Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lamp Berger Air Purifier

Lamp Berger air purifiers, or fragrance oil lamps, are one of the hottest and newest trends in aromatherapy and home fragrance today. But, fragrance lamps are not actually a new product.

Known as Lamp Berger, perfume lamps or effusion lamps, these scented oil lamps were first used in the mid 1800's. Using a catalytic combustion process to purify the air, destroy odors and kill bacteria, they also add fragrance to the air of your rooms.

Fragrance oil lamps fill the air with your favorite scent of essential oil. They are quite decorative, usually with a beautiful collar or cap on top of a lovely glass base.
These fragrance lamps are not only a nice decorative accent piece for use anywhere in the house, but they eliminate odors and perfume the air, as well.

You can find these fragrance lamps in many sizes, shapes and colors at for about $29.99 plus shipping. Each lamp comes with complete step by step instructions for use, stone wick, vent cap, snuffer, funnel, and individual glossy gift box.

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