Saturday, December 5, 2009

Build Your Own Chandelier Table Lamp

By Henry Jeon

A chandelier table lamp adds a simple touch of luxury and one of kind styling to any room or furniture in an office or home. Chandelier lamps can be used above your dining room table, on coffee tables, end tables, mantles or just about anywhere. Chandelier lamps can be costly purchase. However, you can make your own, the way you want it, using this guide. This step by step guide will aid you in the process.

For this project, you will need scissors, hot glue, a hot glue gun, fishing line, glass beads, plastic beads, crystal beads, small shells, a fairly cheap lamp shade and a lamp are required.

1.)How to prepare the lampshade.

The frame of the lampshade will need to be removed. To do this, remove the paper portion of the shade first. Do away with the circular piece as you will not need it.

2.) Readying the lines for the beads.

Using the fishing line, thread a bead onto it and tie a double not on both ends. To secure the knot, place a small amount of hot glue, using the glue gun on it. Make sure that the fishing line is not visible by placing the remaining beads in close proximity to one another, leaving about two inches of line without beads on the end.

3.) Connect the bead lines and the frame together.

Connect the line of beads and the ring of the lampshade together. Secure it with a triple knot and add a dab of hot glue to the knot. Sever any excess line with the scissors. Move around the entire lampshade repeating these steps as needed.

4.)Embellish the ring on the external part of the frame.

Beads should be added using a hot glue gun. This step will hide most of the fishing line and metal while providing a gorgeous appearance to the frame.

5.)Join the lamp shade and lamp together.

Position the lamp shade on the lamp. Check all the lines to make sure they are even and do not touch the light bulb. To fix any uneven lines, simply trim it with your scissors and the secure the knots with the glue again to keep the bead on the line.

For decorating, make sure to use items that will not melt, are not flammable and are lightweight.

For those who wish to be a little more creative, consider adding a dimensional look by using lightweight plastic clay on the lampshade. Use small toys as well. These toys can be used in place of beads for the dangling aspect.

Take advantage of you or your childs favorite colors or characters to create a theme lamp. Gain inspiration from your favorite things like astronomy, fantasy or even Barbie. Stars or planet stickers that use a glow in the dark material are perfect for astronomy and fantasy. Flowers that are the same shade of pink as Barbie pink would be ideal. Wooden owls can be used throughout the lamp and for baubles if the theme is Harry Potter.

In some cases more is better unless one of the following applies. The project is done and looks great, if adding more items would make it too heavy for the lamp to support, some decorations are covered up by others and finally everything is completely covered except for the light bulbs.

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