Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feng Shui Color Tips for your Home

So you have moved into a new home and you are figuring out how to decorate. You have heard of the concept of Feng Shui and want to give it a whirl, but you don't really understand it?

Well, simply put, Feng Shui is using color and light, combined with the concept of the "Five Elements" to create a harmonious living space. Are you thinking, "color and light, I understand, but what in the world are the 'Five Elements'?"

The "Five Elements" are "Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood." Each of these elements has unique characteristics and interacts with each other in either positive or negative ways. For example, "Water" interacts with "Fire" by killing it or putting it out. That would be a negative or destructive interaction. Therefore, you would not want to put the colors associated with "Fire" and "Water" together in the same location, for one would be destroying the other and creating bad Feng Shui for the area concerned.

What are the colors of "Fire" and "Water?" "Fire" colors are purple, red, pink and orange; "Water" colors are blue, grey and black. For harmony and balance, it is generally accepted that the "Fire" part of the house should be on the South side, so in the Southern part, one would not want to combine Purple and orange with blue or black.

"Wood" colors are green and brown, and green is associated with renewal and fresh start. As such it assists one with health and family relationships. Due to its positive qualities, green is best used frequently in many areas of the harmonious home. Plants are the easiest way to get green into the environment, and the more shades of green, the better.

"Earth's" major color is brown, and brown and green get along well with each other. They have positive interaction. And because of the nature of "Earth," it generates all things in life; therefore, adding "Green" to the Earth "Brown" can help facilitate many life forms or opportunities, so to speak. Besides "Wood," "Water" also get along well with "Wood;" which makes wood grow. Also, blue and brown are nice color palettes to join forces together.

"Metal" colors are white and gray: white can go anywhere in the house, as it represents clarity, purity, and innocence. Bring in white accents or choose an all-white spa-bathroom for an elegant and balanced peace in the mind.

It is of utmost importance that colors of the "Five Elements" are to be used with one big caution in mind, which is that they all have to look good when in use. When these colors look good being where they are, they help to create a very strong pattern of harmonious energies that are very easily picked up by any life forms. Therefore, the influence of the color vibrations has very solid effect and thus must be taken seriously.

One of the most important Feng Shui secrets among all others is to make sure to not use the "Fire" colors together with the #5 Yellow Star which is to stand for negativity of all kinds, and if this Yellow Star is lit up with the "Fire" colors then all the negative experiences will find their way into the house and the effects can be very damaging most of the times.

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