Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorate Your Room Based On Your Favorite Piece

By Ralph Finley

It is common for a homeowner to discover a lamp, painting, area rug, statue, or other decor related item; and to immediately want to design an entire room around it. In fact, the majority of professional interior designers base their own decor designs around one or two items. Many of them actually encourage novice interior designers to use this method for room designs. However, they do warn that the designer needs to choose an appropriate item for which a good design can grow from.

Obviously you can't design the room around a small candle. One of the items that is picked a lot is a statue but you should be careful with this type of item because they don't normally have a lot of color in them. Get something that has more colors in it and that will liven up the room even more. That's why other items like a colorful quilt will work, or a dynamic painting you may have fallen in love with.

Designers who have been around longer will usually tell you to focus on an area rug, or a painting. These are two of the easiest things to focus a room on. You can find a lot of area rugs in many colors and the same is with paintings, you can get something that is in a plethora of colors. Compare that to a blah statue that you have no color on.

One of the world's top designers confesses that they actually always pick out an area rug and introduce it to a room before committing to a complete design. They will place the area rug in an empty room and will use it as the starting point for executing their entire rooms design. This method puts an old saying to action: "start from the ground up."

However, the majority of homeowners will look at an empty room and simply note the overall carpet color and think that they have to decorate the room based on the overall carpeting. But if an area rug is introduced to the room, they will then have a wide range of colors to choose from. This is very important for houses that feature a single carpet color that covers the entire house. In situations like that there is no other choice than to add a colorful area rug to a room.

Designing a room around an item may seem like a silly concept, or may even seem to be too "simple." However, it is a method that popular designers have been using for years as a jumping off point. Following the example of professionals, novice designers now have the ability to create a memorable room with excellent and quality decor.

Also remember that when you go to choose that one item, it's an item that can have the full room focused on it. Try to pick something that isn't dull, you're not going to have many choices than.

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