Monday, November 16, 2009

Dual Purpose Roll Top Computer Desk

By Dave Johnson

Versatility is preferred by all in today's world and even a piece of furniture like the roll top computer desk is made with an intention to fulfill people's demand for versatile use of a single product. Well, this sort of demand is not illegitimate at all.

Because we all lead such busy lives we have less time than we did before. So a piece of furniture that plays not one but two roles in the room is a great way to save time and effort, not to mention money!

Features and Functions of a Roll Top Computer Desk

Roll top computer desk is made of different types of wood like cherry or mahogany. They are very useful as they serve more than just the purpose of a computer desk. There are sufficient spaces for accommodating all the computer accessories in a roll top desk e.g. shelves, drawers etc. They can cover all the peripherals like the monitor, printer, scanner, CPU, web cam etc.

This desk is often provided with wheels for the ease in movement around the home of office area. The top can be rolled down to turn it into a coffee table or other desk requirements. This desk is more suitable in a public domain like the living room or any other public where people need to gather and discuss or do brainstorming about any topic or even just for the sake of a get together.

A door can be provided with the desk to fit for the CPU and the printer and slots can also be provided for putting other accessories like CDs, documents etc. A very attractive advantage of such a desk is that they are provided with locks to protect the devices from theft.

Another benefit of this desk is that it prevents dust to collect on the desk which reduces the time and energy required for the cleaning and maintaining purposes of the desk.

Aesthetics of Roll Top Computer Desk

These desks are very sleek and stylish and suit any room design that you may have in your house or office. They adapt themselves to their users and come in a wide range of sizes and styles so no matter what your taste is there is one that will suit you.

A roll top computer desk s the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to renovate furniture and will be a stunning piece to have in both your home or office.

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