Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feng Shui House - Energize Your Air With Indoor Plants

By Clark Meyer

When it comes to Feng Shui House decorating, one aspect is the necessity for having indoor air that is clean. If you are going to find and maintain great Chi, you need to improve the air quality in your house. The reason you should do this is because the air you're breathing indoors is more harmful than air outside.

Indoor pollution is a big problem when you want to use good Feng Shui at your work place or at home. All the consulting in the world, putting to use the Feng Shui compass and Feng Shui Ba Gua will not do you any good unless everything you can control in your home is at the best level for you, which means having clean air indoors. The lucky thing is that there are quite a few indoor plants that can help make your home's air pure to achieve the best possible Chi.

Before you start trying to find a list of plants to help, you also need to know why they are needed. There are actually many pollutants indoors that are harmful that are called volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs. If your home has carpet, synthetic products, plastic and even some kinds of plywood in the home, they break down slowly releasing the volatile organic chemicals. Certain air purifying plants work wonders in clearing the air.

Here is an abbreviated list of air purifying plants that will be beneficial to your Feng Shui House:

1. Boston Fern - This beautiful plant is is great for removing formaldehyde and various other pollutants from the air. These are beautifully popular plants that make a space extraordinary; however, they are high maintenance and require daily attention in order to thrive.

2. Rubber Plant - This is a favorite house plant that will remove various types of pollutants, like formaldehyde. The rubber plant is quite hardy and can stand up against low light and temperatures on the cool side.

3. Peace Lily - This is a popular plant around Easter time, but be sure to grab a few of these pretty flowering plants that get rid of many toxins in your home.

4. English Ivy - Formaldehyde in no match for the air purifying English Ivy. This plant cleans the air and is simple to grow.

These plants can be used to purify the air in your home. However, it's not a good Feng Shui House practice to use them in the bedroom. A lot of energy flows through these plants, and when you're trying to sleep, this energy can be a distraction. Use them throughout the home for great Feng Shui house and clean air, just keep them out of your room where you sleep.

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