Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bathroom Remodel - A Fruitful Way To Remove Monotony

By Coy Patrick

There are many ways for bathroom remodeling. There are some people who do it elaborately that the whole appearance of the bathroom would undergo a drastic change once the process is completed. But careful and diligent approach is needed in this matter. The methods consist of remodeling showers, changing plumbing settings, replacing or interchanging shower enclosures, bath suites etc, fixing new accessories, bath furniture etc and altering all the wall and floor tiles. At times, people may be baffled how to approach bathroom remodel: though it is not a very difficult matter, it is not so simple also.

First of all, assess the amount of space and money you have got to finish the project. Follow this up with a market research on the modern trends and materials available. You can take the services of an experienced bath designer while scouting for ideas. He would be able to guide you about buying the best materials available for the bathroom according to your budget.

Bathrooms are remodeled to make them attractive, practical, efficient and safe. Stylish sink faucets, trendy wall furniture, mirrors of exquisite designs, environment friendly materials like bamboo shower curtain rods, custom-made storage facilities etc can effectively convert your old bathroom into a veritable beauty.

Changing the bathroom decor would remove monotony from your daily chores. As the saying goes, 'nothing is constant except change', your life also need periodic changes in order to improve its quality. Presently, bathrooms are used not just as place for physical cleaning, but also as a sanatorium where even mental blues are washed off. You would not be able to enjoy spending time in drab bathrooms that lack space and different elements like furniture, bath suites etc impairing easy movement.

Bathrooms play an important role in our daily lives. Hence it becomes imperative to keep them up-to-date, clean as far as the new generation is concerned. The boredom can be removed through small and simple changes. You should always remember to keep the four important aspects of bathroom remodel: beauty, convenience, safety and creativity.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Choice For Bathroom Wall Remodel

By Coy Patrick

If you are confused on what should you do with your bathroom walls to remodel them, then this article is for you. Are you confused on what to use like wall papers or painting? Do you respond yes? Then this article will certainly resolve the issue. You aren't the sole one into this unresolved confusion but there are many who have totally reworked their bathrooms but are stuck with only this confusion leaving their bathrooms incomplete.

There are benefits and drawbacks related to every tiny thing in this world. Say for example if one thing is useful in one aspect the other is for other aspects. Nothing is perfect in this world. In today's trend of toilet transforming the wallpapers are regularly used for transforming the bathroom walls. These are a perfect option for people that like changes each now or then. They offer new patterns and designs making the toilet walls more appealing.

But they have their own cons also. The first and foremost thing associated with wallpapers is that you should be more wary with them. You should be accurate with the measurements as an inch Difference will do you more bad then good. They should be applied on the walls to the sign of perfection as it demands more time and your own efforts. They are less stable as the steam can cause them to grow molds and they can even fall off the wall putting all your work into water.

If you still desire and think that you are going to be able to manage with the cons associated with the wall papers and be cautious with them, then you may go ahead. Otherwise you've got the option to go for painting the walls. You may either set your inner want on fire to paint and paint the walls yourself or if you can afford you can appoint a professional painter. On one hand you will get the satisfaction that you used your own efforts and have the pleasure of getting the walls painted yourself. On the other hand you will get the perfection from the professional in whatever sort of painting you desire.

Take correct measures on what you decide. Don't finish up with all confusion. You must be prepared to remodel the walls regularly if you go for wall papers. You also keep in mind that if you desire sturdiness then painting the walls should be your choice. It is quite clear that painting lasts longer than wall papers.

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Why You Will Want a Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

By Seal Frank

Ceiling fans nowadays are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, styles and sizes. The fan blades can be made from wood, steel or even bamboo. Even with metal finishes alone, the choices are limitless. There is polished copper and even stainless steel, so it may be somewhat hard to pick the perfect one. However, there is one that is particularly special - brushed nickel.

Boasting nickel plating instead of brass, this popular finish is usually dulled and lacquered for an elegant stainless steel like sheen. If you are searching for the perfect finish that is both timeless and fits any kind of design or decor, a brushed nickel ceiling fan is your one and only choice.

You will be surprised to see brushed nickel finished popping out of a lot of designs ranging from transitional to classic. This flexible finish will fit itself into your existing decor with ease and flawlessly because of its neutral yet striking look. Its polished features also gives the feel of high stature while still being cheap enough to fit any budget.

Since the metal goes well with so many blade types, this type of fan is an ideal and economical choice for those who like to update their living space often. Blades can be easily changed using simple household tools; so, you can be creative with combination like walnut, cherry, bamboo, palm leaf, and metal blades.

A stunning example of a great brushed nickel ceiling fan would be the Involution from Fanimation. This special fan has two 52" fan blades with dual finished - walnut or cherry according to your taste. The motor and body of the fan are also enclosed with a pretty layer of brushed nickel for that clean, modern feel. This is just one example from a range of other designs available. It doesn't matter whether you prefer modern or contemporary, brushed nickel ceiling fan is the answer for both affordability and features.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Decorate Your Home Beautifully with easy to install decorative Architectural Wall Decor

By Joan Mylchreest

Architectural wall decor and decorative trim work once was an integral part of home design, but with the advent of the post war housing development boom everything changed when low budget homes were built at an astonishing rate. At that time with the exception of simple baseboards and window casings, architectural details and quality millwork all but disappeared from new home design. Many of these houses not only lacked architectural wall decor and accents but were devoid of any visual character and personality.

If you think your home's rooms are uninteresting and boring, you can easily make plans for adding elegant and decorative details to liven up your space. From simple chair rails and wainscot paneling to more complicated built-in cabinets, to bookcases and window seats, there are a lot of functional and beautiful decorating choices for you to consider.


Adding crown moldings and trim work to walls, around doors and windows can instantly give boring and dull rooms a decorative flair as well as cover up wall imperfections and unsightly drywall joints. There are all kinds of precut decorative moldings available online for do it yourselfers that have some basic carpentry skills. You can even build interesting shelves and ledges with decorative moldings as well as decorate cabinets, countertops, mantels and bookcases.

Decorative Columns and Pilasters:

How does your entryway look? Want to give it a more elegant and inviting appearance? Tired of looking at those old worn out posts flanking your front entrance? These can be transformed into a decorative and grand focal point with beautiful architectural columns. Pilasters on the other hand are made to look like columns but are actually decorative moldings which are imbedded in walls to divide interior spaces. Pilasters make attractive and sturdy door surrounds and can be bought separately or in sets which includes caps and decorative pediments.

Decorative Corbels:

Corbels or consoles were pieces of carved stone used in classical architecture to hold up balconies or other weighted pieces. They were particularly popular in Roman and Greek buildings.

Some people enjoy scouring salvage and antique stores to find corbels that have been removed from old buildings. Recreations made of plaster or resin rather than stone are also available. While they are used mainly for decoration, they may also serve to hold up a fireplace mantel or decorative shelving.

Ceiling Medallions:

When it comes to choosing architectural wall decor that will add dimension and style to your home, don't forget the fifth wall overhead. Ceiling Medallions make a classy statement surrounding a chandelier, ceiling fans and pendant lights. They come in many ornate and classic designs and sizes depending on your ceiling fixture and the architectural style of your home.

These medallions can be quite ornate or they can be quite simple depending on the style of your home and personal preference. Ceiling medallions are made out of resins, architectural foam or other composite materials and are also available in beautiful metallic finishes.

Relive history with decorative Friezes and Reliefs:

There are lots of ways to dress up inside walls but one way to add some architectural interest to a large blank outside wall is with a decorative frieze or relief. Our neighbor has a beautiful one that matches his outside stucco wall perfectly depicting an ancient pastoral scene. What's so compelling about it is that at first you don't notice it until you're walking past, then suddenly this beautiful relief catches your eye and you stop in stunned silence to admire its subtle beauty and unique design.

Friezes and reliefs often depict ancient scenes or historic events as well as mystical animals and medieval landscapes. Modern applications would include intricate iron scroll work, decorative urns and more abstract renderings.

Create a Focal Point with a Wall Niche:

Wall niches are designed to put focus on a favorite piece of art or collectible. One piece niche models are readily available online. They are usually made out of polyurethane foam, are easy to install and make a perfect do it yourself weekend project.

Pediments - A Decorative Surprise:

A pediment is an architectural ornament consisting of a narrow decorative piece along a wall either inside a room or on the outside of the house. Decorative pediments add architectural interest when placed above doors, entryways and on an outside wall under the roof.

Make a Statement:

In addition, built-ins, decorative shelving and fireplace mantels are other examples of architectural wall decor that can add stunning detail and give your home a sense of permanence, style and class.

Whether you're planning to install a simple chair rail or tackling a more ambitious fireplace mantel project, every job begins with the right tools and an understanding of basic installation techniques.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Points On Making Innovative Table Top Looks

By Jennifer Taylor

Almost all old tables are worn out, particularly the table top. Instead of buying new one, why not make some structural works to have it looks good as new? There are businesses that provide services on refurbishing kitchen area. You can ask them some few things on reconstructing your kitchen and also recreating a new look for your kitchen furniture.

Table tops can be created from hardwood, stainless steel, glass, or granite materials. Use the material that blends with the rest of your kitchen surfaces. You can also try different forms for the table tops. Round or oval shape has more benefits in kitchen area. Round and oval shapes are safer since these shapes have no pointed corners that can harm you and your kids. You can also easily add space for extra person joining your group.

You can also create a tile table top. Set the tiles on the table top and cut the excess parts. Smooth the rough edge with tile file. Put ceramic adhesives at the back of the tiles and stick them on the table top. Apply grout on the tiles and into the gaps. Let it settle down for 2 days before applying a sealer.

Create a new look for the table top using a cloth. Cut the fabric that will fit the size of the table top. Using decoupage glue, attach the fabric on the table top. Then, put high-gloss shellac for fabric protection. Frame the cloth on the table top with tacks or cut glass.

For your old wood table top, make some refinishings. Using a scraper, grate the old finish. After that, smooth it with emery paper. Coat the table top with polyurethane. Allow it to dry. Then, put on the second layer of polyurethane coating. Let it dry again, and then put on the third layer of coating.

Now, new designs for table top developed. Aside from its functionality for cooking, writing, and eating, it may also be furnished with integral power points, and perhaps even a sink with water and drainage outlets. It can also be fixed solidly to the kitchen floor.

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Make The Place Lovable By Interior Design

By John B. Emmerson III

The design should reflect the residents of the house rather than the latest and exclusive design trends. Persons looking for a little assistance, may follow several basic interior design rules that professional interior designers apply.

Rule 1- Proportion and Scale When designing a room, it is essential to take into consideration the dimension and space available. It would be a key design flux-pas to put extra-large furniture into a small room. For example, a dining room table made for 12 would not seem to be appropriate or even match into a dining room made for a four people family.

2 - Balance There are some normal approaches to making balance in a room. Few want to work with symmetrical balance. Symmetrical balance is when interior designers arrange things in a visually symmetrical tactic. For example, a couch with an end table on each end.Other people focus on using asymmetrical balance. Asymmetrical balance does not focus on mirroring stuff on either part, but rather balancing stuff visually through the use of a variety of stuff.

Rule 3 - Contrast Stuff in the room should contrast to help build interest. Interior designers utilize the decoration in the room to continue a solo style through the use of a mixture of essentials like colors, sizes, patterns, textures and so forth.

Interior Design Rule 4 - Textures and Colors Following color and texture rules can be the most daunting section of interior design. Choice of colors will fluctuate from person to person and not every person agrees on what matches and what does not. However, there are various key color schemes that many interior designers employ. Anyone who is designing a space have to grasp that not every part of color schemes or textures will appeal to everybody who enters their home. That being said, they should focus on their own needs and wishes. Interior Design Rule 5 - Rhythm Going hand and hand with contrast, is rhythm. When it's crucial to build contrast for interest, it i also important to keep a rhythm all through the room. Using a single color or pattern and repeating it throughout the room assists form rhythm in a room.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Benefits of Kitchen Ceiling Fans

By Seal Frank

One of the most advantageous things you can install in your kitchen is a ceiling fan. Kitchen ceiling fans not only help in heating and cooling the space, but also provide additional lighting and aid in air circulation - all while adding style and flair to the room.

The kitchen is stuffed with electrical appliances that can heat up the room easily. Hot air radiates from the refrigerator, oven microwave, kettle and even dishwasher. All that can heat up the kitchen to a near unbearable state for cooking, especially in the summer. A simple and fast solution is by installing a ceiling fan. When switched on, the ceiling fan will cool and circulate air around the room. Moving air will obviously be cooler than stagnant air, and thus will cool down the room almost instantly.

Another benefit of adding a ceiling fan to the kitchen is that it can provide additional lighting where it is needed. For example, placing a ceiling fan over your island or other prep area means that you can use the light where you are working, rather than turning on every light in the kitchen. Task lighting such as this helps to lower energy bills and improve efficiency.

Regarding styles and designs, there are a large variety of models and shapes to choose from. If you are going for the country themes, check out the ceiling fan with rooster, apples and floral prints. There are also rustic ceiling fans, brushed nickel ceiling fans, white ceiling fans, tropical ceiling fans and even flush mount ceiling fans. Just choose one ceiling fan that suits the theme of your kitchen and you are ready to go.

Besides the ability to add a whole new level of functionality to your kitchen, these ceiling fans can also act as a very interesting focal point to your kitchen. It doesn't matter what finish you opt for - white, wood, rustic, brushed nickel, wood, or even with patterns, these ceiling fans have the ability to accentuate and provide that extra touch to your kitchen while providing the much needed cooling.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Granite Tops - Proper Care & Maintenance

By Leslie Griffin

For its hard and non-porous surface, granite is a popular material to use when it comes to kitchen countertops. It has a comparatively strong ability to resist stains & chemical damages. Nonetheless, it requires proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of granite countertops. Caring for your countertops includes both sealing & cleaning to keep them looking as good as new for many more years. Here are a few tips on how to clean & seal your countertops without causing any improper damage.

Daily Cleaning

Caring for granite tops begins with keeping the surface clean from spills. Should there be a spill, remove it straightaway and then rinse with warm water. This is all the more important when an acidic substance such as lemon, orange, or vinegar has been spilled.

Every day, you should wipe your granite counter tops with a soft cloth using a mild detergent. This will ensure any surface deposits are removed & keep your countertops looking new for a long while. Strong chemical cleaners should never be used, 'cause they can damage the sealant. Powder detergents should be avoided as well, as they can scratch the counter top surface.

More daily care tips:

- Always dust the surface of the counter - Wash well using warm water after using any cleansers or detergents on the granite - Never use bleach or ammonia on your countertop - Sanitize the surface with a few drops of a pH-neutral cleaner - Although granite counter tops are frequently marketed as heat resistant, always avoid placing hot pots directly on them

Sealing Periodically

Another important part of a care routine is sealing granite countertops, as the seal enables the countertops to retain the beautiful high gloss finish. Your granite counter top should be resealed every six months. It is often hard to detect sealant wear, so even if it doesn't look worn, granite counter tops should still be resealed two times a year.

There are permanent granite sealers, if you want to avoid the hassle typically involved in granite counter top care. Or, you may wish to consider engineered granite which doesn't require regular sealing.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Decorating Ideas For Your Children's Rooms

By John Dinal

The ideas are endless for decorating a child's bedroom. Inspiration is everywhere from cartoon characters, fairy tales, animals to sports, action heroes and nature. What makes decorating more enjoyable is when the child is able to share his ideas and contribute to beautifying his/her bedroom. Below are the Top 5 decorating ideas for children's room:

A princess room is perfect for a little girl. Pink and purple walls are perfect for a princess room. A pretend crystal chandelier hanging from a light fixture will give the room that extra touch, making it look like a royal palace. When creating a princess room royal bed linens are in order. Linens made of satin and lace fit perfectly into any princess room.

Dinosaurs - this is a popular pick among boys. The idea of being in prehistoric times is very exciting for these young lads. Earth colors rule this theme alongside dinosaur miniatures, stuffed toys and posters.

You might want to try to create a game room for your child. Start by painting each wall a different primary color. Next Glue the pieces on to several different board games. These will become art and you can hang them on the child's walls. Just be sure to buy new games, your child may be disappointed if they can no longer play their favorite game.

Sports - lots of children both boys and girls are into sports, which is really good because sports instill positive values among which are discipline, sportsmanship, team work and confidence. You can use decorations according to your child's favorite sport. Most popular are basketball, football and baseball. If your child is an athlete, you can have a glass-cased shelf for displaying the trophies and other memorabilia from his/her competitions. Framed posters of favorite athletes can be the wall hangings, as well as your child's own photos.

For a child who enjoys a room that is a little more peaceful, try a beach themed room. Light blue or green walls will create a serene effect. White bed linens will make your child think that they are sleeping on the clouds! Try a neutral color rug in the room to give it more or a cozy feel. If you wanted to add a little flare you might try hanging a surfboard on the wall. A few large potted plants will make the room feel as if you have brought the outdoors in.

Don't forget area rugs when decorating. Rugs can be used with any theme. Positioning it in the center is an instant main decor, however practicality is also important for a child's room. Hence, place an area rug in your child's favorite spot or where it gets dirty easily. Have enough storage in the room too for organizing things like trinkets and souvenirs. Remind your child to keep his/her room orderly. Cleanliness is next to godliness...and cleanliness prevents lectures, right?

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Decoration Is An Art

By Trevor Johnson

Home could be a place that is often special for everyone. In order to create this special place a more stunning place, folks embellish their house in line with their taste. Most of the house decorating design is mixed in styles, it is a blend of ancient and up to date furnishings with mixing new with the old. The furnishing selections during a home decorating theme are a well though mixture of styles and designs. Therefore, before you are going to brighten your home, bear in mind that a space is infrequently decorated in one style. While picking your home interior style, you must forever choose the furniture that suits your style and place it in such a means that it appearance graceful with the house decorating scheme.

When you are thinking about a new look for your house, the query most typically arises is which color ought to you go for and how would you mix them? And selecting home decorating colours for your house is an important decision. For that you would like to develop the ability and confidence to form your room an area where you would like to pay most of your time. Therefore, it's helpful to be told some basic home decorating color vocabulary. Become acquainted with the color ring, as it is a basic version of the color wheel, sometimes employed by fine artists to understand the principles of mixing colors.

Continuously bear in mind, a well mixture of home decorating patterns, colors, and textures end in a balanced and stunning area and offer you the type of room that makes you feels easy the moment you enter into it. So, first, you have to seem at the home decorating pattern and texture that are imbedded in the design of the room. For instance, the pattern in the grain of a wood floor or the texture of plaster walls, the sheen of a marble countertop etc.

Before, going for home interior design Singapore, the best factor to try and do is to make a plan for it. When you actually begin together with your home decorating project, whether it's big or little, it's always wise to understand what is concerned and the way it can be accomplished. Anyone can do home decorating with the given tips to improve a space that you may fall in love with it, for instance: by merely adding a chunk of furniture into it. However before you paint a wall or get any furniture for your home decoration, suppose through the process of decorating project.

As walls are the largest surface space in any area, thus, the wall treatment you choose will enhance your home decorating selections in a very such manner that no alternative home decorating part can. Hence, before you start, consider the basics of the room; like: the sunshine quality of the room, the size of the room, and different architectural options that you want to highlight or downplay and most importantly, the furniture and materials that you are coming up with to use in the home decorating scheme.

After you decorate your rooms, you will not select a specific home decorating style, however you will certainly attempt to create a fashionable decor for your room. Within the time of rearranging the furniture, you have to determine whether you would like a refresh look with new upholstery or you would like a completely new home decorating theme for your room. Finally it will be said that every one well-designed rooms exemplify additional than one home decorating principle. When each home decorating element is placed in harmony together with different elements, you'll expertise a a lot of elegant style. Interior design Singapore is referred to as the simplest in this regard.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road to The Nursery: Key Decorating Ideas

By Carl Whistler

Below are some ideas for decorating a nursery or a baby's room. These are easy to implement themes that can transform any room to an instant baby wonderland.

Boy's nurseries can be a lot of fun. Many new parents chose to paint their little boy's walls blue. Blue is a beautiful color for a little boy. It comes in many different shades and hues. It can match a lot of different bedding styles as well. If you want to be more unique with your baby's nursery you might try using green or yellow of even red for your little boy. These colors can be fun and exciting as well.

Designs for boys are numerous from sports, animals and nature to action heroes, cars and airplanes. Anything that exudes excitement will also bring the same vibe to the nursery.

For a girl's theme, pink is expected. It is a symbol of femininity, perfect for girls. Pink also goes well with almost all girly design like fairy tales, flowers and fairies. She will love the idea of being a princess or fairy everyday!

Neutral nurseries are fast becoming the trend. Most couples prefer to have a room that can be easily changed over time. The neutral colors of white, beige, tan and cream make this hassle-free to do. Moreover, those couples who await the birth of their child before knowing the sex opt for a neutral nursery. Redecorating this theme is easy to do anyway, what with the flexible colors and decors.

Using a neutral color doesn't really equate to boring, especially that nurseries are typically bright and lively. You can also use other shades as an accent to the neutrality of the room. For instance, you can add pastels, light colors of pink and lavender or bright tones like yellow, red and orange.

If you want a theme for your neutral nursery you could go with baby animals, a seaside theme or even an alphabet theme. These types of themes will be sure to delight little girls as well as little boys.

There's no need to spend an arm and leg for spicing up your nursery. Save the expenses for the years down the road when your child will get to choose his/her own theme. For now, keep the nursery simple but fun. Cute but comfortable. And of course, a safe haven for your little angel.

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