Friday, December 4, 2009

New Prints Available from Artist Chuck Rosenthal

By Penny Logan

Artist Chuck Rosenthal is recognized for his masterly use of light. His striking still lifes, seascapes and landscapes would enhance any room. Many people want such a painting, but sometimes it is difficult to meet the expense of an original.

Now Mr. Rosenthal is offering the rest of us a chance to own one of his paintings by releasing some of them as giclee prints. Such high quality prints cost substantially less than originals.

Giclee? The word comes from a French word that means spray, and you say it in a French fashion - "gee-clay." The printing process uses long lasting non-fading special inks in an ink jet printer (hence, the derivation from "spray") printed on watercolor paper or canvas. Great care is taken to ensure the colors match the original. A giclee print is the highest quality of print currently available in art reproductions.

However, since it is a reproduction, not an original, it becomes more available for the rest of us that didn't figure in several thousand dollars in our financial planning for the purchase of artwork. Hooray!

The newly available giclees by Mr. Rosenthal include quite a few of his landscapes and seascapes and people, and also one magnificent still life. The contrasts in this painting are fascinating - the dark background for the bright orange, green and yellow apples and grapes, and the smooth fruit against the rough cloth and basket. A nice addition for any wall.

There are several seascapes available, most notably a scene of bright evening sun on waders in the shallow water of the beach, with tall condos and hotels in the background. Since the artist is from Clearwater, Florida, one assumes this is Clearwater Beach, but it could be any of many Gulf beaches. The scene evokes a sort of peace and joy.

The old drawbridge and causeway between Clearwater and Clearwater Beach are the subject of another painting, although a visitor to the area may not recognize it today. The bridge is now gone, replaced by a new causeway. The sky in this painting is enchanting.

Now that Rosenthal's paintings are available in easily affordable giclees, you may want to purchase more than one for your walls. Any of them would be a fine addition to home or office.

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