Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Ceilings

We have received several requests regarding how to decorate a bedroom with slanted ceilings. While it may seem like a decorating dilemma, architectural elements such as a slanted ceiling can be used to your advantage to create a room filled with interest.

Paint the room a neutral color, so that everything will flow. Consider roman shades at the windows, which will add a vertical element to the room.

Of course you must plan to use lower profile furniture and objects on the lower side of the room. Consider features such as benches, low bookcases, or interesting trunks for that side. Balance the side with the higher ceiling with the higher furniture, and consider who will be using the room.

If it is a room for a small child, you could place a bed on the lower ceiling side of the room. However, in a room for adults you must consider placing the furniture in such a way so that taller adults don't have to stoop, or worry about bumping their heads.

Good luck and have fun with decorating a room with slanted ceiling!

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