Monday, November 2, 2009

The Beautiful Serenity Massage Chair From Omega

By Meredith Benson

This is a great little chair that you should check out. The Serenity relaxation chair is quite and outstanding recliner in all respects. First is its beautiful design. This is truly the first recliner that looks like a recliner and not a bulky massage chair. The Omega Serenity relaxation chair gives you the best looking design to fit any room in your home or office.

The first thing you notice about the Serenity relaxation chair is that it looks like a normal recliner. It has a swivel base with 360 of movement. This enables you to position the chair in an angle that you like. A remote control panel puts all features at the touch of a button.

The first thing you may notice about a massage chair is that it looks like a massage chair. It is big and it is a bulky. The Serenity relaxation massage chair looks like an elegant recliner that it is thin and mounted on a swivel base.

The Serenity relaxation recliner helps to better distribute the weight across your entire spine. This is known as the zero gravity position. Most of the time, your weight is concentrated in specific areas of your spine. When the recline backing the Serenity massage recliner, your weight will be better distributed across the surface area of your entire.

Music therapy is an important elements and overall relaxation. These it is typically used to help calm and quiet your mind. This enables your body to relax. Just think about it, if your mind is racing about issues, how could your body not to be tense?

One of the striking features of the Serenity's design is its wood chair back. It is a wraparound style which is wider at the top. This is a refined elegance and beauty in a recliner like no other. This is certainly a massage recliner that is in a class of its own.

You can find a number of different features in the Serenity massage recliner. It comes with an air compression massage. Airbags are used to provide for us and movement to different parts of the body. This helps to relieve tense muscles with this type of movement.

An air massage system comes in the Serenity massage chair. In air compressor is used to inflate and deflate specially designed airbags. The airbags are good for relieving the larger muscles in the body. This is a soothing way to relieve tension and different parts of your body.

For deeper penetration, the Serenity comes with a vibration massage. There are three different vibration massage programs. Each program targets specific areas and ways of penetrating through the muscle tissue.

The vibration massage of the Serenity recliner comes with three automatic programs. These programs drive eight vibration motors. These powerful motors provide for deep penetration through the muscle tissues. The Serenity also enables you to target specific areas. You can target the buttocks, feet in your calves.

If you are just up for relaxing in the Serenity, then try out the heat therapy. Heat is a great way to provide comfort and warmth to your body. The Serenity recliner is a wonderful recliner with many therapeutic options.

When looking at many recliner is on the market, you simply will not find one in the same class as they Serenity relaxation chair. It provides you the best of both worlds. It has massage and therapeutic features as well as a stunning design.

There is not just another massage recliner. This recliner has both a beautiful design and therapeutic treatments. The Serenity massage chair is certainly a 21st-century recliner. Get your comfort taught up into this century with the Omega Serenity relaxation recliner.

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