaps that may exist in the floor or walls. By using caulk, spray foam or weather stripping to close such gaps, homeowners can further decrease wasted energy.”

A programmable thermostat is another cost-effective option that helps boost home energy efficiency. Programmable thermostats let homeowners regulate the temperature of their home to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save about $180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings.

A triple return on your remodeling investment

Compared to other home improvement projects, energy efficiency upgrades typically come with a considerably smaller price tag, compared to aesthetic-focused renovations like kitchen and bathroom remodels. In addition, there’s a triple return on these remodeling investments over the course of home ownership:

* Save on your energy bill today: According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), with a properly air sealed and insulated home, homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. The average U.S. home needs 19 inches of attic insulation for maximum energy efficiency.

* Save up to $1,500 with a tax credit: Through 2010, insulation purchases qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit for energy-efficiency improvements, which reimburses homeowners up to $1,500 for the cost of materials. Additional incentives from adding insulation or making other energy efficiency improvements may be available from state and local governments and utilities.

* Save for the long term: Investments made in home energy efficiency pay dividends for the lifetime of a home and improve the home’s resale value. According to the Appraisal Institute, for every dollar saved in annual utility costs, homeowners can expect to add $20 to their home’s market value.

For more information on energy efficient home improvement projects and to take advantage of local incentives, visit

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today's powder room: small space, but big design

(ARA) - The powder room - it's one of the smallest rooms in the house, but also the room that typically sees the most traffic, especially when you're entertaining guests.

So, is your powder room "worthy" of guest traffic? Just because it's the smallest room doesn't mean it needs to be small in style. Rather, it is the perfect opportunity to take a risk and design a space your guests won't soon forget.

Getting started

If the floor plan of your space isn't going to change (plumbing won't move, walls won't be knocked down, etc.), updating your powder room can be simple and affordable. To start your room redesign, you'll need to identify your personal style.

Start by looking at the rest of your house. Determine whether you prefer contemporary or traditional decor and imagine how your new powder room will fit in with the rest of your home. To spark new ideas and keep current on trends, visit a local kitchen and bath showroom, a model home or a show home that features bath and powder rooms. Flipping through magazines or visiting home improvement Web sites can also inspire great ideas. Articles on recent room makeovers and new bath products can help you determine which elements you want to be part of your room.

Selecting the pieces

You're working with a relatively small space, so every styling detail counts. Some manufacturers are making it even easier for homeowners to coordinate their pieces by designing complete suites.

"Danze recently introduced several suite options that make decor coordination much easier for homeowners," says Jennifer Lee, Danze director of marketing. "The Orrington, Cirtangular and Ziga Zaga Collections are each meticulously designed to provide room elements that perfectly match each other."

So what elements comprise that suite? In addition to accessories and a mirror, here are a few of the imperative pieces you'll need to choose for your room:

Lavatory sink

Many designers and homeowners try to maximize space in their powder room. A pedestal sink might be the best way to do just that. And because storage is less critical in this room, a pedestal sink provides a clean, open look to the area.

If a pedestal sink isn't your style, explore the wide range of vessel sinks available. These "bowls" sit on top of a vanity cabinet and can bring a unique design expression to the room.

Design tip: Select an interesting material for your vessel bowl like stone, timeless vitreous china, blown glass or hammered metal to create an attention-getting, distinctive look for your sink.


The faucet you choose will help pull the decor together and can serve as an extra piece of "jewelry" for the room. There are many different styles of bathroom faucets, but popular powder room versions include vessel fillers (to accommodate vessel sinks), wall-mount faucets and wide-spread faucets. The faucet's finish and scale is also a critical selection to attain the mood you're hoping to create.

Design tip: If you're considering a wall-mount faucet, have your plumbing professional mount it through the glass of your mirror. What a reflection of style!


While maybe not the sexiest piece in the powder room, the toilet is arguably one of the most important elements. There's no doubt that performance should be at the top of your checklist when selecting this piece, but you don't need to sacrifice style. Some toilets are now designed as part of a collection, matching your sink and the other pieces in your room. In addition to style and performance, look for ergonomic design and water efficiency when making your selection.

Design tip: Choose a toilet lever that matches the style and finish of your faucet and bath accessories. They're easy to switch out and can be a noticeable design detail. You'll look like a pro.

"Homeowners appreciate it when it's easier to coordinate every aspect of their powder room decor," says Lee. "Matching styles of the sink, toilet, vanity, faucet and accessories brings a noticeable cohesiveness to the entire room."

For more information on Danze room solutions and its entire line of kitchen/bath faucets, showerheads and accessories, visit

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How to warm up your home with natural touches

(ARA) - Interior design continues to evolve rapidly. But it's not just going in one direction - it's branching out in new ways and giving homeowners fodder for ideas about how they can turn their existing house into their dream home. There is something for every taste, too, as different design concepts become more fully developed, catering to all people and all styles of homes.

The wide variety of options that homeowners have means that they need to keep focused on a specific design goal. Exposed ductwork or industrial-looking concrete floors won't work in some houses, while antler chandeliers or tufted chaises won't work in others. There are a few elements that can be mixed and matched across styles, but the inclusion of organic materials, particularly wood like Western Red Cedar, for interior design works for all styles of homes.

Today, more homeowners are improving and renovating their homes - updating both the decor and the functional elements - rather than taking on the challenge of selling and buying in the current market. Many of them are also using and developing their own skills, when it comes to both design and bringing their ideas to life. And as winter closes in, do-it-yourselfers are looking for low-cost, high-impact projects that will make their homes feel updated and more inviting.

Figuratively, bringing the outdoors in can have a warming effect on your home. Look to nature for inspiration on everything from color to materials to elements that reflect the landscape that surrounds your home.

"Modern technology allows us to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors," says Ray Johnston, an architect with Johnston Architects in the Pacific Northwest. "To enhance this blending, exterior materials can extend through windows to inside walls. This treatment welcomes the outdoors in and has the effect of expanding space. At the same time, the rich color and texture of a natural material, like a warm wood, adds great character and depth to an interior space."

Exterior structural additions and interior treatments add appeal to a stagnant room. Also new, environmentally friendly clay treatments are available in a variety of colors, and add a rustic but subtle tactile quality. The rich color and attractive grain of Western Red Cedar panel provide immediate interest without the added struggle of learning to create faux finishes with paint or mastering a trowel. If you want to add a unique touch of color, cedar takes stains exceptionally well. And if you just want to preserve the natural color of the wood, sealing it will help it last for years.

Adding smaller design touches is a great option for those who don't feel comfortable tackling big projects. Many newer homes don't have the classic character of houses from years gone by, but there are ways to incorporate it. "Homeowners are adding natural wood molding and trims as a low-cost way to add warmth and elegance to a simple room," says Paul Mackie of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. Look for a stable wood that will not warp and twist over the years. Cedar is a great choice for ceiling, picture and floor moldings, as well as other trims, because of its uniform grain.

Switching out older, hollow-core doors with new wood models will not only help to diminish noise, it will add a long-lasting extra bit of character to your home, no matter its age. Windows are a key design element in any home, too, and can be enhanced by adding new cedar frames, blinds or shutters in styles ranging from embellished and traditional to minimalist and modern.

The dynamic appeal of nature can be applied to your floors as well. Add new interest to kitchens, foyers, bathrooms and more with tiles made of natural materials like cork, bamboo, slate, wood (new or reclaimed) or travertine - the possibilities are almost endless.

Western Red Cedar is also a great choice to create architectural details, like a post and beam look in a home, or to conceal visually distracting elements like support beams or duct work. For more ideas on adding warmth to a home with Western Red Cedar, visit

By updating your home with natural touches, you add long-lasting appeal that won't go out of style. Not only will you be able to enjoy it for years to come, but it will provide added enticements for any potential future buyers.

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Style Tips That Are Not Difficult

By Connor Sullivan

Everyone who falls under the homeowner category knows that they like to have a nice looking home and not everyone has the opportunity to do that when they first purchase it. Renovations and being moved in are difficult to arrange and plan, but they are not impractical. Flooring, bath storage cabinets, wallpaper, bathroom wall cabinets, and a shelf storage cabinet are a few examples of easy renovations that can be done to change the style and look of a house without too much work. You do not have to take out walls and build new sections to your house to renovate it. It just takes a few simple plans and some good old hard work to complete your simple goals.

Renovating your home can be as simple as shifting the colors of a room to installing a kitchen floor. Your renovation arrangement does not have to be excessive. It can be small changes a little bit at a time or many changes all at once. The first thing that everyone should do when setting up major housing changes though is to make a basic set up or list of what you want to get done. This list should not be too overpowering because it can be very hectic to try to handle too many tasks at once. Try to make a main concern list with certain important tasks that should be done before others. This will make the timing, economic, and stress problems a little easier to handle.

After making a list and deciding what to do first, then a list or plan should be made for that very duty. For example, let us say you are painting a room a new color. First you would need to pick a good weekend to do it. Then it would be necessary to figure out how much paint you'll require by measuring the room out and then bringing those numbers to your local paint provider. From those numbers they would settle on how much paint you would call for in gallons. Then you would go on to pick your color and brand to use. Some paint brands are more expensive than others, but normally paint is pretty affordable. Along with paint you may also need equipment such as rollers, brushes, tarps, and tape.

Other remodling tasks can be even easier than painting. Simple tasks such as organization can change the look of a room or house entirely, just by simply moving things around or putting unnecessary items away in some sort of storage container. Organization is sometimes necessary for a stress free atmosphere and good for many though as well. Just getting organized can do a lot for your home by producing a virtually clutter-free for you, your family, and guests.

Renovation of your house does not have to be a huge hassle. It should be a fun experience that only requires minimal work from you. This is all possible if you can keep an open mind, a good plan, and good patience. Then your visioned renovations will get done.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Are The Important Aspects To Acknowledge When Redesigning A Bathroom

By Connor Sullivan

Most individuals nowadays are considering home redesigning. When home renovation comes into mind, the first area to look at is the bathroom as it is an important constituent of the home. Bathroom redesigning does not have to be an expensive project, especially if the planning is done appropriately. Individuals intending to renovate their bathroom needs acknowledge the various aspects that will save them money and at the same time give their bathroom a great look. If the owner wants to complete the redesigning project in budget, he can select to install either travertine tile or stone tile.

To get the most out of the bathroom redesigning project, a homeowner can follow few basic renovation tips. The very first thing is to do the preparation well in advance. Preparing reduces the amount of stress the homeowner will take during the redesigning process and it will also assure that the project will complete on time. Planning well in advance will allow homeowners to consider all the aspects of renovation, products to be purchased, the type of look that is desired and whether there is going to be any obstacles associated with the procedure. The planning should involve everything from the choice of colors to the type of fittings and door type that is going to be installed.

If homeowners are able to do most of the work related to the renovation, it can save them a lot of money. The level of work he can do is dependent on his talents and if his talents is not suitable enough for a renovation process, then at least he can choose colors, purchase the products and do the fittings and fixtures himself. Setting up minor things such as towel rails or hooks himself can save him heaps of money that can be utilized to buy other material. These will also help the owner to learn new things and increase his knowledge.

A good way to create an image of excess space in the bathroom is by using natural lighting. Natural lighting can be attained by a skylight or a window in the bathroom. Besides, this technique will enable homeowners to have an outer view through the windows and keep their bathroom fresh. Natural lighting is also energy efficient and can help save money on electricity bills. One of the most essential accessories in the bathroom is a bathtub and a nice one can provide attraction and elegance to the bathroom. There are a wide variety of bathtubs to select from and therefore it is essential to choose one carefully that will match with the other embellishments in the bathroom as well as match the color scheme.

Another essential accessory for the bathroom is a mirror. It can complement the entire appearance of the bathroom and at the same time add an illusion of extra space making the bathroom look big and spacious. Over the sink is the best place to install the mirror and with a huge range of wall mounted mirrors attainable, it is essential to select the type that will complement the overall dcor of the bathroom.

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A Pet Owners Guide To Area Rugs

By Argile Randolph

Dogs and cats make excellent pets, as those who know the joy of having animal companions would know. But they do tend to leave hair around. This is especially true of cats. If you have animals, you will want to get area rugs that are easy to clean, consist of short pile and also feature a color scheme that will not make the dog or cat hair look too obvious.

There are many area rugs on the market. Many of them are treated with a solution that enables them to be cleaned easily. The same is true of wall to wall carpeting. This solution is called by several different brand names and allows you to mop up spills before they turn into stains. If you have pets, you know that even the best pets sometimes have accidents. You do not want to have your area rug ruined because of such an accident. By getting a rug that is easy to keep clean, you can avoid any issues that come up when it comes to pet accidents. You can clean up any mess quickly and your area rug will look as good as new.

Most of the area rugs that are on the market today are short pile, although thick shag rugs are making somewhat of a comeback in some circles. You are better off with the short pile rugs when you have pets as they will make it easier to clean up pet hair from the rug. You should vacuum the area rug just as you would a carpet so that you can get the pet hair up.

When choosing your rug you want to make sure that you choose the right color as well. For example if you have a white cat you don't want to invest your money in a dark colored rug. This would only show all the cat hair and it would take away from the beauty of the rug. At the same time you need to be able to purchase a rug that you like and one that will match your decor.

Area rugs are an excellent way to make a statement with your interior design. Just because you have a pet is no reason not to have area rugs in your home. In addition to providing your home with style, they also provide the home with warmth. They are a nice asset to any home decor.

Pet owners should take their pets into consideration when they are choosing area rugs. They should look for rugs that are short piled, that are easy to clean and have colors or patterns that will not make pet hair look obvious. There are plenty of area rugs on the market that fit into these categories. Pet owners can look forward to decorating their homes with beautiful area rugs of all shapes, sizes and styles that they and their pets will enjoy for many years to come.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Antique Picture Frame: Pick Yours!

By Benedict Perez

The appearance of antique typically casts both a classical feel as well as a modern touch of works of art. Through creative shaping of patterns mixed with colorful attributions, a picture frame will surely exhibit only wonderful images and visions. Thus, antique picture frames can certainly do marvels for pictures and images.

Traditionally, picture frames are wooden. Although through time other materials like aluminum or plastic are used. These frames come in different colors and textures. Nonetheless, gilding and other embellishments are regularly added to make the frames more attractive. Also there are elaborate moldings to add up to its artistry. These are strips of material with cross sections to wrap spaces in between surfaces or for decoration.

While in some cases there are no safeguards needed for the art or picture where the same are not really subject to damage or deterioration, still normally these frames have a glass or plastic cover for purposes of shielding the art or picture within. There are glazing coatings that make the glass cover invisible but still protective of the inside. And there are glass coatings like UV filters. These cover glasses are important for precious works of art like paintings and stuff.

Matting is also important for frames with glass covers especially for photos which are sensitive to touch or contact. Technically, matting is that lining of plastic spacers, shadowboxing, stacking two moldings with the glass in between. With the constant contact of these sensitive pieces of art to the glass, the condensation within the glass would directly absorb with the pieces of art leaving no space for it to disperse.

So also is lifting such cover glass very important when a piece of art is done in a loose medium. This is imperative in order to prevent any smudging on the material. There should be extra care and diligence in dealing with these pieces in order to preserve and extend its utility as well as its aesthetic worth.

There are styled varieties of antique picture frames. There is the "L"-style, made with a single L-shaped border, with its bottom part at the front of the frame to hold in the glass which is secured in from the back. Then there is the photo cube usually displaying family pictures and other personal memoirs. Some other styles are the box frames and shadow boxes.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Decorating The Baby Room On A Tight Budget: A Persistent Matron's Illustration

By Dorothea Frankson

Putting together a special place for your new baby is one of the exciting prospects of many expectant parents. The cost of necessary nursery items can become daunting to many shoppers especially inert, high quality baby girl crib bedding set.

Parents should allow themselves as much time as possible to decorate the nursery, giving them plenty of time to find items on sale. Prices vary between merchants on nursery items, make comparisons before you purchase and look for manufacture or shipping discounts.

As those who comparison shop within the baby bedding market will tell you, almost everything needed to furnish your child's room can be purchased together in a single lot. Crib bedding can usually be bought as part of a set that includes things like curtains and dust ruffles so the parents don't have to spend the time and money trying to match these things to the linens.

You see that a complete crib set is the thrifty choice, so now you need to decide whether you want to get a gender-neutral or gender-specific bedding set; many of both are sold. Parents who don't want gender-specific themes often decide to employ a decorative theme for the nursery.

Botanical settings are among the most popular choices for bedding sets as they are generally considered appropriate for any room. When decorating with flowers and foliage don't forget these can be easily pared with animals and insects to make an interesting environment. With this in their minds, many consumers have decided to decorate their nurseries with the bright colors of Hawaiian baby bedding.

Hawaiian-themed rooms contain smiling fish, colorful birds, palm trees, and other exotic animal and plant life. Traditional island design allows parents to go wild with color - match purple with orange or red with vibrant turquoise and pink variations. Surround your little one with the serenity of paradise with a Hawaiian theme decorated nursery.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Lovely, Updated Bathroom For A Lovelier Home

By Connor Sullivan

As our homes get older, they require upkeep and maintenance. It is the theory of entropy. Things do not improve spontaneously; they deteriorate. This maintenance can be of two varieties: repair of damage and wear and tear and renovating or updating. Usually the two rooms in the house that need to be updated are the kitchen and bathroom. Rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms can be updated with just new paint or new throw pillows. However, kitchens and bathrooms often require more than just a new coat of paint. Over the years, the fixtures and appliances break down and become outdated. This is when you need a competent, creative remodeling firm. In Dupage County bathroom remodeling is as easy as calling a Dupage County handyman.

We will look at bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation can consist of new flooring, new toilet, new vanity, updated bathtub or shower, paint or wallpaper, curtains, and rugs. The bathroom fixtures are the most expensive and most long-lasting parts of the renovation. For this reason, you need to compare your needs and your budget carefully. Toilets have gone through almost a reinvention over the last few decades. The goal has been to reduce the amount of water that is used for each flush. States have passed laws that require that all new toilets must be of the low flow variety. The other feature is the superficial characteristic of color. Back in the'60s the popular hues were yellow, pink, green, blue, and turquoise. In the'70s gold and avocado showed up in bathrooms as well as kitchens. These days, most fixtures are white, and that is a good thing. White goes with everything and is always in style.

My fantasy bathroom has a bidet. Originally, bidets were developed in Europe. All bidets used to were a separate fixture in the bathroom, beside the toilet. Today, you will be able to find a combination toilet seat-bidet that eliminates the need for extra floor space. The job of the bidet is to wash the derriere with a stream of warm water. Some even provide a stream of warm air for drying after the cleaning is finished. While they are rare in the United States, they are very commonly used in Europe and Japan. In this country we are behind the times. Some say that bidets haven't been accepted because Americans discovered them when they visited French prostitutes during the First World War, so they were considered naughty.

Many old bathrooms are tiled with ceramic tile on the floors and the walls. While this tile is currently popular, the styles are very different more decorative than in the past and beautiful. However, my feeling is that you should think twice before tearing out old ceramic tile. This tile is very durable and easy to keep clean. You may need to regrout it, but even if it is an old-fashioned color, leave the ceramic tile in the bathroom.

These are a starting point for bathroom remodeling. Beyond these basics are a long list of choices about color and style. Do you want a modern style? Casual? The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Maximize Your Unique Picture Frames

By Benedict Perez

Unique picture frames are the most common thing to decorate your treasured memories captured in photo. But it is not only to dress up your cherished pictures but also use as decorative pieces in certain areas of both residential and commercial edifice. The versatility of this particular kind of picture frame makes it even more popular as gift idea for varied occasions. This is also because of the fact that these frames are not hard to find.

You can easily find them in many specialty stores online. These pieces of art are sold at fairly reasonable prices due to the stiff competition that this kind of business has to deal with. Looking for unique picture frames is just as easy as one, two and three.

These handcrafted unique picture frames are amazingly created for everyone to behold. Other than those memorable pictures you love to treasure for life, you can also put your own poem on it or a handcrafted pieces of art like cross stitched portrait of your favorite cartoon character. The name does not restrict this frame purely for pictures. There are seemingly endless ways you can use it with.

These are simply among the many ways you can use to maximize that unique picture frames that may now be piling up in your closet. Aside from having to play with your imagination on how to use this particular kind of picture frame you should inched your way out in looking for the perfect way for it to be fully appreciated and behold in order for it to serve the purpose of which it is being made. There is a possibility that these pieces of art can pile up in your closet as these are among the most common gift ideas for almost all occasions.

Now that you are some equipped with how to maximize the unique picture frames you got, guess it is high time for you to play with your imagination and maximize it to the fullest. Remember you need not have to spend much on it. Make sure it will serve its purpose well and more than good enough for you and other beholders to appreciate it. You simply have to tickle your fancy and aesthetic sense in order to maximize the versatility of unique picture frames.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shoe Organizer's Blast Away Clutter

By Mila R Andrews

A telltale sign that you need a shoe organizer is finding yourself unable to walk around your own room because of all the shoes on the floor. An idea is to get something simple, like a shoe organizer, to help you stay more organized. If you want the best, then take a look at closetmaid shoe organizers.

Buying a shoe organizer will also give you more space in your closet for you to place your other things. The more pairs of shoes you add, the more difficult it can be to keep other essential accessories handy. A shoe rack, cubby hole, or door pouch will help you to maximize the space available to you.

As you know, it is a real hassle if you find yourself always losing shoes and even more frustrating when you are looking for a specific shoe and cannot find it anywhere in your room. Purchasing a closet shoe organizer will be an aid to your in finding your shoes when you need them, so you will not have to worry about this. This makes sure you have a place for your shoes.

A benefit to someone with a large family is that a shoe organization system does help to keep the house tidy and clean. Don't make them throw their shoes in the damp basement or cold garage. If they do that, the shoes will not last and you will have to purchase more shoes. A family may find the purchase of a large cubby or shoe storage bench a simple answer to the problem of keeping everyone's shoes organized and tidy.

Before setting out to purchase your new organizer, make sure that you take measurements of the area that you are going to install the system in and account for all your shoes. Be sure you allow some extra space to put the next pair!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vital Aspects Of Interior Design

By Kenneth Hilton

There are various crucial factors that must be kept in mind in the interior design of any area. The under-mentioned basic guidelines, if adhered to, will take care of most of these factors. All of them play a significant role in the appeal of a space, though they may be put to use in different ways in different situations.

Unity: This entails the idea that the entire home or any other structure is to be seen as one unit, separated or divided only by walls and staircases, and that there should be some amount of internal consistency in the design of the unit as a whole. The overall theme should always be taken into account.

Balance: This involves appropriately arranging objects in a given space. Objects which have similar visual characteristics should be put at different points in the room to achieve a balance along a predetermined axis. Balance can be of three types. The most fundamental type is symmetrical balance, which is very easy to strike. The second is asymmetrical, which requires a lot of creativity, but is increasingly preferred. The third type of balance is radial, where you select an appropriate centre and place items relative to it.

Proportion: This deals with the relative sizes of objects in an area. It is crucial that various articles are in sync with each other and with the space as far as proportions are concerned. The lack of proportion will make certain pieces of furniture look out of place, while certain others will be subdued, which will not be good for the overall attractiveness of the room.

Focus: Good quality interior design requires a focal point in the space. The focal article may be a piece of furniture or even a show piece such as a painting or a statue. It is crucial that this item be in line with the design of the overall room and that it impresses the observer. It must look attractive, but not look out of the scheme of things.

Rhythm: Having a rhythm too is absolutely important for attaining a good design. The design must appear to flow as per a pattern from one point to another. Arches, ornate designs on walls and floors, carefully selected paintings, repetition of shades and designs etc will help you achieve a rhythm.

Bearing these guidelines in mind will help in effective and appealing interior designing of your house. However, it is best to use the expertise of an interior design expert who can assist you with these aspects and a lot more.

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The Benefits Of Owning Adjustable Beds

By Moe Kittaneh

Many people have difficulty sleeping for various reasons. Some suffer from some sort of pain, others have insomnia, and others simply cannot get comfortable. Adjustable beds used to be used primarily for the home care of patients. This has changed and more people than ever are purchasing these types of beds.

Hospitals have relied on the use of adjustable beds for many years. They make it much easier to take care of their patients and can be moved easily. The beds can be moved in many different positions and can be adjusted to fit the individual needs of a patient. They are instrumental in providing great patient care. They are also especially helpful to a patient who is recovering from surgery.

Many people suffer from severe back pain and have a difficult time getting comfortable in their bed. These people have found that adjustable beds are a plausible solution to this problem. They are able to lower and raise the bed in any position that allows them to be at ease.

Acid Reflux is a common disorder and it is often very difficult for those who suffer from it to get any rest. Acid will come back up through the esophagus and cause much discomfort. Many have found that by raising their upper body, the symptoms are alleviated. This is possible with the use of an adjustable bed.

Millions of people suffer from arthritis. This painful condition also makes it difficult to sleep. By moving your bed into a different position; you can lessen the pain that you are experiencing. This has been very helpful and has increased the number of hours of restful sleep they obtain. A person always feels so much better after getting a good night's sleep.

These beds are also used by those with breathing problems and asthma. There are bed positions that will encourage better breathing and these can be accommodated by this versatile type of bed. Asthma sufferers have reported that they experienced a great difference in their breathing by changing the position that they lay in.

These beds may be a bit more expensive than traditional beds, but they offer a solution to restless nights without sleep. Many believe that the added expense is definitely worth it. Studies show that we should try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Many people have reported that they are now getting that with the use of these types of beds.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Stacking Chairs Made Fun

By Bart Icles

Stacking chairs are ideal for those who love having lots of people over, have plans for restaurant management businesses, or for families who love going to the great outdoors. Having stacking chairs has its advantages. Stacking them up after use, making it really convenient for parties and other social activities, is just one of its advantages. There are different types of stacking chairs but the most commonly known is the resin stacking chair. These cheap stacking chairs are very widely used even in schools and in small-time auditoriums.

The different types of stacking chairs include wooden, plastic or resin and metal. The wooden stacking chairs are good for outdoor activities, activities which are more of the adventurous type - camping, fishing out, hiking and the like. The plastic stacking chairs, or resin stacking chairs, are more commonly used for parties, gatherings and other social activities between friends or relatives. The metal stacking chairs are usually for businesses which involve having people coming over to eat like fast food restaurants.

Stacking chairs are really useful when you love having people over for parties, gatherings, drinks, poker and the like. Having lots of people over, you can't guarantee that your furniture will be enough to accommodate everyone, right? That's where your handy-dandy stacking chairs come along. All you have to do is get them from the closet, arrange them, and you're all set. After the event, restacking them will be just as easy as using them.

Families who love to go picnicking, fishing or camping will also find stacking chairs very useful. Having a weekend in the great outdoors will definitely be easier with your very own bring-along stacking chairs tied around your SUV, RV or whatever vehicle you're using. First of all, being far away from civilization is a bummer if you can't find a decent place to sit on. Though being in the great outdoors somewhat means having to leave all modern things behind, having chairs and a table along with you doesn't really mean that you're defeating the purpose of the great outdoors. There isn't really that much of modernism in chairs and tables anyway. If you still disagree, then having wooden stacking chairs, rather than the cheaper plastic stacking chairs, are ideal for you and your family if you enjoy being away from civilization.

The advantages of having stacking chairs are great. One advantage is that they're very convenient because you can easily put them away when they're not in use. Another is their usefulness for social activities like the ones mentioned above. Another is that they're a great investment especially if you're using them for business purposes. Stacking chairs have great benefits for anyone who owns a pile.

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The Beautiful Serenity Massage Chair From Omega

By Meredith Benson

This is a great little chair that you should check out. The Serenity relaxation chair is quite and outstanding recliner in all respects. First is its beautiful design. This is truly the first recliner that looks like a recliner and not a bulky massage chair. The Omega Serenity relaxation chair gives you the best looking design to fit any room in your home or office.

The first thing you notice about the Serenity relaxation chair is that it looks like a normal recliner. It has a swivel base with 360 of movement. This enables you to position the chair in an angle that you like. A remote control panel puts all features at the touch of a button.

The first thing you may notice about a massage chair is that it looks like a massage chair. It is big and it is a bulky. The Serenity relaxation massage chair looks like an elegant recliner that it is thin and mounted on a swivel base.

The Serenity relaxation recliner helps to better distribute the weight across your entire spine. This is known as the zero gravity position. Most of the time, your weight is concentrated in specific areas of your spine. When the recline backing the Serenity massage recliner, your weight will be better distributed across the surface area of your entire.

Music therapy is an important elements and overall relaxation. These it is typically used to help calm and quiet your mind. This enables your body to relax. Just think about it, if your mind is racing about issues, how could your body not to be tense?

One of the striking features of the Serenity's design is its wood chair back. It is a wraparound style which is wider at the top. This is a refined elegance and beauty in a recliner like no other. This is certainly a massage recliner that is in a class of its own.

You can find a number of different features in the Serenity massage recliner. It comes with an air compression massage. Airbags are used to provide for us and movement to different parts of the body. This helps to relieve tense muscles with this type of movement.

An air massage system comes in the Serenity massage chair. In air compressor is used to inflate and deflate specially designed airbags. The airbags are good for relieving the larger muscles in the body. This is a soothing way to relieve tension and different parts of your body.

For deeper penetration, the Serenity comes with a vibration massage. There are three different vibration massage programs. Each program targets specific areas and ways of penetrating through the muscle tissue.

The vibration massage of the Serenity recliner comes with three automatic programs. These programs drive eight vibration motors. These powerful motors provide for deep penetration through the muscle tissues. The Serenity also enables you to target specific areas. You can target the buttocks, feet in your calves.

If you are just up for relaxing in the Serenity, then try out the heat therapy. Heat is a great way to provide comfort and warmth to your body. The Serenity recliner is a wonderful recliner with many therapeutic options.

When looking at many recliner is on the market, you simply will not find one in the same class as they Serenity relaxation chair. It provides you the best of both worlds. It has massage and therapeutic features as well as a stunning design.

There is not just another massage recliner. This recliner has both a beautiful design and therapeutic treatments. The Serenity massage chair is certainly a 21st-century recliner. Get your comfort taught up into this century with the Omega Serenity relaxation recliner.

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