Monday, August 31, 2009

Tanning Lamps

By Gail Jones

There are a number of tanning bed bulbs in every tan bed on the market. When you are getting a new, or especially a used or older tanning bed, make a careful examination of the lamps. Ensure that they are real tanning lamps and meet the FDA regulations with regard to health and safety. You should also estimate how easy it is to get at the bulbs. Make sure that the bulbs are easy to change when the time comes. It is very important, and a lot cheaper, if you can perform such routine maintenance yourself, if you buy a home sun bed.

There are two completely different kinds of lamps used in low pressure and high pressure beds. Make sure you buy the right tanning bed lamps for your sun bed, because you cannot use any bulbs you like. If you are ordering replacement bulbs on the Internet, check the make and model of your existing bed carefully. Make sure that the lamps you are buying are made for your bed.

High Pressure Sunbed Bulbs: high pressure beds use quartz lamps in various sizes. The gases used in these bulbs are pressurized to slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. The lamps in these beds are located in the top of the bed, so that you tan from above only. When you have tanned the skin on one side of your body for about 10-12 minutes, you turn over and tan the other side. The flat bed of these devices is a lot more comfortable than a conventional sun bed.

The biggest advantage of these bulbs is the short time you need to spend on the bed. Since you tan faster, you need to spend less time in the salon, which means it works out cheaper. You can achieve the level of tan you want in about three weeks of three to five sessions each week. With a conventional bed, it would take you at least a month to acquire the same depth of colour. Maintaining your tan is much easier too. You only need two or three sessions a month to maintain the colour, compared with that many sessions every week on a conventional bed. Many of these bulbs produce UVA rays only, not UVB rays which are responsible for burning.

Conventional Tanning Bed Bulbs: Conventional, or low pressure sunbeds use long tube lamps that resemble regular fluorescent tubes. The lamps are located above and below the tanning bed, which means that all the body parts are browned at the together, without having to roll over during the tanning session.

Conventional beds use UVA and UVB rays in varying mixes. Some use both rays and others emit mostly UVA with some UVB rays. UVA rays are the cause of the (premature) ageing effects on the skin and UVB rays are the burning rays that cause skin burn when you are outside in the sun. It is very important to discover which type of rays your sun bed's bulbs emit. You must ensure you replace your existing bulbs with the same new lamps after about 1,000 hours of use.

Something else to think about when selecting the type of bed you use at home or in the salon, is the tanning bed lotion you will use. Different lotions suit different sorts of beds. The owner of your tanning salon can help you select a lotion that will work for the bed you are using and your skin type. Regardless of the bed you use, you ought to definitely always use a lotion or a cream, because they will moisturise your skin and help you get a Hollywood tan more quickly.

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Buy Wind Turbine Insurance Facts

By Sean Hernandez

Do not buy a wind turbine without knowing about possible insurance requirements from your local power company. Hardly anyone has ever heard about insurance being required for a wind turbine until after they spend the money building one.

In many cases, you do not need extra insurance. Where you need extra insurance coverage is if you are wiring your wind turbine or solar power system to connect to the power grid. If you are running your wind turbine to a battery bank that is never connected to the power grid, then you do not need to spend the money on extra insurance. The electric company has every right to demand that you have a million dollar insurance policy if you are connecting to the power grid.

More and more electric companies are requiring additional insurance protection: in most cases, a million dollar insurance policy if you connect your system to the power grid. Texas is one such state.

My friend who lives in Texas had this problem. He was shocked when his local power company told him he needed a million dollar insurance policy before connecting to the power grid. He called insurance company after insurance company asking about a wind turbine insurance policy and everyone told him they did not sell such a policy. He really wanted to sell power back to the power company and not just use a battery bank to power things in his own house.

Here is how we solved the problem. You need to call your local power company and tell them that you want a reverse meter so that they can measure the amount of energy you are feeding back into the power grid in order to assign you proper credit. There is specific wiring that you need to use that must be approved by your county. They require this specific wiring so that your system does not electrocute a lineman who is working on a line somewhere down from your wind or solar power generator.

Here is where you can save yourself a lot of headache. Do not call your insurance company and ask about a wind turbine or solar panel policy. There is no policy like this. What you do is get an umbrella policy on your homeowner's insurance. This type of policy covers more than what your homeowner's insurance policy does. You might have an insurance company that calls this "secondary insurance". Use the Internet to find an insurance company that will sell such a policy to you.

Just keep in mind that there are quality standards you need to follow if you connect to the power grid. You need a reverse power relay and an automatic transfer switch that will disconnect you from the power grid in case of a power outage. You also need to stay "in phase" with the power grid. When you buy a wind turbine, the manufacturer should tell you everything you need to know to do this. If you are building a wind turbine then the instruction book will tell you what you need to know.

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Home Water Purifiers And Filters Effective And Inexpensive

By Derek Reeve

There are many home water purifiers and filters being sold today. Choosing the right brand can be difficult and confusing. The prices cause even more confusion. Whats the difference between a $40 system and an $800 system? Thats the price range that you will see. Heres what you do and dont need when it comes to water purification.

There have been many claims out there that you should use Japanese rocks. However, if you have heard of these claims do not buy into them because they have not been verified.

Well water can be some of the hardest water to get the contaminants out of because there are so many. Most people will not do any research and will just get a filtering system thinking that are all the same. However, they are not because some filtering systems only get certain contaminants out, where the more expensive ones are better to treat things like well water.

You should look for home water purifiers and filters that provide selective filtration. These systems provide effective contaminant removal, without removing the naturally occurring minerals that are good for your health and digestion. A trace mineral content is also fresher tasting.

The thing that most people do not understand is that public supplies of water usually contain a lot of contaminants. The treatment facilities in your town will filter out most of them but not all of them. Not to long ago there was an article posted in the USA today about the tap water taken from homes around the US contained high levels of weed killer and bug spray.

Most people do not understand when they hear all these names of different things that are in their water exactly what they are, or what they are used for. You see as said above that weed killer and bug spray have been known to be found in the water in homes around the US, will contain alchalor, lindane, and atrazine. You probably have never heard of them; however these are the chemicals that are most commonly found and used by farmers and lawn-care experts.

You see you can't see them, so most homes do not think that they are there. However, when consumed you obviously know now that they are very harmful to your health, and the health of your family. The reason why most people do not know what is in their water is because local facility plants do not have to publish there water testing reports, so no one really knows whats being sent to your home.

One type of contamination is caused by public treatment methods. Chemicals used for disinfecting (as well as other disinfection methods) cause the formation of a cancer causing compounds known as THMs (trihalomethanes).

The big difference in the more expensive brands of home water purifiers is what all the water filtering systems gets rid of. Most of your more expensive brands of water filters remove these THM's, where the less expensive brands only reduce the chlorine.

As you can see making sure that you safeguard your water supply is very important and you need to do everything you can these days to protect your health. The best thing for you to do is to make sure that you do your research, find out whats in your water, and get the best filtering system you can for your home.

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Faux Wood Laminates Look Great

By Norbert Wolfenk

Today with "everything on the table" when it comes to flooring, never before have there been fine flooring choices at such affordable prices. Vinyl, that costs so little, was the winner in days gone by. It wore well and was everywhere. An in expensive alternative then was ceramic which became king. It looked great and lasted forever.

Hardwoods, while still pricey, look beautiful and provide great wear. Hardwood is cost-effective and is a fine flooring product that is within most budgets today. Whether your hardwood choice is an excellent Brazilian Walnut, or an exceptional Australian Cypress, with proper care, this kind of flooring will last 50 years or more.

Nonetheless, if hardwoods are still a bit of a financial stretch or the care required is a little more than desired then try looking at discount laminated flooring (Faux wood). They're another excellent option.

Faux wood (laminates) look great. This kind of flooring is usually strong four-layer construction that yields a highly durable product. The costs per-square-foot is much less, than you might expect than hardwoods and laminated flooring are ultra-easy to install.

Ceramic and Porcelain flooring are still eternal favorites. There seems to be a race for favor between both types, ceramic and porcelain, simply because of both products with their strength and durability. Either provides a rich, bright appearance and can last for many decades with appropriate care.

Formerly, concrete was DIY flooring in the basement or garage. Today concrete will be found in the bathroom, kitchen, or almost anywhere. Consumers are opting for surface effects that create colorful flooring, even emulating the appearance of marble or tile. It's low cost and looks great.

Sub-flooring is getting more attention these days. These spaces are as likely to be concrete as the traditional plywood. In any case because they age will require repair. However, you be glad to know that sub floor planking is being better treated to reduce the odds of insect invasion and water damage.

Carpet is still very much the number one choice for flooring. There are numerous basic types. There is everything from a simple throw or area rug, to full-room coverage that could be relatively inexpensive, long lasting, and beautiful.

That space under foot getting greater notice today. You might consider installing heating whether electric mesh, or radiant tubing, these systems have come down in price. They keep the floor warm and production methods have improved their efficiency. Other heating methods will not be needed, even in other rooms. The under floor options are less expensive to operate than they might appear.

If you plan to install tile, what is beneath will be noticed. Laying tile requires first-rate preparation, so be certain the sub-flooring is strong and super-flat. That is necessary or the tile will not set properly. Then there is the requirement after you install it, and that is to look after your floor.

You know it! And there's no getting around it! Every kind of flooring requires some care. Carpets require cleaning, especially when something spills. Ceramic and laminates require mopping. Hardwood flooring requires good care, so that they don't dull or scratched due to grit being dragged across the surface. Minor tile cracks, carpet burn, and laminate scratches; all require restorative efforts that are more extensive.

At the end of the day or the decade however, you can look back and even though it's underfoot, flooring can make or break the appearance and usability of a room. Selecting well and keeping it in good shape will reward the cost and effort many times over.

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Wall Mounting Systems For Your Wide Screen TV

By Sandy Major

Your LCD TV is wonderful investment for your home entertainment, but by adding a wall mount will not only improve the view quality of your High Definition TV, it will provide more room in your view area and increase the overall value of your initial investment.

Many larger sized Flat Panel TV's often give the place they are in a cluttered or uncomfortable feeling due to their wide viewing dimension, and even when placed on a higher table they still limit that full theater like feel.

The addition of a wall mount system will give your LCD TV a natural theater experience that balances well with surround sound systems. Depending on the model of your LCD TV there are also many wall mounting brackets that will allow the integration of speakers to further enhance your home theater experience.

Because so many wall mount TV owners start off buying either an entry level Plasma or a lower quality TV, they often find that that they simply do not enjoy watching their TV as much because it is either on a table or stand that keeps the viewing angle of the Plasma TV at a lower uncomfortable level.

If you are a serious audiophile or just love watching movies on your High Definition TV, mounting your LCD TV with a on the wall mounting system will provide you and your family and friends with a true theater style viewing experience that will complement your audio system and give a more natural viewing position that makes watching movies, sports, or just about anything more fun and exciting.

Choosing the right wall mount for your High Definition TV depends on the make and model of the Plasma TV you own, and there are many different types of wall mounts available; from corner type mounts, swivel or movable type to standard mounts.

There are also many wireless and hidden wire connection systems that will remove those dangling wires that power your Plasma TV, connect to your DVD and sound amplification systems making the wall your Plasma TV is mounted on look natural and uncluttered.

Adding a wall mounting system to your home theater system is wise investment that will add value, better viewing and sound quality to your LCD TV. They are inexpensive, easy to install and very affordable.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden Mulch

By Keith Markensen

Once your plants are an inch or two high you will have another decision to make. Even the best garden soil tends to form a crust after a hard rain has beaten the air out of it and a hot sun has baked it. That crust makes it hard for the soil to drink up the next rainfall, and often forces much of that rain to run off uselessly to lower ground. To prevent this, gardeners cultivate the soil with a hoe. A "dust mulch" results, which diminishes loss of water by evaporation. There is, of course, a second important reason for cultivating the soil: to eliminate weeds.

There is a magnificent substitute for cultivating a garden. This substitute is mulching, spreading some sort of cover over the soil between the rows. The ideal material ought to be cheap and composed of a vegetable matter so that it will eventually be incorporated into the soil itself. Fortunately, there are many such products. Peanut hulls, buckwheat hulls, peat, straw are all sold for this purpose. Fallen leaves are good. Spoiled hay is excellent, although there is a risk of its containing mature weed seeds. Grass clippings are excellent, provided they contain no seed.

If rainfall is generous, you need not bother about your vegetables getting enough to drink. But if the ground begins to get dry it is time to use your hose. Better than any spray is a "soil soaker" hose to attach to your regular garden hose. You want to get your soil moist nine or ten inches deep. Then do no more watering for at least a week.

When it comes time to harvest your vegetables remember most vegetables contain more flavor and more complete nourishment when young than when fully mature. You and the cook are now in collaboration. Confer together. She has a natural interest in composing a table symphony, and this may lead her to want a combination of vegetables that your garden does not at that moment afford.

If you are, or become, an enthusiastic gardener, your vegetable garden will be a place you will often steal time to visit. Whether it is on a wide lot or just a small yard garden it ought to be a beautiful place. Well-planned landscaping ideas produce a beautiful outcome;likewise, in general, a well-planned garden, healthy and productive, develops a distinctive beauty that reflects its function.

We moderns are inclined to make a sharp distinction between the things we have for beauty, such as flower gardens, and the things we have for utility, such as vegetable gardens. All this suggests that you may wish to grow a few rows of cutting flowers among your vegetables. They not only add beauty but can follow your vegetables to the table, to delight your eye while the vegetables delight your palate.

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Home Tooth Whitening

By Justin Kennedy

Having bad teeth isn't something many people enjoy. When your teeth are yellow they seem to take away the beauty of your face and you will probably notice that people will stare at your teeth when they talk to you instead of looking into your eyes. Yellow teeth don't do anyone any good, so what can you do about it? You brush your teeth everyday and that's about it, but what you don't know is that you can do teeth whitening at home if you want to.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to spend a vast amount of money by going to see a dentist in order to have laser tooth whitening done, because you can get everything you need directly from a pharmacy. In fact, there are numerous products available to choose from, although they do differ in terms of price and effectiveness.

As you can well imagine, tooth whitening is far more affordable when done at home. Additionally, you can do it at your own pace without having to be concerned that others are watching. In addition to the regular whitening gel used by dentists, one can also get a product known as "White Light" which is specifically designed for those who want to bleach they teeth at home.

This product works wonderfully as the light together with the gel is able to rapidly remove certain surface stains as well as being able to go deep into work on removing the stains that are already embedded. It is perfect for any type of stains, some of which include those caused by aging, caffeine, smoking, red wine, and more.

The White Light can be used any time and any where. As long as you feel like you need to whiten your teeth, you can go ahead. This product makes use of the same ingredient that dentists use so that there is no harm done to your teeth during the whitening process.

Most people would agree that the reason why White Light is so good is because you stand to benefit from it in the same way you would benefit from laser treatment, but without you having to even leave your home.

It will also work out cheaper for you because then you will have the White Light forever so you could use it whenever you feel the need, where as if you went to the dentist to get your teeth whitened you will have to go back to them and pay again.

Whitening your teeth at home is without a doubt better than having them done elsewhere, not to mention the fact that you can use White Light on other members of the household as well. Lastly but not least, it's crucial for you to follow the instructions provided so if they tell you to do your teeth daily for the next 30 days, then you should do exactly that, without missing out a few days in between. Remember, the instructions have been included for a reason so that you can enjoy the best possible results.

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Tanning Lamps

By Gail Jones

There are a number of sun bed lamps in every sun bed on the market. When you are getting a new, or especially a used or older suntan bed, make a good examination of the bulbs. Make sure that they are proper tanning bulbs and comply with the FDA regulations with regard to health and safety. You should also consider how difficult it is to get at the lamps. Make sure that the bulbs are not difficult to change when the time comes. It is very important, and a lot cheaper, if you can carry out such routine maintenance yourself, if you have a home sun bed.

There are two completely different sorts of lamps used in conventional and high pressure beds. Make sure you get the right sun bed lamps for your sun bed, because you cannot use any bulbs you like. If you are buying replacement bulbs on the Internet, check the make and model of your existing bed carefully. Make sure that the bulbs you are buying are made for your bed.

High Pressure Sunbed Bulbs: high pressure beds use quartz lamps in a variety of sizes. The gases used in these bulbs are pressurized to slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. The bulbs in these beds are located in the hood of the bed, so that you tan from above only. When you have tanned the skin on one side of your body for about 10-12 minutes, you turn over and tan the other side. The flat bed of these devices is a lot more comfortable than a conventional sun bed.

One of the biggest benefit of these HP lamps is the amount of time you need to spend on the tanning bed. Because you tan faster, you need to spend less time in the tanning salon, which means it works out cheaper. You can achieve the level of tan you want in about three weeks of three to five sessions a week. However, with a conventional bed, it would take you at least a month to acquire the same depth of colour. Maintaining your tan is a lot easier too. You only need two or three sessions each month to maintain the colour, as opposed to four times that many visits to a low pressure salon bed. Many of these bulbs use UVA rays only, not UVB rays which are responsible for sunburn.

Conventional Sun Bed Lamps: Conventional, or low pressure beds use long tube lamps that look like household fluorescent tubes. The lamps are located in the top and the bottom of the sun bed, which means that all the body areas are browned at the same time, without needing to roll over during the tanning session.

Conventional beds use UVA and UVB rays in varying mixes. Some use both rays and others emit mostly UVA with some UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for the (premature) ageing effects on the skin and UVB rays are the burning rays that produce sun burn when you are outside in the sun. It is very important to determine which sort of rays your sun bed's bulbs emit. You must ensure you replace your existing bulbs with bulbs of the same specifications after about 1,000 hours of use.

Another consideration when selecting the type of bed you use at home or in the salon, is the tanning bed lotion you will use. Different lotions suit different sorts of beds. The staff at your tanning salon will be able to help you choose a lotion that will work for the bed you are using and your skin type. Regardless of the bed you use, you should certainly always use a lotion or a cream, because they will moisturise your skin and help you tan faster.

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House Plant Migration For September

By Thomas Fryd

The month of September we begin to bring plants back indoors. There may be a long and sultry Indian summer later, but nature generally reminds us to get busy by providing a cold snap in the early days of the month after which she may relent and give us a reprieve of warm weather for a few more weeks. There is really no excuse for unreadiness when winter arrives.

House plants must be taken indoors before greenhouse plants, contrary to a popular notion. The danger is that long before frost damage even threatens, the cool moist weather will cause the plants to grow rapidly and produce soft succulent growth. Brought indoors, with dry heat instead of cold night dews, they soon collapse. They should be brought indoors before windows are closed, if not promptly on Labor Day, not too long thereafter. Thus the hazardous transition is minimized. This is an important secret of old-fashioned green thumb technique.

The usual grooming can be given plants at this time. Surface soil is removed from about the top of the plant without disturbing the roots and replaced with good potting soil. In general repotting or any root disturbance at this time should be avoided since this is an added shock. Spraying and removal of poor or unshapely growth complete the preparation.

Last year's dish gardens may be improved by adding small plants and re-moving those that have grown out of proportion to the container. New pebbles or freshly crushed brick may pep up the appearance of paths. Water once with a soluble fertilizer and select a location receiving the maximum sun indoors. (A sunny location is also needed by most flowering plants and bulbs including geraniums and potted annuals.)

Many garden perennials and choice wild-flower clumps potted now and well cared for in a coldframe may be forced indoors early next year - the familiar flower-show technique.

Foliage plants may show sunburn after a summer outdoors (light yellowing or faded colors) - but new foliage grown in cooler weather should be large and well colored but expect some leaf drop as the acclimation process gets underway.

Cuttings of geraniums and other sun-loving succulents have already been taken by diligent gardeners, but it is not too late to do so. (Yes, garden pelargonium is a "succulent subshrub.")

Potting of freesia, nerine, Lycoris radiata and L. aurea, ornithogalum, lachenalia, veltheimia and chinese hibiscus for early bloom may still be done. These should be placed in a dry sunny coldframe together with last year's pottings. The South African bulbs, ripened and dormant after the summer sunshine and drought, will feel the cooling days and cooler nights by making roots and starting top growth. With a little fresh soil and fertilizer chinese hibiscus will quickly respond to watering and begin to grow.

Show chrysanthemums are head high in the greenhouses of some fanciers. Some are in bud, this depending largely on the balance of light and darkness as well as on the variety grown. Potted chrysanthemums which have spent the summer outdoors may be brought in now for later bloom.

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Benefits Of A Tenancy Agreement

By James Harrison

Once the owner and the tenant come to a mutual decision, they have to sign an important piece of agreement, which is known as the Tenancy Contract. The Tenancy Contract is the pact signed by both parties, one being the tenant and the other being the owner of the property. This document allows the tenant to stay at the property of the owner and gives the owner the right to receive the payment for letting the tenant to reside at his property.

The contract is signed as a legal formality and is a proof of the tenancy, in order to avoid any disputes between the parties after the property has been occupied. The tenancy agreement can be both oral and written. However, it is advised to have it written, since the oral agreement results in many arguments and clashes, as it cannot be verified. As a written document, the contract is more authentic as a proof of the consent. In case of problems, you can easily approach to the authorities with the agreement.

The contract for the tenancy should follow certain guidelines. It should be designed as per the rules imposed in a country. It will not be any good if it does not focus on all the legal formalities. Both parties are eligible for certain benefits, if they design the agreement as per the law of the country and are accountable as well in case of violation.

Each point of the tenancy contract should be clearly mentioned separately in points to avoid any misunderstanding in the future, which in the end will be signed by both parties, proving their consent. A third person, who acts as a guarantor should be present at the time of the agreement, since he will be responsible for making sure that every month's rent is being paid as per the defined time line and due dates. The starting and ending date of the tenancy should be clearly mentioned in the contract as well.

The amount of rent that is to be paid by the tenants each month should be stated in numbers as well as in words for the purpose of clarity. The date on which the tenant will have to pay the rent each month should also be included in the treaty. Besides, there should be an affirmation of the deposit held by the landlord. It also should be written in both words and numbers.

A Tenancy Agreement must comprise of the method of rental payment by the tenant i.e. whether the tenant is supposed to pay rent directly to the landlord, through his agent, by postal order, or should it be in cash form or cheque. All these details should be mentioned clearly and vividly in the written record.

Other important details and points, such as the tenant being responsible for paying all utility bills on time, paying for the reconnection of any certain facility, if it is disconnected etc. are must to be mentioned in the agreement. The agreement will also contain the point stating the tenant's duty to maintain the house in a good condition and not using it for any illegal purposes. Another point will be stated about the owner of the property to be responsible for paying all the refurbishment and repairing charges, the property's insurance and the taxes.

The tenancy contract proves to be a record of all mutual agreements decided by both parties, and hence, they are bound to abide by it in order to avoid any disputes.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things You Can Do With Your Garage

By Sonny Jackson

If you have a large garage, chances are that you are missing an opportunity to use the space effectively. Especially if you have a two or three car garage and dont have it filled up with cars, you might have enough space to almost make another room in your house. In this day and age where everyone wants to move to bigger houses, you might be missing an opportunity to add space that is right under your nose.

Most people end up using any extra garage space for storage but with a little thought you can come up with many ideas. For instance, if you want to take the effort you can create a nice area for a small gym or even an office. Heavy workout machines are easily rolled into the garage and it is a great place for a workout, especially in the winter where it will be cool in the garage.

The men of the house are usually the ones that show the most interest in the garage, as that is where they like to keep their tools and yard maintenance equipment. Wives often dont care what the man does with the garage and this leaves an opening to make it into whatever he wants.

Some cool garage ideas are what you need if you are going to turn your garage into the envy of your neighborhood. If you only have one car but you have a two or three car garage, you have a great opportunity to construct a place for guys to hang out that is very cool. Extra space in your garage can be made into most anything you want it to be including a game room where you can get away from the rest of the house and play cards with your buddies. Many guys are installing big flat screens in their garages so they can have a neat place to watch all their sporting events.

If you want to complete the job and truly take your garage to the next level, you will want to cover it with mats or a floor sealant. If you were to cover it wall to wall with a rubber surface, it will feel much better to walk on as opposed to the cold cement. Choosing to seal your garage floor will not only make it look better but it will also help protect it from all the dirt and moisture your car brings in every night. Properly finishing your garage floor will show that you take pride in your garage and it will make it look more like an extension of the house.

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Transplanting And Other Northern Garden Task

By Keith Markensen

In addition to the usual garden keeping chores... hoeing, watering, spraying and dusting"there are several transplanting jobs that can be done advantageously during August.

The lily is one perennial that can be transplanted now after its foliage has died. If you are planning to buy some lilies, get after your supplier right now so that you will have the bulbs in plenty of time for planting.

Madonna lilies should have ample time to make new roots and the, characteristic basal rosette of foliage before their growth is stopped by cold weather. Lilies prefer not to be disturbed, but if you have a clump which is so crowded that its size and blooming quality are on the downgrade, now is the time to amend matters. When digging lily bulbs, get as many roots as possible; separate the bulbs and plant them immediately, taking care to set them so that the tops of the bulbs are no more than 2 inches below the surface.

Transplanting the Oriental poppy, Virginia cowslip and iris When trans-planting Oriental poppies, dig down deeply (about 18 inches) to get as many of the roots as possible. Those left behind may start to grow and cause embarrassment.

The Virginia cowslip, which resents transplanting during the normal planting seasons, spring and fall, can be moved during August. Continue planting the bearded iris. If you can get bulbs of crown imperial (fritillaria) now, plant them immediately. They suffer when they are kept too long out of the ground.

Late-season chores in the eating garden Rooted strawberry runners that were started in pots should be planted as soon as they become available. They will bear next year.

Over most of our area it is not too late to produce a crop of snap beans before frost; choose a quick maturing variety. Devotees of "rabbit food" can sow seeds of lettuce and later can eat the seedlings that are thinned out. Lettuce will endure light frosts and, if sown in a coldframe, can be expected to continue to produce greens well into the month of November.

Moving evergreens Toward the end of the month foliage of evergreens will have hardened sufficiently to permit transplanting. The advantage of early planting is that root growth starts right away because the soil is warm; then the evergreen will be able to withstand the rigors of winter.

Taking cuttings of tender bedding plants and cleaning house plants Cuttings of tender bedding plants including blood-leaf (iresine) and alternanthera, and house plants such as pelargonium (house geranium) and patience plant or sultana (impatiens) can be inserted now in a mixture of equal parts by bulk of sand, peatmoss and garden soil. These will grow along and make better and clean house plants for storing indoors than the old plants which must be cut back and which then will take an unusually long time to recover.

Sowing pansies Pansies can be started now, and, if growing conditions are favorable and the plants can be transplanted to a coldframe before frost, you may have some flowers to grace the Thanksgiving table.

Two last-minute chores "Have you ordered your bulbs yet? If not, you had better get busy! Toward the end of the month, if the weather is suitable, prepare the ground for the starting of a new lawn.

The timing of these jobs is dependent largely on the weather, unless an ample supply of water is on tap to be applied where it will do the most good.

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Get The Yard You've Always Wanted

By Conner R Sullivan

There are certainly quite a few different things that you need to consider when you are planning on getting someone who specializes and is Boston landscape design to improve and make your Boston landscape respectable . Your garden is a very important part of your overall house environment and you need to take care of it just like you would a part of your dwelling.

Designing and putting together your lawn so that is looks absolutely ideal is an important part of designing and decorating your environment in order to make it an outstanding place to live, work, play and entertain in. This is obviously a very important step when you are looking to create a respectable living environment for you and your family to enjoy as well as for the quite a few guests, friends, relatives and co-workers you will surely host at your dwelling. You will certainly want an lawn that you are proud to own and live in as well as a one that looks good throughout the year, not just in the spring when all your respectable flowers are blooming.

In order to accomplish these quite a few goals you will surely need to seek the help and guidance of a professional who knows what he or she is doing and is qualified to make your garden look outstanding and help create a lawn that you are proud to call your own and have your quite a few friends neighbors and coworkers see. You will want to hire a professional that is experienced and trained and knows how to choose quite a few different plants that will grow well in your garden as well as make it look ideal.

The Internet is a good place to start when you are looking for an professional to help you create a living environment that you will be happy and proud to spend time in with your several family and friends. You will be able to find quite a few different professionals in your local area who specialize in making good lawns like yours look beautiful so that they will certainly be the pride of the block. You will want to hire a professional that is experienced and knows what he or she is doing with your lawn and making it an outstanding outdoor living environment.

It is a good idea to ask quite a few of your potential lawn professionals for quite a few photos or examples of the work on someone elses garden that he or she has worked on in the past. This way, you will surely be able to get a respectable idea of what kind of work this professional specializes in and you can more easily narrow down your search from quite a few professionals to a couple professionals. It is important that you follow up with these outstanding professionals when you are looking to get work done to your lawn.

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A Great Garage Needs A Finished Floor

By Shawn Johnson

Men like their garages and often times their wives let them have free run of them. While the wife gets many of the rooms inside the house, the garage is the mans place with which to do anything they like.

If you have extra space in the garage, you might want to turn it into a game room or a place where you can hang out with friends and have fun. This might include installing a flat screen television on the wall, a pool table, a pinball machine, or other such fun things. Brainstorming to figure out how you would really like to use the extra space in your garage is always a good idea.

In order to make the garage real cool, you will need to do something with the floor. If you can personalize the garage floor you will be well on the way to making it a fun place to spend some time. Some guys cover the floor with their favorite sports teams logo and make their garage a place dedicated to sports. You can put all sorts of mats and covers on the floor that makes them a lot more livable than the cold cement that is probably there now.

Other people are more interested in protecting or sealing their garage floors. They are trying to protect it from all the dirt, snow, and water that will find its way into the garage. They also may want to protect it from oil and other substances that might come from their cars.

When you choose to finish your garage floor, you will be making a big difference in the quality of your garage. When you compare a garage with a nice finished floor to one that has not, you will see how much of an improvement it is. Just putting mats in the garage can go a long way in making it look better and protecting it from all the harsh elements as well. A nice finished garage floor will help to complete your garage and help with building your man cave too.

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As A Landlord, Should You Opt For A Fully Managed Service?

By James Harrison

Do you have any property that you want to rent out? Are you going to do it yourself? Take my advice and hire the services of a fully managed service for letting out the property. This is an excellent suggestion as you will get the entire technical work done by the professionals and you will not have to worry about it.

New landlords must hire the fully managed services. These services are extremely paying back for the landlords. These fully managed services offer many services but depends upon you what you require from them.

If you are a landlord and you have other business matters as well, then a fully managed service will facilitate you to handle the matter without giving you any trouble. They visit your property, see the property with their own expert perspective, and advise you for the betterment of your property and the effective ways of advertisement to find a tenant.

You should know that advertising of the property is only one of the jobs they do for you; they will also scrutinise the possible tenants who are going to occupy your property with their expert perspective. They will advise to you to let your property to a tenant whom they think suitable. Nevertheless, the final word is yours they are just the intermediary link in the whole process.

Other tasks of the service providers are to look after your property after it has been let out. They check the conditions of your assets and they will push for the required maintenance of the property. They will do all the work and you do not have to involve yourself physically.

These service providers confirm rent collection from the tenants and you do not have to be troubled about it at all. They prepare all the legal documents like the lease agreement and totally fulfil the lawful requirements to protect your benefits.

Fully managed services are very much the first point of contact for the tenants as well as the landlords, and services are offered on a twenty-four hour basis in case of emergencies. Before the property is let out, a fully managed service performs a check about the electricity and gas facilities and the condition of other facilities.

Other than the initial property inspection, a fully managed service also performs regular inspections to look for any maintenance requirements related to the property. When a landlord gets a fully managed service, there is no need to be concerned about any matter related to the tenants. A complete managed facility also keeps the inventory of the property for the landlord and performs monthly accounting for the ease of the landlord. All these features of a fully managed service are great for people who are not able to perform any of the mentioned tasks because of their other engagements. Hence, a fully managed service is the right answer to the problems of landlords.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wrought Iron Mirrors: Learn More About Them

By Sam Williams

Wrought iron comes in a variety of different types, and iron has been used throughout history. Both types have been some indispensable in our quest from building to decorating things in our lives. It has been used in decorating spaces, as frames for pictures and mirrors and as standalone pieces that are both functional and stylish. Wrought iron has played many differing roles in home decor.

Wrought iron is a pure form of iron having coming with only a small carbon addition and a lot of slag. In its raw form of cast iron which is also called pig iron, it is then sent through four processes that are industrial and lengthy: refining, shingling and finally rolling in order to create what we use in so many of our home decorating designs - wrought iron.

The major properties of wrought iron makes it tough, ductile and easily weld able so that it can be made into ornate and intricately wonderful home decor products. These properties allow craftsman to work with it to make remarkable designs and patterns that make creations that fit right into areas in the home.

As a home decor product, wrought iron has taken people by storm through a wide variety of fences, gates, furniture, chandeliers, railings wall decor, patio furniture, candle holders, mirrors and picture frames, patio planters, dining table racks - the list goes on and one.

Pricing for a wrought iron mirror and other products is wide ranging with materials suitable to anyone's pocketbook. The price governs three things when it comes to wrought iron - complexity of design, welding types and quality of the wrought iron material. The decline of the quality in the material and workmanship is directly related to the amount of slag fibers present in the metal which is based on pricing of products.

Many people looking to buy will look for genuine wrought iron mirror and other products will search for a reliable place where they can purchase authentic pieces. One thing to avoid is that there are now a number of cheap imitations being marketed as authentic wrought iron at low prices. Pricing should indicate if you have something authentic or a cheap imitation, so you have to be aware when purchasing.

The wrought iron mirror and other iron products have had a real influence on our home decor tastes and preferences. The properties of the material continue to keep these items at the top of the list of what people are looking for when thinking about redecorating an area.

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Self Storage Warehousing - Suggestions To Make Your Life Simpler

By Winnie Taylor

With self storage warehousing catering to the storage requirements of businesses and homes both, storage of goods for periods ranging from a few days to years is no longer a difficult task.

Cost effectiveness, flexibility, high safety levels and a number of other facilities - all aligned towards customer satisfaction, give it an advantage over other forms of commercial warehousing services. But before making use of the services of a self-storage facility, some essential factors should be taken into consideration so that you have a trouble-free experience with the service.

Above all, it is necessary to ascertain the total amount of space needed and conducting a relative analysis of the prices charged by the different self storage companies. Ancillary services like climate-control facilities to regulate the heat and humidity level inside the unit for storage of electronic goods, fragile paintings etc can sometimes be crucial for your valuable items.

high-tech security systems and fire alarms must also be present to prevent any theft or damage to your valuables. Choose to ignore these safety issues only at your own peril, because if you end up using the services of a suspicious company, it could place your items in danger through careless warehousing.

As far as your role in the whole process is concerned, here are some suggestions that you can benefit from. Methodical packing with a ready list of things is a good beginning to a successful self-storage exercise. Items made of glass, metal or porcelain must be handled and packed carefully, and the same care must be exercised for electronic goods. A self-storage unit is no place for keeping perishable or hazardous items so never place them with your other stuff. Most importantly, do not forget to get yourself an insurance cover for the items stored in the self-storage facility.

Thus, getting in touch with the right self-storage company and personally verifying its credentials, besides supervising the whole storage process right from packing to retrieval, will make sure that your valuables are locked away safely for as long as you want.

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Packing a Television for the Big Move

By Steve Clauson

Since televisions are usually one of our more delicate and breakable items, it is important to properly package them during a move. By doing so you will be able to keep your television safe from scrapes and dents and also help make certain that it comes back to your home again in one piece.

The best way to pack your television is to use its original box. It was meant to fit that specific television, and usually comes with foam blocks or other support to keep it secure.

If you no longer have the original box your television came in you can still find boxes to fit your television. The best places to look are normally at your local moving dealerships, such as Uhaul. They also have a lot of good packing supplies, such as bubble wrap or moving pads, to help keep your television secure.

There are different packing supplies that can be used around your television before you place it inside its box. Look around for what works best for you, whether that be bubble wrap, moving pads, or even towels. You can secure them with painters tape if you don't want to worry about damaging the outside of your television set.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, a box can't be found that fits your television. If this is the case make certain to use a lot of packing material. Bubble wrap is one of the best packing material out there because it absorbs a lot of shock and is easy to place. Putting card board over the screen of your television is another good idea to protect the screen from harm.

When moving your television be certain to have another person there to help you move it. Televisions can be a lot heavier than we expect and having an extra person there to help put it in its box or move it to your vehicle will help make sure it doesn't get dropped.

Never put a television on its side during the move. Placing it in as close to an upright position as possible is best when moving sincetelevisions were meant to be upright and can handle traveling a lot better that way.

Remembering to pack your television properly will keep it safe during your move. And before you know it, you will have it back on its entertainment center, ready for use - without a scratch or dent to be seen.

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Create Your Own Energy By Going Green

By Michael Fleischner

Is the idea of becoming your own creator of green energy something that excites you? Well your not the only one. More and more individuals are turning to their own energy production in order to lower expenses and be kind to the environment. The good news is that doing so is easier than its ever been thanks to the help of simple to follow instructional guides and resources.

If you want to have less of an impact on the environment, then building your own source of energy is ideal. Many people want to take better care of the environment but are afraid to start. But that's not always true. More individual home owners are venturing out on their own to create independent energy sources that can break their dependence on paying more and more to large power companies.

One of the most common forms of alternative energy is wind energy. Harvesting the power of the wind and converting it to power is more common than ever. This is due to the ease at which wind turbines can be created and deployed for generating electricity on a daily basis. Much of this power can be stored and utilized when necessary. There are a number of resources available today for creating wind turbines for personal use at very low cost.

Solar panels are also a common source of green energy. Solar panels take the energy of the sun and converts that energy into electricity. Even though solar panels have been around for many years, they have improved their power and efficiency most significantly in the past 2 - 3 years. Building your own solar panels is also very easy if you have good documentation and access to the right parts for assembly. When used in conjunction with other energy sources, solar panels are a great way to achieve energy independence.

Many energy seekers believe that creating their own solar power is difficult and expense but nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, creating your own solar power is actually one of the easiest ways to become energy independent and doesn't require a PhD or sophisticated knowledge of how to produce energy resources. In fact, you can often build solar panels for less than a couple of hundred dollars and simply by following well established directions. This is especially true today as more products are available for those who want to build solar panels on their own.

If you've ever considered developing your own energy or doing your part to save the environment, then energy creation is your ticket to freedom. Don't be overly concerned or worried about getting started. There are plenty of resources available to help you acquire the proper materials and start building your power generators. The most important thing to do is to get started today. Energy independence won't be given to you. Find a place to start. This could be as easy as building your own solar panels or wind turbines. The energy you create will be green, saving you money and the environment.

Generating green energy is withing your grasp. Start with a popular green energy producing kit or product. Once you do your research and find resources that can help you achieve your energy goals, get started. There are many products out there that do offer guidance and support so find the one that meets your experience level. Also, be sure that what ever product you choose, you're provided with a guarantee. By finding and investing in the right resources, you can quickly get up and running resulting in limitless energy.

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What Does 2010 Hold For North Las Vegas Real Estate?

By Wilbur Q Zonjas

If you're thinking about investing within the real estate market in the Las Vegas area, then now is an opportunist time to do it. With the the economic crisis looming and market values for most big ticket items hitting rock bottom, house prices and interest rates are at an all time low, perfect for those looking to buy a bigger house.

The Las Vegas real estate outlook for the coming year has been mixed dependant on the sources you rely on. One thing that seems to stand out is that things are going to get better. The time scale is the only thing that has been argued about. Everyone agrees that although the prices are down and jobs are low at the moment. The economy will reach a complete overhaul within a short time frame. Right now there is a lot of houses empty and such a low demand. There is only a small number of buyers looking to purchase them. Las Vegas was one of the relatively less hit of all the places within America. Things still got pretty bad and the real estate market still dried up.

Bunches of people were out of work in the last few years and there were not enough jobs to be filled. Therefore there were less people looking to buy homes. These job shortages have come to an end. There have been more and more building developments of hotels, resorts and casinos. These developments reach staggering amounts of cash to build them. These have opened the way for job seekers and brought much more to the area than just sleezy jobs and part time work.

These new resorts that are being built have started somewhat of a trend in Las Vegas. There is a lot of then opened to the public in 2008. More are expected to open in 2009 and also 2010. The amount of jobs that are becoming available are higher than what they have been for a few years. The unemployment levels that had recently hit Las Vegas were said to be the reasoning behind the real estate market hitting a meltdown. The newer jobs can only mean one thing and that more investment and more opportunities within the real estate market.

Nose diving property values and plummeting interest rates have caused the downfall of many companies in the Vegas market. Even though this could be bad for the rest of the city, it is great for those looking to invest. An inventory that boasts thousands of empty houses prove to be a relief as land costs and construction prices boom. If there was ever the best time to invest and buy real estate within Las Vegas, now is the time to act before prices go back up.

Despite the lack of jobs, 6,000 residents still move to Las Vegas every month. Thankfully more tourist attractions such as casinos and hotels means that more jobs will be available for the ever growing population. Although reports claim that the house prices and interest rates will start to rise at the tail end of 2009, critic's state that it could actually take longer than this but either way, the window has been opened for real estate investors in the area.

Bank repossessed homes are of course the thing to look out for with regards to the Las Vegas real estate market these will always have to be considered a wild card in any real estate market. If the amount of Bank repossessed homes continues to rise then the market will have little chance of improving this year. With the number of jobs increasing in the area and the house prices still in a downward spiral, people are now investing in Las Vegas real estate while while bargains are still available.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Providing Seasonal Color For Useless Borders

By Thomas Fryd

By August many gaps have developed in the flower garden, especially in the borders. Some annuals that provided seasonal color have died out, and need replacement. Make plantings of the fall flowering annuals or some of the short day flowers. Try plantings of zinnias, marigolds, balsam, petunias, and nasturtiums for another splash of late color. Many garden centers may have a supply of geraniums for planting in August to give fall color. Also, some of the perennials will be available as container plants and can be used very effectively. Dahlias may be cut back to stimulate a new crop of late flowers.


This chore goes on all the time for the alert landscape gardener. Certainly the period of bloom can be prolonged for the crape myrtle and butterfly bush by judicious removal of the old bloom spikes. In the case of the crape myrtle, many towns throughout the South have made city-wide plantings of this shrub because of the late summer habit of blooming. I will never forget my first butterfly bush (Buddleia). It was also dubbed summer lilac because of the soft spikes of lilac-colored flowers, but it also was always covered with butterflies. If you have not tried this one, by all means do so as the new hybrid varieties are unsurpassed for late summer color. They range in color from white through lavender, rose and purple. All of the flowering plants can be pruned lightly through the growing season to encourage new growth for production of flowers. This remedial pruning, when properly done, can easily control the growth habits of the plants, also.

Roses Slowing Down

Roses usually slow down their production of flowers during August. This semi-dormant condition is encouraged in order to condition the plants for a display of September and October blooms. During the last half of August, a very light feeding of an all-purpose fertilizer will stimulate fall bloom and will not leave the plant in succulent growth too late. There should be no feeding later than September 10, because if there is, the plants cannot prepare themselves to withstand cold weather.

With cool nights and shorter days, the internal structure of the plants will undergo a change whereby the sugars become complex forms of starches and carbohydrates that actually are "anti-freeze" compounds. These compounds normally prevent serious winter damage to plants such as ficus loosing leaves. Acclimated ficus benjamina show that late feedings disturb this phenomenon. Plants can not make the adjustment to withstand the extreme cold which sometimes occurs throughout our section.


The gorgeous display of lilies during August reminds all plant lovers to plan to plant some of these old favorites another year. The thrill of seeing the old favorites of lilies always stimulates the desire for more of these garden lilies. Just look what the hybridizers have done with the lilies! They are true garden aristocrats and most are easy to grow, vigorous and dependable. Madonna lilies should be dug, divided and replanted now for bloom next June. Keep these bulbs protected from exposure to direct sun, as rotting can be caused by baking in the sun.

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Demolition and Recycling

By Matthew G Smyth

Lots of buildings are built with a limited lifespan or simply become unusable and unsafe over time. When this happens, the land space that the old building is taking up is often worth a lot more than the building itself, and so the building must be safely deconstructed so that the next construction project can take get underway.

Demolition is a system of controlled destruction of such buildings, allowing for the reuse of many of the component parts of the old construction. Reclaimed building materials are much sought after so are cleaned and repackaged in order to be resold within the construction industry. In many instances, tough planning restrictions will stipulate that any new building will have to be constructed of identical brick to the existing structure, so it is then essential to salvage all the materials possible.

Health and safety is obviously a priority on a demolition site, particularly that of the workers on site. On a demolition site, as with any construction site, workers are required to wear a hard hat, a high visibility jacket, protective footwear as well as in some cases, eye and ear protection. Another factor to take into account is that asbestos might be present; if it is then the site must be properly decontaminated under very strict conditions.

Most of the composite parts of a demolished building will be recycled either as building materials in the case of some steel, bricks, tiles, slates etc while steel that cant be reused as is will be sold for scrap to be reused in a different form. Footings, concrete, roadways etc will all be broken up and then put through a crusher in order to make material suitable for new roadway construction projects.

How much it will cost to demolish a building greatly depends on the man-power required to sort the raw materials for recycling. If a big brick building needs to be taken down and the bricks need to be cleaned and stacked on pallets, then the cost will be considerably higher than that of a concrete building being pulled down by a crusher.

Choosing a quality demolition company can be a difficult process. Finding a good company with an established track record will allow you to delegate your demolition process with full confidence.

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The Unique Magnetic Energy Generator For Energy Needs

By Jozel Max

The best option to get free electrical energy to the household is the use of magnetic energy generator that helps generate the required amount of power by using the magnetic properties and strengths of magnets present inside the generator. The benefits of this kind of generator are that it provides clean energy output; the energy is of permanent nature and environment friendly. The best part is that once the energy starts coming in the cost associated with it is negligible and almost free to be precise.

The attractive and repulsive forces present in the magnets of the generator are used to generate the required current for daily needs. This type of generator has the capacity provide efficiency close to 500% on a daily basis and the same has been confirmed by the experts. The best part is that this energy can be distributed in to the household with the use of any other electrical appliances like wires or cables. To ensure that the generator set is running in perfect condition it is important to perform certain diagnostic tests on a periodic basis.

This generator does not allow any sort of harmful emission to spread into the surrounding atmosphere and prevents the spread of excess heat into the environment. Another distinct feature is that it controls the spread of airborne matter into the environment. The generator keeps working without being bothered by any sort of climatic changes happening around it.

The magnetic energy generator is very cheap and produces lot more power as compared to other forms of renewable energy generators. This provides a big cost advantage to these generators. In order to bring down your electricity bills and help in creating an environment friendly future, customers should go ahead and purchase these generators.

Certain high-speed types of magnetic generators are used in a variety of power appliances. These generators are small and extremely efficient while generating power. Another advantage is that they are made of magnetic bearings, which does not require lubrication and have less maintenance issues and costs.

These magnetic bearings help create generators which are small, cost effective, and faster in power generation as compared to other generators. These magnetic bearings also help reduce the weight of the generator, making it lighter and easy to handle. The design for these generators can be made without having any gearbox, since the generator has the capacity to operate at the speed of the driver. This removes the maintenance worries associated with lubricating and maintaining the gearbox.

The usefulness of these magnetic bearings is not just limited to providing efficient power. They are cost effective while in use and very light in weight. This reduces the weight of the generator and makes it easy for maintenance. The design of these generators can omit the gearbox, since the generator can operate like the same way as the driver and can match its speed. The absence of the gearbox ensures that the generator can be maintained much more easily.

Many distributed power applications require the use of these magnetic bearings. These magnetic generators are useful in activities such as disaster management, off-grid location power supply, and control in power generation to local areas. They also produce more energy per horsepower as compared to other generators.

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Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Rugs

By Benedict Perez

The rugs are one of the most important things you must have in any floor area of your home. Rugs come in different sizes, shapes and colors with designs that may be in solid pattern or in prints. They can always coordinate with the colors in your home and any of decors and other pieces of furniture. Choose those with eco-friendly materials and must be washable to avoid the growth of dust mites.

Keeping them clean is important to prolong their life span and make the look good most of the time. You can vacuum them everyday or much better shampoo them regularly or as often once a week to avoid allergens hibernating in them. Make sure you always keep your rugs clean especially those in the childrens rooms.

In using any cleaner it is important that you test it first in a hidden area of the rug to be sure your cleaner does not affect its color. Soak them first for at least thirty minutes to make sure the dust in them are removed.

In using any cleaner it is important that you test it first in a hidden area of the rug to be sure your cleaner does not affect its color. Soak them first for at least thirty minutes to make sure the dust in them are removed.

In case of strong odors, you may rinse only the affected portion with a twenty-eighty proportion of vinegar and water. Children are children and you cannot avoid spilling juices or any liquid on the rugs in their room. You can deodorize the rug by sprinkling baking soda and wait for thirty minutes before you vacuum to save you from time and effort in washing one.

You can also inquire for some tips on how to care for your expensive and elegant underfoot. As much as possible, you must clean spills on at once by blotting them with a clean white cloth rather than scrubbing them to prevent unnecessary damage on the material. Bear in mind the stains are harder to remove if you allow them to sit longer.

Bear in mind the stains are harder to remove if you allow them to sit longer. You can complement your decors and provide a beautiful appearance on your floor with additional accents with some underfoot like rugs.

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Lawns Resist Weed Invasion With Regular Fertilizer

By Keith Markensen

In the Western June garden, midway in the growing season, color abounds from almost every corner. Even the hard hit northwestern cities and towns, which reeled under the untimely November and December freezes, are coming back strongly.

From now on it is mainly a job of maintenance rather than planting. Mowing the lawn, watering and weeding the garden, pruning of spring flowering shrubs these are the jobs to be done now.

Annuals to sow: In the Pacific Northwest and Northern California lots of annuals can still be started from seed. If seed is sown now in the Southwest, and particularly in the hot sections of Arizona, the rows will need protection from the heat. Peatmoss serves as a perfect insulator in this case.

No matter where you are starting seeds in the West this month, be sure to provide them with a loose, porous soil. Some of the best annuals to sow are zinnias, marigolds, nasturtiums, portulaca, cosmos, salvia, cockscomb and sweet alyssum. All thrive in spite of hot weather. They will be dependable replacements for the bare spots in the spring border.

What to fertilize: It is a well-known fact that lawns are able to resist weed invasion when fertilized regularly, so give the lawn a late spring feeding. Annuals, vegetables and potted plants such as fuchsias and tuberous begonias prefer mild feedings twice a month rather than heavier, infrequent doses. The important acid-loving shrubs like camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons are ready for another feeding.

Pinching back plants: Pinch back annuals, perennials and even evergreen shrubs and trees to induce bushier growth. Some authorities declare that this type of summer nipping, with mere thumb and forefingers, accomplishes more than a major fall pruning job. Dont let the faded flowers remain on annuals. This is the quickest way to end their blooming season.

Pest control: The sod web worm is the number #1 pest in June; it is even worse than the ever-present aphid. Dont wait until brown areas appear in the turf; instead apply a preventive dose of control at once... check with the local garden center or county agent for the control methods. This is one case where it really pays to spray for protection rather than to wait for trouble.

As always, aphids, red spider mites on gardens and other mites on houseplants should be sprayed every ten to fourteen days. Also watch the roses, spraying them with a combination insecticide-fungicide once a week. If you can keep the foliage healthy and clean through the summer months, prize blooms will be enjoyed for many more months. Spray with a good combination insecticide-fungicide every week.

Tasty vegetables. from your garden: Warm weather makes it possible to enjoy quick tasty crops from tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, squash and beans. There is still time to sow the seed in the open ground.

Subtropicals: In the warm areas of the West, where subtropicals can be enjoyed outdoors, hibiscus, bougainvilleas and other showy items can be set out. Now is a good time to select hibiscus, for most varieties are in full bloom.

Versatile fuchsias: It would not be difficult to plan an interesting garden devoted entirely to fuchsias. Many amateur hobbyists have already proven this.

There are compact, dwarf varieties for pots; trailing kinds for baskets; and strong, tall growers for hedges and pillars. A few are even low enough for rock gardens.

Near the beach areas fuchsias can take full sun, but usually a northern exposure is best. Fuchsias revel in morning sun but prefer protection from midday on. An acid soil to which generous amounts of sphagnum moss have been added will suit them beautifully.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Should I Use Metal Hangers?

By John Bestow

Many people who understand that there is a difference in hangers begin to wonder when each should be used. Those people may be surprised by the answer. It is really a preference of each person. However the kind of clothes that you are hanging may play a part in some cases.

Metal hangers are a popular choice among those that need to save space and like a more modern look in their closet. Keep in mind; we are not talking the wire hanger that you get from the dry cleaners. Those hangers will leave creases in some types of fabrics. When we say metal hangers, we are talking about a more solid, polished metal hanger.

Some prefer wooden hangers over metal ones. These people generally like the wood trim, wood cabinets, wood floors and wood furniture in their home as well. One thing to be aware of with wooden hangers is that they often will also have a wood smell to them. If you do not like that smell, then you should not use wood hangers to hang your clothes.

Public places are among the top users of metal hangers. That is likely due to the fact that they are easier to clean and keep sanitized. It may also be because they can get metal hangers in a theft preventing design. Business owners quickly learn that if something is easy to steal, it likely will be stolen. Using metal hangers can be a way to help protect their investment in hangers.

Metal hangers, besides being polished, come in a variety of different shapes. Some of the shapes are designed for functionality while others are designed for the sole purpose of the modern look. No matter the case, sleek metal hangers will be sure to modernize your closet

Polished metal hangers are nice because, unlike the cheap dry cleaner hangers, they can be used to safely hang any type of clothing made out of any type of fabric. This was a concern with using older metal hangers. It is no longer a concern for those who prefer metal hangers.

We all use hangers in our daily living and routines. Many people make the mistake of using the cheapest hangers. However, if they paid close attention to how long their clothes are lasting they may be surprised at how quickly they are ruined beyond the quality of clothes that they prefer to wear.

People spend a lot of money on clothes. While people will by insurance and other protective devices for their phones and other things that deem as an investment worth protecting, most have not considered how to protect their investment in clothing. Using the right kind of hangers, including metal hangers, is the best way that people can protect their clothes long term.

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Finding A Good Quality Of Roses

By Marshall Clewis

Where can we find new rose genes for increasing the hardiness of everblooming hybrid tea varieties? Although the hybrid teas (not to mention the floribundas and grandifloras) already contain the "blood" of at least four species, rose breeders seem to agree

Hybridizers look with envy on the hardiness and disease resistance of various species but hesitate to bring in the genes of these by intercrossing, fearing too much domination from these genes and a complete loss of the hybrid tea, Actually, a large number of species clamor for attention as potential parents for "the roses of the future."

The difficulty with many is they are diploids, whereas the hybrid teas in general are tetraploids. That is, the number of chromosomes in many of the hardy species is 14 (twice the number in the pollen cells or egg cells) since a pollen and an egg cell unite at fertilization to produce the zygote, or new plant, whereas in hybrid teas the chromosome count is 28, or four times the haploid number 7, hence the "tetra" part of the name tetraploid.

lt is possible to cross diploids and tetraploids to produce fertile offspring. The first generation will be triploids with 21 chromosomes and their reproductive cells of chromosome numbers, between 7 and 14 are not usually fertile unless they are exactly 7s or l4s; this does occur occasionally. There is often enough fertile pollen from a triploid plant to enable the breeder to raise descendants. In fact, this is exactly how the hybrid teas originated, by crossing of teas from Asia having the diploid chromosome number with gallicas and other tetraploid species of Europe.

The first hybrids were undoubtedly triploids, but their pollen placed on flowers of tetraploids produced enough tetraploid plants to originate the new race of hybrid teas. These hyrbids exhibit exemplary resistance against pests so there was no need of spraying them with ortho rose pride. However, when Rom foeridri, in the form of Persian Yellow, was brought into the "gene pool" of hybrid teas, no such difficulty was experienced and no use of ortho rose pride, for R. foerida was already a tetraploid. When polyanthas, which are diploids, were crossed with hybrid teas to produce floribundas, the original difficulties of crossing parents of differing chromosome number were repeated.

A good many rose breeders have obtained new varieties by dusting pollen of R. spinosissima altaica (the Altai rose) on pistils of hybrid teas. In the diploid group, use could be made of R. rugosa, R. blanda and R. nizida. To use R. mgosa, not for the raising of new hybrid rugosas, but for a small infusion of hardier genes without too much change in the character of the hybrid teas, one should take a triploid rugosa variety, such as the Arnold rose and attempt to cross it back on hybrid teas. To use R. blanda or R. nizida, one might have to first produce the triploid hybrid by his own breeding. The chances are it would be well worth using in rose breeding projects, both those intended to develop hybrid teas or shrub roses.

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Chicken Coop Building Plans and Why You Need One For a Successful Chicken Coop

By Dana Goldberg

Many people today are discovering the benefits of raising their own chickens which include a more healthy addition to their diet, ready fertilizer for their garden or compost, entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the sheer pleasure. The biggest deterrent is finding the right chicken coop. These chicken coop building plans are the solution to that problem, allowing you to build the coop that meets your needs. Once you have the proper chicken coop you are well on your way to enjoying all the benefits of homegrown chickens.

You might think that everything you buy at the market is good for you but in reality it may be filled with pesticides or hormonal additives that you are unaware of. People are beginning to learn these facts but are not aware how they might combat these unhealthy trends.

Building your own chicken coop is not the only solution. But it is an accessible and worthwhile option open for most people, who otherwise would not want to move to the countryside and change their entire lifestyle.

If you are so inclined you will save money by building a chicken coop yourself. The first thing you'll need is a plan plus materials and tools. With these in hand you should be done in a mere few hours.

After that, you have the security of knowing that your chickens will be contained, and likely be producing more eggs than you can possibly use. These excess eggs can be given to friends, or sold, since organic eggs are in high demand. If you do choose to sell your excess eggs, then the coop will eventually even pay for itself.

Another health benefit of having a chicken coop is that the chicken droppings can be used as a fertilizer in your garden. The coop keeps the chickens contained, so that the fertilizer is always easily accessible, fresh, and likely plentiful. As your garden's success also grows, you can sell your excess produce as well. In no time, your family will be eating healthier, organic-based meals, and you will wonder how you ever lived without your chicken coop.

You can save a lot of money on chicken coops by building your own. If you use easy chicken coop building plans, you can enjoy your own quality eggs. A homemade chicken coop is just as good as a premade coop.

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Are Welding Aprons Needed?

By Brad Musech

Whether you are just getting started welding, or you have been doing it for a while now, it is always smart to review general safety as well as the certain safety items that should be used while welding. There are many items that are to be used to safe guard the body and none should be missing from your welding safety equipment.

Aprons are a must have for every welder. If you are starting welding and need some tips on what to look for as you buy an apron, here are some that just might help you.

Every welder is different and their specifics wants and needs change with every job they do. Some prefer the safety that comes with a long apron, others prefer the shorter apron. Always stick with what you enjoy and are comfortable with.

You have a couple options for how to tie or keep your apron on. Some prefer additional coverage by purchasing a bib apron that wraps around the neck. Others prefer a simple wrap and tie, or clip around the waist.

The great thing about welding aprons is that they don't cost an arm and a leg. These are very cost efficient safety items. So, you do have the option of buying both a short and long apron if you would like.

Because the point of an apron is to protect one's body, leather is what welders prefer. Leather welding aprons are sturdy, strong and comfortable and will thoroughly protect the body from any sparks or dangers.

When you're looking for the perfect welding apron you might not think about focusing on buckles versus ties. Some prefer tie and some prefer buckle. Depending on how much you will be using it, it might be a good idea to look for such things as easy on and off buckles.

Welding aprons are a very important safety item for welders. Don't just buy the first one you see. Do a little research and find out which will be perfect for you.

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