Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paint Your Living Room - How To

By Keegan McGavin

Are you ready to have a living room makeover? You may have had the same living room look way too long; you may be gearing towards change, an upgraded version of your old home; or you may have a new favorite color. These are good reasons to finally get a new paint, brush and over-alls and start your painting project for a brand new living room.

The first thing to do is to cover all holes on the wall. You might have hung photos or artworks so this caused small openings in the wall. Make sure there's no space to peep in.

Prep the Room- If you have an area rug; remove it so that it does not get paint on the rug. Cover all furniture that cannot be moved and put a tarp down on wall to wall carpeting or floors. You can then begin to roll on the paint. You will want to use good paint that will cover in one or two coats. If you are going from a dark color to light, you may have to use primer.

Now comes the painting part. Don't forget a primer paint if you're going from a dark color to a lighter one. It will be easier to paint the ceiling and the walls in the same color. With this, you don't have to mix two varying shades and you don't have to cut corners on the ceiling where one color ends and the other one begins. It makes the job hassle-free.

After painting, allow ample time for the walls and ceilings to dry. Have proper ventilation so air can circulate and paint fumes won't get stuck in the room. With a new color, you can now consider adorning your walls with a decorative paint. Options are stenciling, stamping and sponge painting. You can express your creativity in doing this project. With an inspiration from a beautiful furniture or area rug, you can imitate the pattern on the wall. All you need are tracing paper and acetate, and then stencil the design on the wall.

If you really want to get ambitious, you can stencil both the wall and a new, plain area rug to tie the look of the room together after painting. You can also use the same stencil on slip coverings that can be used to match the decor of the new room. The type of paint that you use for the walls for stenciling will be latex, but you will have to use fabric paint to stencil the area rugs.

This painting project won't take you more than three days to accomplish. It's incredibly convenient, affordable and fun! Your living room won't only have a new wall color, but a decorative paint too.

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