Thursday, December 31, 2009

Uses Of A Wrought Iron Drapery Rod

By Frederick Popodopolous

You can add a unique touch to your home by simply adding a wrought iron drapery rod and accessories to your window treatment. You can purchase many accessories to go with your drapery rod from curtain rings to elaborate tiebacks and swags. You can purchase exquisite rods and brackets or stick to simple rods. For years drapery rods were covered by curtains but with the gorgeous wrought iron rods available today the focus has sifted to include the rods just as much as the drapes.

The large selection and wonderful craftsmanship of wrought iron drapery rods with accessories that you can purchase to enrich your simple window coverings and make a wonderful statement in your home. The iron rods with knobs can come in many styles from plants such as flowers and leaves to animals such as moose and bears.

You can also get these rods with contemporary themes and designs like swirls, scrolls, and vines. You will find a style that fits your needs with them many designs to choose from in rods and accessories no matter what your taste is. You can find styles to fit taste from rustic, traditional, to even formal.

With all the finishes and colors that are available today you will be able to find a style and taste that will enhance any ones home decor. You can enhance the look of any window treatment with accessories to match your wrought iron drapery rods.

You can buy wrought iron shelves to attach to a wall beside or even above your windows. This will help to bring attention to your already gorgeous rods. You can use elaborate accessories such as wrought iron flower boxes to simple tie backs depending on the look you are going for. These gorgeous rods and accessories can be the focal point of your rooms decor.

You can use several wrought iron accessories in the decorating of your home. You can even get candle sticks with the same pattern that you have on your drapery rods or you can get wall hangings to accentuate the window treatments you have. You can add beauty and style to your already fabulous drapery rods with a number of accessories. There are even picture frames with the same design as your drapery rods.

Wrought iron drapery rods can become a little pricey if you are not careful you could spend a lot of money. There are ways to save on wrought iron rods and accessories you just have to be willing to look. Websites dedicated to selling drapery rods can usually offer you a great deal.

Wrought iron drapery rods will bring an exquisite look to your home if you can just spend the time trying to find the ones that will fit your budget. Visit flea markets and antique stores when shopping for these rods and accessories. They will sometimes have some affordable rods or accessories for you to choose from. The only problem with this method of shopping is that you can not choose what design you want because they will only have a small selection.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few Dollars Spent Will Give You Huge Value For Your Home

By Robyn Jones

Altering the interior design gives a fresh feeling to your house, but most people are worried about the costs that they will incur while renovating. Given below are some suggestions on renovating your house interiors without having to bear enormous expenses on the project.

Any structural alterations to your home will be very costly, and will take plenty of time. You should thus avoid such changes, unless you are troubled by some specific things in the home. Modifications that don't require a huge investment or any external assistance from an experienced professional are the ones that are better to concentrate on.

Your bank will love you if you make structural improvements to your home that will enhance its value. Oddly enough if you read up on what some house renovation investment gurus advocate numerous of the improvements are low priced but often add thousands to the amount of rent you can charge if renting, plus can add to the capital value of your home as well. If you want to leverage on the increased value of your improvements then you will need to get your home revalued and then go see your lender with the new valuation.

The first aspect to consider is the walls. By altering the colour of the walls or by making use of a different wallpaper, you can radically alter the feel of your home. Many factors are crucial while picking a new colour, which include the quantity of natural light available in your home and if there are kids who would appreciate vibrant colours.

The next thing to consider is the drapes. As with the paint, the designs and colours are important factors when you pick new drapes. You should also keep in mind that different fabrics have different opacities, and that will affect the feel of the house. To take an example, the living room can be adorned with partially transparent curtains which let in a lot of sunlight in order to make the room appear bright.

Furniture has a crucial role in the decor of a room and any home renovation exercise is not complete without considering it. Applying polish on wooden furniture can give it a fresh look, while replacing or cleaning fabrics is an effective means to give the furniture a fresh look.

The last element is the type of art you want to put up in your rooms. It would be a good idea to buy some fine new paintings or sculptures for your rooms. The old artworks can be sold off, or can be moved around the home to make a change.

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Upgrade Your Home On A Budget And Increase Its Value

By Luis Eddison

Don't let your house fall into disrepair. It is not cheap to maintain a house but the loss in capital value can be massive if you let it get run down. Not only is the value reduced the salability drops as well. Hundreds spent today become thousands of dollars increased capital value tomorrow with a house. There are some essential factors to the renovation of a house that need to be focused on to make sure that everything turns out as expected.

The first thing you must decide on is the parts of the house that you want renovated or altered. For example, a growing family requires extra floor space, so the house may have to be extended for the reason, or a vacant space may have to be utilized for making a car garage. chimneys can make a sticky and crammed kitchen neat, airy and more spacious.

Outdated electrical appliances installed in the kitchen and other parts of the house can either be mended or removed to purchase new ones, so that the interiors too appear fresh and new along with the rest of the house. A house that has been thoroughly renovated after detailed planning gives an enjoyable living experience to the occupants.

People often also want to refurbish their house to be able to draw potential buyers. They spend lavishly on the renovation of their property in the hope of roping in a huge profit on its resale. However, there is a potential risk in it, as the plan may go awry if the cost of renovation ends up exceeding the added value of the property. on renovation and interior design must be made in close discussion with experts in this area.

Intelligent budgeting is also necessary before any renovation is undertaken as that way you will be able to keep a check on the expenses. Some extra expense beyond what the contractor has estimated might be required during renovation, and the budget has to be made while keeping this emergency requirement in mind.

If the overall expenditure is coming out too high then you can even look at availing a home renovation loan. Many renovation loan plans with provisions for easy repayment are available for potential loan seekers.

Whether you want to relish a cosy living or to reap the advantages of a profitable property sale, home renovation and interior design always works. But don't make haste, consider it patiently and if it.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Simple Decorating Tips To help You Make Your Bedroom Into a Great Place To Enjoy

By Connor Sullivan

A lot of people spend a lot of time decorating the rooms in their home that they use the most or the ones that visitors may see the most often . This usually includes the living room and family room and maybe the dining room and kitchen. A lot of people don't realize the amount of time they spend in their bedrooms and that is often the room that is not decorated. This article will offer how to change 3 different kinds of bedrooms into great spaces to rest your head by making a bland master bedroom into a romantic retreat using a chandelier light fixture or chandelier light fixtures and other touches, a home office into a special nursery for a new baby, and a small boys room into a much cooler teenage boys room.

The first to change is the master bedroom. Too often a couple just uses their bedroom as a catch all for all of the stuff that they don't have a place for . It is time to eliminate all that clutter and transform that room into a romantic restful place . Paint the walls in a tranquil color such as a sage green or a warm tan then replace the gaudy ceiling fan with a gorgeous chandelier to add a touch of elegance. Buy new coordinated bedding that compliments the soothing wall color and make a canopy using fabric attaching it to the ceiling making your bed feel like a canopy bed. This use of fabric makes the bed the central focus of the room giving a nice romantic touch.

The next room to transform is your home office into the baby's nursery. If you still need the room for your office needs, consider buying an office armoire that can be closed and hide all of your office things and then you can still have it in the same space. Decorating a baby's room is a quite personal one and with so many couples finding out the sex of their baby before it is born, it does not have to be the neutral green or yellow colors. A lot of people like to select a theme for their baby's room but do not go overboard as too many themed items may appear tacky. Remember to make the crib safe by not putting in too much soft bedding or pillows and photos of the family are a nice way to personalize the nursery .

You decorated your son's room when he was 3 or 4 and now he is turning 13 and has outgrown this little boy space. Try to decorate this bedroom to last all through his teenager years without a theme that he could tire of . Ask him his choice of colors and try to compliment them in the wall shade and bedding. He may want\wish for a larger bed also instead of a small twin.

So get to work changing those bedrooms into something wonderful. Simple paint, and some decorative touches and new bedding can make a space feel totally different.

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Ways To Increase The Value Of A Home

By Rob Sharpton

People look at many ways when they look at possible ways which they can make improvements to their home. They consider room additions or room remodels are the main ways. But there are other proven ways that they can improve their home and eventually increase it's value. One of those possible ways is definitely with your windows. People don't realize the big value with their windows that it holds.

Simply because of the energy savings it is one of the reasons your windows are so important to your home. If you have older windows the amount of money you lose because of energy waste is a lot. Older windows in other words, force you to use more energy.

The key reason for this is simply because it does not keep your home cool in the summer. This makes you use more in air conditioning costs. While in the winter times it does not keep your home warm thereby making you to really use more energy in heat.

Well this definitely solves the problem with newer replacement windows. With energy savings in mind, these newer windows were designed. They surely solve the issue on lost heat or keeping the heat out. That is a big selling point for the customers who decide to get new windows with my replacement windows company. Once they realize how big of a savings they can have with newer windows they always want to get it.

Another big reason that getting new windows is good for improving the value of your home is because it does just that. With newer windows you immediately make your home worth more. People who are wanting to buy it always want homes with newer windows. This is real key for a lot of my clients of my glass company service. So once you decided to have your windows replaced then you can really expect to get more for your home.

So when getting replacement windows, hopefully you see the great value you actually have. Basically, it will be an investment you make in your home that is well spent.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Fireplace Screens - Beauty And Protection

By Jeff Bridges

The choices that are available in fireplace screens today will amaze you. Do not get over whelmed, having all of these choices will ensure that you are making a purchase that you will love for years to come. Whether you are looking for function more than design or not will take the choices down to a more manageable number.

Having a fireplace screen is a wonderful thing. They keep you safe and provide a great look to your home. They are made of very strong metals like steel and are typically shaped in very ornate ways. When you and your guests look at these fireplace screens you will defiantly think they look like a beautiful piece of artwork.

You can also find fireplace screens made of brass. Brass really stands out against the typical brick or stone fireplaces. The color looks great and seems to take center of attention when placed on the hearth. The designs are also pretty sophisticated and can make a stunning fireplace look even better.

If you are planning on entertaining and not using the fireplace, the screen provides a way to hide a fireplace that has not been cleaned out for a while. If you slide the screen across the fireplace no one will pay any attention to how dirty it may be.

When they look at your fireplace they will see a beautifully decorated fireplace mantle and a great asset to your home. They will have no idea that behind that screen lays a mess from a great night in front of the fire the night before.

Getting cozy in front of the fire is a great thing and an excellent benefit to owning a home that has a fire place. The fireplace screen will keep you and your loved ones safe from popping wood and flying ashes. It will also make your home look great when you have visitors over or just for your viewing pleasures. Take a look at them today and see what an impressive addition it will make to your home.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tips to Use Cheap Home Decorating

By Sara Gilmore

Don't let your lack of cash stand in the way of having a home you can be proud of. If you open up your mind you'll be able to think of new ways to add life to your room. Cheap decorating ideas allow you to get a new look without spending a lot of money.

One of the most costly items in your room is furniture. The fabric on your furniture may be outdated and stick out like a sore thumb. You can find furniture that will work with different design styles without breaking the bank. You can paint different dining room chairs all the same color and it will make a funky statement in your space. Look at consignment shops and online want ads to find a neutral sofa that can be the base of your room. You might be able to get used furniture for less than the cost of a slipcover which can seem messy.

It's possible to redecorate for free. Start out by doing heavy cleaning and taking out all dated accessories and fabric. Give new life to a light fixture with a little spray paint and then add trim to lampshades for a custom look. Then try out different furniture placements to free up space and give the room modern styling by removing a lot of the knick knacks.

Tapping into your own hobbies and learning new ones can save you a lot of money. Copy contemporary paintings by splashing paint on canvas. Use a hot glue gun to add personal touches to lighting and decorative accessories and then recover chairs with a staple gun.

Paint is a cheap decorating idea that can totally transform the look and feel of your space. Brighten up your room just by putting a fresh coat of white or cream paint on the molding and wood in the space. Then add a different color to your end tables to give them new life. If you don't have molding don't worry, just bring your ceiling color down onto the wall for a few inches for a faux touch.

Learning how to do projects yourself can save you a lot of money. It's important to do research beforehand so you take the proper safety measures and so the project doesn't end up costing you a lot more in the long run. You can save money on kitchen and bath remodels if you learn how to do basic tiling or install flooring.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Storage Solutions - Get An Organizing Consultant?

By Barbara Kate

Storage solutions have always been a problem for me. I tried to organize my closets. I tried to keep my closets tidied but I generally failed as I simply had too much stuff.

Thankfully, closet organization has become a widespread industry. There is help out there for people like me. Google closet organization or storage solutions and see for yourself. Closet organization has become a huge industry.

I also have to admit I am among the converted. I first started to notice my sister-in-law's closets. She is a wonderful yet manic type a personality that holds down a senior level financial job with 3 children and a need to run for at least one hour per day. After years of marveling at what she can accomplish, I started to notice a pattern. She is very organized. Her closets were also very organized.

I started to copy the ideas of my friends. The first closet I tackled with my front hall closet. This closet was my Achilles heel but was also the closet I used the most. I started with a shoe rack and some clear plastic bins that I placed side by side on the top shelf. With these small additions my closet seemed infinitely more organized. I organized the contents of the bins between hats and scarves, sporting gear, and slippers. What a difference.

Since that time I have gleefully headed off to Canadian Tire or Home Depot every time I decided to add another closet to my list of organized closets. I have read many articles on the subject and I have contributed to many blogs. I have written in to housekeeping magazines and I have preached to my friends. My life is simply better since it became more organized and my life became more organized once I started to organize my closets.

The most important storage solution tip is to reduce your belongings. Even the best designed closets can be over burdened. Be honest with yourself about what you really make use of. A sincere closet purge feels great. And although difficult, own the fact that the sage colored calf skin glove you lost last winter is never coming home. You do not need to hire a consultant. Just ask your most organized friends to help. Once you have conquered the basics of storage solutions the rest is a piece of cake.

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Flooring Ideas To Make Your Home Look Great

By George Finnegan

During the time they own a home, one thing people happily do is upgrading their home. There are absolutely many and various ways to upgrade your home that people do. Some people prefer to make an existing room look beautiful or even add new rooms. They like to upgrade kitchen and bathrooms, for instance. But upgrading your flooring is basically one thing that you can do that affects the entire home. This one proven thing can surely enhance your home and look perfect.

First of all, you can automatically change the entire look of your home by just changing the flooring. If your home had carpeting all over and you change it to hardwood it is a completely different look. It definitely is much better then if you just did carpet cleaning. Since you are usually used to old flooring, it is basically the reason why it changes a home so much.

Basically, another great flooring option you can surely consider is changing out the carpets of your home. For your home, nothing is as beautiful as a new and plush carpeting. But sometimes it is harder to do especially in this kind of economy.

People do not actually realize that a good carpet cleaning can sometimes do the same good affect. That is if the carpet you are cleaning is nice in the first place. If it is a nice cleaning might be all it needs. If that is the case then you might just want to go with some carpet cleaners.

Now if you are really hurting for cash and you surely can not afford any of the first two probable options, then you could just clean it yourself. Now if you choose this route it will only work if you use high quality carpet cleaning products. Only the very best that most carpet cleaning companies use will definitely do. Because if you prefer the cheaper one, you will be able to tell since it will not look as nice.

So those are some simple flooring ideas you can follow and implement if you are actually looking for ways to make your home look nicer.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Improve Your Home On A Budget - Some Key Tips

By John Sung

A change in the interior design of your residence can be refreshing; but the costs can be exorbitant enough to make you reconsider renovating the interiors. You don't have to blow your bank account to upgrade your home. After all spending a few thousand dollars will not only make you feel better it could, depending on what your do, even increase your home value or salability.

Any structural alterations to your residence will be very costly, and will take a lot of time. You should therefore avoid such changes, unless you are uncomfortable with some particular things in the house. Modifications that don't require a large investment or any outside help from a seasoned professional are the ones that are more sensible to focus on.

Your home loan financer will love you if you make functional structural improvements to your home that will raise its value. Oddly enough if you read up on what some family home refurbishment investment gurus recommend numerous of the improvements are cheap but often add thousands to the amount of rent you can charge if renting, plus can add to the capital value of your property as well. If you want to leverage on the increased value of your improvements then you will need to get your property revalued and then go see your bank with the new valuation.

The main focus must be on the walls. Merely by changing the wallpaper or colouring the walls with a striking colour you can achieve a complete transformation of your house. When selecting a new colour, you should be mindful of various factors, like what amount of sun light you allow into your home and whether you have children who would prefer brighter colours.

Next, you should focus on the drapes. As with the paint, the designs and colours are essential factors when you select new drapes. You should also keep in mind that different fabrics have different opacities, and that will reflect in the feel of the residence. For example, a delicate or transparent drape which allows sunlight might be better for the living room, as it would make the room look bright in the afternoon.

Any renovation of the interiors is incomplete without making modifications in the furniture, as it is critical to the overall appearance of the room. Fabric covering the furniture can be washed or replaced, while its wooden surfaces can be re-polished to make it appear fresh.

The last factor to be considered is artwork. New artwork such as paintings and sculptures will be a welcome addition to your rooms. The old artworks can either be got rid of through sale or at least their placement inside the house should be changed.

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How to Decorate with Modern Home Design

By Sara Gilmore

If you want your home to feel fresh and new even if it isn't then try modern room design. You can use this approach for gender balance that everyone will love. Since this is a minimalist design style it can save you money.

You'll really want to declutter your room and focus on space and light when doing modern room design. Clean out the room and take away all of the knick knacks. Get rid of any extra sofas, chairs, ottomans or end tables that you don't use. You can even orientate the room towards your windows which will act as the art and let the sunshine stream in. Modern room design focuses on bold focal points instead of a lot of little decorative accessories. Start out with a blank canvas just by clearing out your space.

You won't need to buy a lot of accessories in modern room design but you'll want to ensure that your space still has color and personality. Try turning a favorite photograph into pop art to make a big statement that is also personal to you. Other popular decor items are vases and brightly colored throw pillows. Make functional items in the room into the artwork such as changing out basic light fixtures of interesting paper shades that are inexpensive but add a sense of style to the space. You can also bring in natural materials that have an exotic or tropical flair to them like zebra wood cabinetry and grass mats on the floor.

When you are choosing furniture for modern room design focus on simple lines. You want straight lines on everything from the legs to the arms of a couch. This style is easy to slipcover so you can get a fitted fabric that will help add vibrancy to your space. Furniture should be one extreme or the other; neutral or vibrant. You can have a red couch with white walls or a red accent wall with a white couch in front of it. You can also use contrast like black and white to make a focal point in your room instead of color.

Contemporary decorating works in all different applications and spaces. Add in black stone counters and stainless steel appliances for an updated kitchen. Make a bathroom fun with a mosaic glass tile. Give life to a TV room by painting an orange focal wall and then leaving the rest of the walls neutral so the bold color doesn't overpower the room.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Creating a Decorating Color Scheme

By Sara Gilmore

If you want your guests to think that you paid for a decorator then create a decorating color scheme for cohesion. A color scheme can evoke different emotions. You can transform your room into a mismatched mess into a harmonious space.

One of the overlooked tones is the color of wood. You can use stain to make your room feel luxurious or lighter. For a cottage style white wash your furniture to keep things cheerful. Scatter the stain color throughout the room on everything from grass blinds to natural rugs. Stick with medium tone flooring if you aren't going to change it out for awhile but if contemporary style is more your speed then try an ebony wood.

You can create a contemporary decorating color scheme through the use of accent colors. This allows you to create a cheerful space even if you can't paint the walls of your apartment. Accent colors add personality to your room. Try carrying the same color throughout the room such as a teal on the decorations, lighting and curtains.

The color wheel can help you create a decorating color scheme. Complementary colors are straight across from each other and will work well together while creating vibrancy such as gold and eggplant. If you want calmer rooms then try analogous colors like eggplant and cobalt which are neighbors on the color wheel.

If you are using several different colors or just a daring paint tone then you need to bring a sense of harmony into the room. You don't want the color to feel claustrophobic. This is where neutral colors like cream, ebony and taupe come into play. If you use basic colors you can still have an interesting space that is also livable.

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Advantages And Benefits Of Using A Shower Filter

By Lynn Randolph

We take shower every day to get ourselves energized for the day but who would ever thought that water straight from our shower heads is not safe, even for bathing purposes. Individuals would only watch out for water that they use for drinking. Little did they know that water coming from the shower head is dangerous to their skin and health? You need to know the right benefits of using a shower filter in our homes.

Water is now being treated by chlorine to kill harmful causing microorganisms. It is treated to refine water intended for drinking and bathing. Yet, records show that chlorine can pose hazards to our health and can cause skin irritants and health problems. It may prompt asthma and may cause breast cancer to women.

A shower filter will help reduce skin and health problems. Shower Filters are designed to remove chlorine and other harmful microorganisms present in the water. It is strongly recommended that all households should protect his family from health problems caused by the presence of chlorine.

Shower Filters provide good protection against harsh chemicals harmful to skin and hair that come from the shower head. Benefits of using shower filter other than chlorine include taking care of dirt and odor. That is why most households have water filter attached to their faucets. The filters must be washed and cleaned as often as possible to remove and wash away the residue that will soon clog the filters. It is also advisable to replace it after every six months.

A shower filter is the most practical way to reduce harmful exposure of chlorine from water. It is as important as drinking water. When chlorine vapors are inhaled, the chlorine enters into the blood.

Taking shower in water carrying chlorine and other harmful chemicals may cause several health problems like asthma, bronchitis, and breast cancer. By using a shower filter, you help reduce harmful exposure of chlorine to our body. Studies show that 50% of exposure is caused by taking a shower in an unfiltered shower faucet. You get to inhale chlorine power and your skin absorbs the chlorine water that hits your body.

Some would take a bath using warm water mislead by the idea that warm water kills germs and microorganisms. It is a misleading concept because the heat from hot shower will release vapor of chlorine that is harmful to our lungs and our body including our skin. Fatigue is also another effect of chlorine and creates a bad risk to children. When water is filtered, you get younger and healthier looking skin and free from rashes. Your hair will also naturally moisturize and prevent from drying and split ends.

Always drink filtered water and use a shower filter in all your faucets at home. Benefits of using a shower filter are endless so love your health and pamper your skin with clean water. So, Protect your beloved family from health hazards. Refrain from exposing them to chlorine water from the municipality.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorate Your Room With Retro Style

By Jill Smith

If you were a flower child you may remember the favorite colors that all kitchens had; avocado kitchen appliances and orange carpets. If you weren't a child of the seventies then you probably tuned into popular shows such as "The Brady Bunch" or even "The Partridge Family". Looking back this was a fun time and stylish decade. If you are in the mood to create this look again you can create a 70's style retro look.

You don't need to add black lights and lava lamps to get this look of the seventies. You need to remember that this decade was all about freedom to express yourself and that is what you get to do now. Don't worry about trying to coordinate burnt orange or avocado green colors into your kitchen. You can get the seventies look by making a few changes and that's it.

Begin by looking for furniture that is reminiscent to the 70's. Look at second hand stores or specialty shops to find funky egg chairs that hang suspended from the ceiling. You could also get a great Bean Bag chair, which were hugely popular during the 70's. Don't settle for cheap knock-offs. Get a quality bean bag chair made with durable fabric in a fun color. You should also make sure it has sturdy feeling so it doesn't go flat after a lot of use.

Carpet was definitely a must when it came to fashion in the 70's. The shag carpet became the most popular carpeting to have on floors around the world. You want to search for an area rug that is made in the shag style with retro colors. You may want to stay away from jewel tones in the shag carpet. These look good now but they didn't blend in with the 70's retro look then. Look for the dark orange, light browns, or green tones as they were popular in this decade.

After you select the perfect furniture and area rugs, you should look into curtains. The 70's were a time for unconventional designs. Steer away from traditional fabric drapes and choose beaded curtains. Hang several layers of beads together until you get the desired thickness and hang them all from a curtain rod over your window. You could also hang beaded curtains in doorways or as a substitute for closet doors. Make sure you use window blinds if you choose to cover your windows with beaded curtains. This will give you some privacy without sacrificing your sparkling retro style.

Finally, add some fun 70's accessories to complete the look. Lava lamps are the perfect choice and you can find them in a variety of colors. Consider making an entire display form mini lava lamps in various colors. You could also frame remnants of 70's fabric or hang actual paintings on the walls that date back to the 70's. Hang a disco ball from the ceiling or replace regular light bulbs with black lights. Get creative and watch your retro design come alive with 70's style.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

What Makes Area Rugs Home Decorating Essentials

By Pete Wilson

Area rugs are versatile home decorations that can gracefully set the tone for a room's ambiance. They can also enhance decorative pieces or stand alone as a room's centerpiece. With the different colors, shapes, designs and patterns available, it is effortless for area rugs to complement the entire space.

Modern rugs are now available in an infinite stock range that appeals to any taste and preference an individual may have. Popular braided rugs can now be found in an extensive range of material, design and color variation previously impossible to get. The renowned multipurpose Persian rugs are now being reproduced by industrially perfected variations of design and artwork. Whether you want to choice a reproduction or a traditionally hand made Persian rug is purely a matter of choice. Modern generations have a choice range of area rugs that borders on the infinite and that caters adequately for the infinitely varied personal tastes and preferences of individuals.

Area rugs may commonly be seen in formal rooms like the living room and the dining room. However, more and more homes are embracing the benefits area rugs bring to both beauty and functionality by placing area rugs in spaces like the kitchen, patio, bathroom and deck.

Outdoor area rugs, one used for the patio, backyard and porch are usually synthetic and are sturdy enough to fight off the harsh weather conditions. Lightweight rugs are usually used as a floor covering for the kitchen and bathroom, where they can be easily soiled but are easily washable for an instant cleaning solution. In a day or two, these rugs made of cotton can be placed back in their designated areas. Wool on the other hand, a popular and soft material from sheep's hair is used for high-quality rugs decorated in areas like the living room. Not all wool-made rugs though are expensive. There are a number that are considered budget-friendly.

If you look at the rugs sold in the market, there are too many to choose from. Every taste, preference, budget, etc. can be met. Shopping is not limited too with going to a home improvement store. You can buy rugs online from numerous suppliers and home decors online stores.

You will never feel frustrated in your quest for the perfect area rug unless of course, you can't make up your mind which one to buy. Buy them all then! Otherwise, that's a problem we'll have to tackle in another article.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Different Utilities Of Decorative Shelves In Your House

By Connor Sullivan

It is popularly said that a house evolves into a home only when it is accurately planned and decorated as we had actually dreamt off. Our home sweet home is a place where we all feel at ease, distressed, and independent. Itgives us a sense of uniquenss. As mankind are making new breakthroughs in every aspect of this materialistic world, home furnishing and decoration has also evolved through time. Decorative shelving has always been one of the important aspects for the purpose. Even kids locker is incredible that has attracted the imagination of the general people. This variety of decorative shelves, which is utilized to stock the possessions of the kids. As the name says they have their own security locks , which cannot be opened by anyone and everyone.

Shelving is one basic method to design various storage places in our house. Creative imagination has also hit this aspect of home decoration. There are various types of shelves present in the market. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, material and even texture. One can store clothes, books, toys, gift items, show pieces, photo stands and mementos and many other things . Shelves are needed in every part of the home. The difference arises from the kind of utility and the place it would occupy in the house. For example there would definitely be some dissimilarity between shelves placed in the kitchen than to those kept in the bedroom. Furthermore, what is significant is the precise place it would occupy. That would exactly determine the shape and size of the shelves. There is a wide variety of shelves to select from.

Wall shelves are such kind of shelves that are fixed on the walls of the room. It can be placed in any cornerof the room. They are wall-mounted by some people so that the available space can be used to its optimum. The wall shelves are fixed on the wall using brackets and screws and the type of the material must be of high quality. Corner shelves are the ones that add to the beauty of the room by occupying the vacant spaces. One actually stores show pieces, photo stands or other decorative items out there.

Ladder shelves as the name suggest are the ones that looks tall and come with a ladder, which can be fixed or detached to help the owner access the top rows of the shelves. Hanging shelves can also be emphasized for the interior decoration of the house. They provide a special look to your room! Shelves are made to stock your stuffs in such a way that you would not have issues in finding your things at the time of need.

Shelves can be used in various purposes and they are most importantly, safe. Empty yet well crafted shelves are a treat for the eyes and give your room a complete new and attractive look. So the next time you plan to decorate your home, just think and decide about the place for installing the useful shelves. KnowVarious Types Of Attractive Shelves.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ways To Make The Living Area Look Great But On A Low Budget

By Connor Sullivan

Many families these days will have all kinds of fashionable finishes that have become so popular of late. However, there is a swing back towards the modular carpet tile which is an easy thing to lie in any room. When using a floor tile it is important to lay it properly with a good glue to fix it firmly in place.

Most people think that it is very easy to lay this style of flooring and all that they have to do is to lay them along one wall to start it off. It is not as easy as that and care should be taken to ensure that seams stay in very straight lines so that they look uniform.

The best way to start, for the people who want to do this as a challenge for themselves, is to mark off the center of the floor with chalk. Then, starting from the center out, each square is set in very straight lines that do not look crooked. Of course, it does not really matter if the squares are very plain because the seams will not be able to be seen clearly.

Sometimes people will start down one wall in the room and then work their way across. This may work out for the lucky ones, but some walls were built with minor flaws. Unfortunately, no one will notice this until most of the room has been covered. Then it is a case of picking up all the squares and relaying them over again.

To make sure that the squares stay in place, there are specific adhesives that stick down some squares along the sides of the room. The rest are held securely by these lines. Even grids can be created to ensure that no squares can move out of place and this is needed particularly where there is a lot of activity around the area or if the room is used by many people.The ease of moving these squares around enables the owner to judge where high use areas are, like doorways or where people sit, and they can be moved around regularly to even out the wear and tear. For those who have squares that are wearing down a little fast, try moving them under sofas or fixed furniture. These squares get no wear at all so they are great for replacing squares that have been accidentally damaged or those that have become too worn.

For many, incorporating a design with these squares is a very good way to make some interesting features in the home. The room for children, or the nursery, is a great place to let imaginations loose so that they will have some fun. Children will use their individual squares to represent desert islands, enclosures in a zoo or some other kind of play. Lining up dolls and trucks or animals will ensure that they make the most of this great decorating tool. Indeed, having squares leading like a path through the house will ensure that fun and games can be played, even if the weather is inclement. This a great way to keep the children occupied in a fun and creative way!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Passion, Red, and Interior Design

By David Artstone

David Artstone - Red is a powerful color. From the fury of red - orange flames to the depth of crimson blood, this color automatically stirs us to action. It excites us, invigorating our metabolism and stirring the warrior spirit deep within our subconscious mind.

Color determines the way a room will feel, and to some extent, the way you will feel in a room. It is the background of life that creates an ambiance against which your actions will occur. By paying attention to color, you can control a powerful and subtle element of any space.

In our primitive past, the color red was often seen in the red blood of the hunt, or at the explosion of a volcano, or the savage thrust of a forest fire. Because of this, our minds evolved to become excited when we see this color. We start moving, we start acting, and we start doing, in furious and passionate ways.

One of the main effects the color red has is that it tends to speed up the metabolism. This has the dual effect of making you hungry, and making your body process food faster. So you will eat more in the presence of red colors, but you will also lose more weight. The weight that you maintain will be determined by the balance that you reach.

Red also has an invigorating effect. It makes people want to take action, now. This can cause you to be impulsive, taking chances, and making decisions rapidly. This makes it easy to wake up in a red bedroom, but difficult to go to sleep in one.

Red is also a violent color. It makes people angry, and combined with its invigorating effect, this can lead to fighting. If you are already argumentative, this may be a color to avoid.

On the other hand, the flip side of hate is love, and red is a passionate romantic color. If you are having trouble heating things up, red may be just the remedy you need.

The bottom line is, that red is a powerful color. Like fire it can help a space, or it can hurt it. The best use of red is as an accent, balanced by more reserved colors. Try placing small, tasteful red objects throughout a space, to invigorate a boring room. Otherwise, use a single red centerpiece to make the focus of a space action and passion.

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Choosing the Best Type of Flooring

By Shawne J. Patrick

For many people, the arrival of winter means an opportunity to eventually settle in and do some much wanted home-improvement projects. If new flooring is on your list, you may be thinking that this type of project is best left to the executives. But that might not be true! Selecting between a DIY approach and a pro installation is going to be dependent on the flooring you choose, and your own experience in installing it. First, you'll want to decide which areas of your home you need to re-floor, and what kind of flooring will be right for those areas.

Wood floors are a preferred choice because of their durability and beauty. Available in oak, pine, cherry, and maple, to cite a couple, wooden flooring can be stained in a wide selection of colors, and sealed for protection from water and mud. Hardwood flooring are wonderfully durable, and if properly looked after, will look lovely the whole time you own your house, and beyond. High quality installation often needs the experience of a pro installer.

For those that love the look of wood flooring but don't want extra cleaning concerns, laminate is a reasonable alternative. Laminate flooring is meant to look like hardwood flooring, but is easier to clean and maintain. It's also less expensive and simpler to install, a nice feature those wishing to save cash by doing it themselves. Some laminate flooring is glued down, and some is designed with pieces that click together ; the best choice for your home will depend on your comfort level with laying flooring.

Vinyl is a third common choice for floors. It is by far the cheapest flooring option, and can be bought in sheets or individual tiles. They are generally installed with adhesive, though there are some types that are "peel and stick". This is also a good option for those needing to economize on installation by doing it themselves.

No matter what type you select, you will want to ensure you understand the way to install it before choosing a DIY approach. While you can save money this way, sometimes it's worth the money to hire a pro, in order for your flooring to look great and last. You don't want to need to hide a poorly done flooring job with area rugs for the subsequent 5 years!

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How You Can Get Your Home To Sell Quickly

By Rita Perry

The housing market has been hit hard during this recession.Homes that had a lot of value before lost much of that during the recession. Homes that used to sell quickly sometimes are on the market for months. Sometimes homes don't even sell.

And during these times it would be more harder to sell houses. The best way to sell is to make your home the best available.One way to do that is by remodeling your house. So here are some rooms to remodel that are most important.

First of all the room that really sells a house is the kitchen. I know this first hand working with a lot of clients in my San Diego kitchen remodeling service.After doing some remodeling in the kitchen it can really make it beautiful.This can spell the difference between your house and another house that is also on sale.It would be good to have all the advantages we can get especially with the kind of economy that we have right now.

The bathroom is another vital room that needs to be remodeled for it to be more likely to sell.People always look at the bathrooms when they are scouting for possible houses that they will buy. So I tell all my clients of my San Diego bathroom remodeling service to make sure they do a good job remodeling the bathroom.It has a big impact on the decision of the buyers even though it is just a small room.

But even though you already know the rooms that should look good for you to sell your house you must also know that using cheap materials in remodeling these rooms would also lower its value. Make sure you choose nice materials that make the home stand out. That is my best advice to all the people that come into my Carlsbad kitchen remodeling shop. You should look at it as an investment that will have a big return. The return it brings is a home that sells quickly.Because with the kind of housing market we have right now the longer your house stays in the market the more value it will lose.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hanging Baskets And Coconut Shells

By Keith Markensen

The fact that hanging plants look well dangling down from hanging baskets or wall brackets is obvious. Plants and containers should be harmonious with each other and with their setting. But the wide variety of hanging plants available is not so well known. From pendant begonias to fuchsias, ivy geraniums to fiery-flowered columneas, verbena to the "basket miniature" orchid cacti, you have a wide, wide choice of sizes, colors, textures, and contours. There's nothing to keep you from leaving the beaten path and growing something new and different.

You have a wide choice of baskets, too. The standard, utilitarian wire and wood variations provide an unobtrusive, natural background for flowers and foliage. Plants like them because they allow air to reach the roots, but you may not like the way they can drip water on the floor.

If you choose more decorative containers - ceramic or fine metal - make sure that, after watering, the roots aren't left in a puddle of water. Or take a potted plant out of its basket for watering, let it drain on the sink, and return it afterward.

You can also create your own unusual baskets by attaching hooks and chain or wire to all kinds of unheard-of objects like coconut shells, bowls, teakettles, strawberry jars, lanterns, gourds, fishing reels, well or butter buckets, scooped-out gnarled roots, garden hats, earthenware jugs, antique Chinese wall vases. You can also add low voltage outdoor lighting to see its beauty in the night.

Shop for curios like Mexican burro muzzles made of natural hemp. Or answer the advertisement for "adorable little wooden buckets, nine by five inches, suspended from chains." Or see how well some delicate plants will do in the plastic-lined strawberry basket with nearly automatic watering, supplied on order by one specialist. There is no end to the variety of hanging containers, ready-made and ready-to-be-made, available at your florist or house-plant supplier - or at thrift shops, country auctions, and other bargain sales.

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Decorate Your Room Based On Your Favorite Piece

By Ralph Finley

It is common for a homeowner to discover a lamp, painting, area rug, statue, or other decor related item; and to immediately want to design an entire room around it. In fact, the majority of professional interior designers base their own decor designs around one or two items. Many of them actually encourage novice interior designers to use this method for room designs. However, they do warn that the designer needs to choose an appropriate item for which a good design can grow from.

Obviously you can't design the room around a small candle. One of the items that is picked a lot is a statue but you should be careful with this type of item because they don't normally have a lot of color in them. Get something that has more colors in it and that will liven up the room even more. That's why other items like a colorful quilt will work, or a dynamic painting you may have fallen in love with.

Designers who have been around longer will usually tell you to focus on an area rug, or a painting. These are two of the easiest things to focus a room on. You can find a lot of area rugs in many colors and the same is with paintings, you can get something that is in a plethora of colors. Compare that to a blah statue that you have no color on.

One of the world's top designers confesses that they actually always pick out an area rug and introduce it to a room before committing to a complete design. They will place the area rug in an empty room and will use it as the starting point for executing their entire rooms design. This method puts an old saying to action: "start from the ground up."

However, the majority of homeowners will look at an empty room and simply note the overall carpet color and think that they have to decorate the room based on the overall carpeting. But if an area rug is introduced to the room, they will then have a wide range of colors to choose from. This is very important for houses that feature a single carpet color that covers the entire house. In situations like that there is no other choice than to add a colorful area rug to a room.

Designing a room around an item may seem like a silly concept, or may even seem to be too "simple." However, it is a method that popular designers have been using for years as a jumping off point. Following the example of professionals, novice designers now have the ability to create a memorable room with excellent and quality decor.

Also remember that when you go to choose that one item, it's an item that can have the full room focused on it. Try to pick something that isn't dull, you're not going to have many choices than.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Home Decoration: It's All About Creativity.

By Andrea Summers

Your home is an illustration of who you are. Just by looking into a room, it gives a feeling that you already know the owner of the house. The home decoration idea is simply a way to dig deep inside your own characteristic. The way you treat your house is same you treat yourself.Have your home decorated according to your own choice. Home decoration is a mirror of your personality. What you are and what you want to be is the best home decoration ideas you can also have.

Home decoration includes a range of aspects like interior decoration, wall decoration, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration and living room decoration. The decoration concept should also vary in every specific part of your house yet maintaining the same aura.

The greatest tool for home decoration is creativity. Use your creativity and intuition. Trusting your intuition and developing your creativity helps you design your house perfectly according to your own choice.

Build your house in your imagination. With such, this will give you a clear idea about what exactly you need. Recycling is one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate your house if you want it to go cheap. Look out for your old possessions and you will be amazed to know how much you have. Simply, let your inborn creative talent help you along on this exercise.

Go out to the discount stores and garage sales. Also, don't forget online auctions. You will be surprised how many decorative items are being sold and resold like new

If you think you're not creative enough to do your own home decoration, consult a friend who loves handicrafts. Surfing online will slap give you plenty of ideas for decorating the home. Acquiring home decoration materials through surfing is the internet is also recommended as it offers a numerous results of decorations from various manufacturing companies.

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Build Your Own Chandelier Table Lamp

By Henry Jeon

A chandelier table lamp adds a simple touch of luxury and one of kind styling to any room or furniture in an office or home. Chandelier lamps can be used above your dining room table, on coffee tables, end tables, mantles or just about anywhere. Chandelier lamps can be costly purchase. However, you can make your own, the way you want it, using this guide. This step by step guide will aid you in the process.

For this project, you will need scissors, hot glue, a hot glue gun, fishing line, glass beads, plastic beads, crystal beads, small shells, a fairly cheap lamp shade and a lamp are required.

1.)How to prepare the lampshade.

The frame of the lampshade will need to be removed. To do this, remove the paper portion of the shade first. Do away with the circular piece as you will not need it.

2.) Readying the lines for the beads.

Using the fishing line, thread a bead onto it and tie a double not on both ends. To secure the knot, place a small amount of hot glue, using the glue gun on it. Make sure that the fishing line is not visible by placing the remaining beads in close proximity to one another, leaving about two inches of line without beads on the end.

3.) Connect the bead lines and the frame together.

Connect the line of beads and the ring of the lampshade together. Secure it with a triple knot and add a dab of hot glue to the knot. Sever any excess line with the scissors. Move around the entire lampshade repeating these steps as needed.

4.)Embellish the ring on the external part of the frame.

Beads should be added using a hot glue gun. This step will hide most of the fishing line and metal while providing a gorgeous appearance to the frame.

5.)Join the lamp shade and lamp together.

Position the lamp shade on the lamp. Check all the lines to make sure they are even and do not touch the light bulb. To fix any uneven lines, simply trim it with your scissors and the secure the knots with the glue again to keep the bead on the line.

For decorating, make sure to use items that will not melt, are not flammable and are lightweight.

For those who wish to be a little more creative, consider adding a dimensional look by using lightweight plastic clay on the lampshade. Use small toys as well. These toys can be used in place of beads for the dangling aspect.

Take advantage of you or your childs favorite colors or characters to create a theme lamp. Gain inspiration from your favorite things like astronomy, fantasy or even Barbie. Stars or planet stickers that use a glow in the dark material are perfect for astronomy and fantasy. Flowers that are the same shade of pink as Barbie pink would be ideal. Wooden owls can be used throughout the lamp and for baubles if the theme is Harry Potter.

In some cases more is better unless one of the following applies. The project is done and looks great, if adding more items would make it too heavy for the lamp to support, some decorations are covered up by others and finally everything is completely covered except for the light bulbs.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Lighting Dimmers and Elemental Task-Lighting

By Brian Olsen

These table lamps have various sizes and shapes with designs varying depending on the styles of the lamps and lampshades. The lampshades are likewise of various shapes, colors, styles and sizes which make these objects as perfect accessories. They are elemental task-lighting fixtures which are necessities in every home.

Anyone can pick the contemporary table lamps that have dimmers installed with them so that they can adjust and control the brightness in a room that is cast down by the illuminators. These are also considered task lighting fixtures that would be chosen for most any home. These lamps have a variety of sizes, colors, and designs depending on the type of lighting and lamp shades you are looking for. The lamp shades are also of various sizes, colors, and shapes. This makes the types of lamp shades the perfect accessory.

These lamp shades never fail to coordinate every spot you set them in since they are truly beautiful lights. You can pick the lighting that can be installed as a dimmer and control for simple adjustment to the brightness of these table lamps. Please consider the following factors before choosing a table lamp for your home. Consider the size of your table, the purpose of it, and the location of the fixtures upon the tables. This type of lighting can be very easy to use and extremely convenient as it can be moved to various locations.

Make sure that your lamp does not occupy a big portion of the area where it is located to allow other functions. A tabletop must be sufficient to accommodate one or more table lamps to allow convenience for whatever is to be done on the tabletop and to avoid crowding of these light bearers. There should be an allotted space for them or for at least one illuminator.

There are web sites that can offer you valuable assistance as far as the uses of these light givers are concerned. You can choose from the catalog for the price of your chosen styles of your illuminators. You can also inquire online for more information concerning proper setting of the table lamps.

New Prints Available from Artist Chuck Rosenthal

By Penny Logan

Artist Chuck Rosenthal is recognized for his masterly use of light. His striking still lifes, seascapes and landscapes would enhance any room. Many people want such a painting, but sometimes it is difficult to meet the expense of an original.

Now Mr. Rosenthal is offering the rest of us a chance to own one of his paintings by releasing some of them as giclee prints. Such high quality prints cost substantially less than originals.

Giclee? The word comes from a French word that means spray, and you say it in a French fashion - "gee-clay." The printing process uses long lasting non-fading special inks in an ink jet printer (hence, the derivation from "spray") printed on watercolor paper or canvas. Great care is taken to ensure the colors match the original. A giclee print is the highest quality of print currently available in art reproductions.

However, since it is a reproduction, not an original, it becomes more available for the rest of us that didn't figure in several thousand dollars in our financial planning for the purchase of artwork. Hooray!

The newly available giclees by Mr. Rosenthal include quite a few of his landscapes and seascapes and people, and also one magnificent still life. The contrasts in this painting are fascinating - the dark background for the bright orange, green and yellow apples and grapes, and the smooth fruit against the rough cloth and basket. A nice addition for any wall.

There are several seascapes available, most notably a scene of bright evening sun on waders in the shallow water of the beach, with tall condos and hotels in the background. Since the artist is from Clearwater, Florida, one assumes this is Clearwater Beach, but it could be any of many Gulf beaches. The scene evokes a sort of peace and joy.

The old drawbridge and causeway between Clearwater and Clearwater Beach are the subject of another painting, although a visitor to the area may not recognize it today. The bridge is now gone, replaced by a new causeway. The sky in this painting is enchanting.

Now that Rosenthal's paintings are available in easily affordable giclees, you may want to purchase more than one for your walls. Any of them would be a fine addition to home or office.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paint Your Living Room - How To

By Keegan McGavin

Are you ready to have a living room makeover? You may have had the same living room look way too long; you may be gearing towards change, an upgraded version of your old home; or you may have a new favorite color. These are good reasons to finally get a new paint, brush and over-alls and start your painting project for a brand new living room.

The first thing to do is to cover all holes on the wall. You might have hung photos or artworks so this caused small openings in the wall. Make sure there's no space to peep in.

Prep the Room- If you have an area rug; remove it so that it does not get paint on the rug. Cover all furniture that cannot be moved and put a tarp down on wall to wall carpeting or floors. You can then begin to roll on the paint. You will want to use good paint that will cover in one or two coats. If you are going from a dark color to light, you may have to use primer.

Now comes the painting part. Don't forget a primer paint if you're going from a dark color to a lighter one. It will be easier to paint the ceiling and the walls in the same color. With this, you don't have to mix two varying shades and you don't have to cut corners on the ceiling where one color ends and the other one begins. It makes the job hassle-free.

After painting, allow ample time for the walls and ceilings to dry. Have proper ventilation so air can circulate and paint fumes won't get stuck in the room. With a new color, you can now consider adorning your walls with a decorative paint. Options are stenciling, stamping and sponge painting. You can express your creativity in doing this project. With an inspiration from a beautiful furniture or area rug, you can imitate the pattern on the wall. All you need are tracing paper and acetate, and then stencil the design on the wall.

If you really want to get ambitious, you can stencil both the wall and a new, plain area rug to tie the look of the room together after painting. You can also use the same stencil on slip coverings that can be used to match the decor of the new room. The type of paint that you use for the walls for stenciling will be latex, but you will have to use fabric paint to stencil the area rugs.

This painting project won't take you more than three days to accomplish. It's incredibly convenient, affordable and fun! Your living room won't only have a new wall color, but a decorative paint too.

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How Do I Make My Room Look Southwestern?

By Jo Perty

The Southwestern decorating style brings the old west to life. It features bold colors and Native American patterns as well as brings the desert into your space. The cornerstone of this style is to use rustic pieces along with leather and silver items. This style is based on the cowboys of the old west.

As stated above some very bold colors lend themselves to the southwest look, a nice deep burgundy or turquoise is a perfect way to bring in the southwest. Buy some of the Native American pillows that have prints on them or some great accessories for your walls. Kachina dolls to coyote are some great ways to add to the look.

The furniture in the room needs to be very heavy and masculine either made of leather or slip covered in tan. Using dark woods in this space is ideal for side tables, coffee tables and accents on chairs. It is a good idea to distress the wood furniture in the space to give it a more authentic feel. You want to achieve a rustic or cabin style for the furniture and accessories to pull off a successful theme.

The flooring in this style space is generally hardwoods with a rustic tone to them. The floors need to look as though they have stood the test of time. They should be warm and inviting. This space needs to have the feel of an old cowboy's cabin with the rough hung floors and masculine furniture.

With an area rug added to the room you will make the room even more impressive. Get an area rug that has a nice Native American design, or just has the bold colors of the southwest. You can easily find some great reproductions of fantastic looking Native American rugs in many stores and it is hard trying to choose the correct color to fit into the room and a design that is all southwest. This will also add some nice warmth into the room also and a comfortable feeling.

Accessories to the southwest style are found very easily in different places across the country. You can look up places online, or visit not only flea markets, but estate sales, and garages sales. You never know when you will be able to find some great looking southwest decor. Adding in some silver that will break up the colors you have used on your accents is another great idea. If you can find some actual Native American relics that would even add more to the room.

While there are many bright and bold colors used in this style of decorating the overall effect needs to be warm and inviting. This should be a very comfortable space with many conversation pieces. This style works best in dens, studies, or the more public rooms in a home. The overall effect should give you and your guests many conversation ideas and should promote comfort and ease. This is one of the few truly American decorating styles and the room should reflect the true spirit of the American West.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Using Modern Rugs To Help You Decorate

By Hilary Wakefield

One of the easiest ways to beautify, revitalize and upgrade your home is to decorate with area rugs. Elements of a room can be tied together; add much-needed warmth to the feel and look of floor tiles, stone or concrete; protect carpets and hardwood flooring; create a focal point and add a dramatic aspect with color and design to every room. Area rugs are completely mobile and can be moved from room to room, to a new house and can be changed with the seasons. Inevitably, area rugs provide great interest to the home decorator.

When selecting rugs, color is probably the most important element to consider and should be your top priority when making a selection. Choose subtle designs and neutral colors for rooms that are already full of bright colors. A bright rug with a dramatic design can add a splash of color to a room with soft and neutral tones. If a room has dominant or accent colors, opt for a rug that repeats this theme if you are looking to enhance a color scheme. If a color scheme has yet to be chosen, choose the rug first and decorate the room around it.

Patterns on the wallpaper, curtains, cushions and other fabrics do not want to clash with the pattern on a rug. A room will appear more spacious with light colors and dark colors will add warmth. Dark colors and detailed patterns will not show dirt as much as light colors and are especially beneficial if placed in heavy traffic areas and the home has children and/or pets.

When choosing an area rug for the bathroom, ensure the colors are compatible with the bathmat colors. If the rug is going to be underfoot when stepping out of the shower or bath, then ensure your chosen rug will not react adversely to moisture. If choosing a rug for the bathroom, kitchen, hall or child's room it is important to consider its maintenance. Select a rug that is easy to clean and stain resistant with designs and colors that do not show dirt.

Adding padding underneath will not only extend the life of a rug; it will also help the rug absorb sound, be easier to vacuum and keep it from moving. A thin under-pad coated rug is the best choice if placing a rug over wall-to-wall carpeting.

If the rug will be covering most of the flooring then you want to have the rug be showing the same amount on each side. Even if you have a closet or fireplace in the room or if the room is not the same size all the way around. If you can't make all four sides balance out you need to at least make sure that two of the sides exposed are balanced out.

You should expose at least two feet behind furniture. This will show your area for conversation. Make sure that the front legs of your furniture are on the rug.

If you have a large rug, don't worry about it being centered in the bedroom. Just make sure that the floor is showing equally on at least two or three sides. Allow eighteen to twenty four inches to extend beyond your dining room table. If you are placing your area rug under the coffee table make sure to fit the table on it with the rest of the furniture placed equally away from it.

If you want to lay everything out before you begin, masking tape is the best way to define the space and help you make sure that it is balanced before you actually lay down the area rug. You can lay out bed sheets or paper if you want to use that for furniture.

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