Monday, November 30, 2009

Guidelines To Find The Unusual Design For That Funny Shaped Corner

By Connor Sullivan

Everyone, at some time or another, will get thoroughly fed up with the same old furnishings that they have looked at for many years. Sometimes it does the home, and the owners, good to have a great redesign and breathe some new life into the place. Custom cabinetry can bring that touch of change to brighten up the place. Custom furniture will be able to be fitted anywhere, by a qualified cabinet maker, particularly into those odd little niches where ordinary furniture will not look good. Sometimes the homeowner will want to refurbish the whole house, or maybe that room that is no longer needed. Whichever it is, the artisan can turn that small idea into a great piece of furnishings that will be a treasured addition to the home. Indeed, pieces that are designed by the owner often become family heirlooms that are passed down through the family forever.

Victorian style houses, or period houses, have somewhat unusual design problems. For example, clean and straight angular lines will not suit the more ornate and fussy styled Victorian house. This era had heavy fancy furnishings which tended to be very large and awkward. For the modern furnishings lover, this would not be acceptable at all. For those with relatively new houses, the same would apply. Heavy furnishings would look and be too large for the space.

Probably the best place to look for new ideas is the local shops and magazines. Local shops will give some idea of where the fashion trends are heading. It also gives some indication of prices, although having furnishings purpose built will be pricier that buying ready made furnishings. Magazines will show what is on the cutting edge of the fashion front showing colors and styles which will take some time to filter through to the shop floor.

If the project is to be a large one, start gathering up cuttings and articles describing the style and color of the overall look that is being thought out. Match soft furnishings with existing furnishings to mix some old with the new. Finally, show this to the designers so that they have some idea of what the look is to be emulated in the home. They may also be able to advise on what types of wood should be used etc which could add some extra style to the finished design.

One interesting fact is that if a piece of furnishing is made from two different colors and species of wood, it may be possible to 'twin' this with another similar design to add interest to the home. That is, if there is to be inlays in the wood, say perhaps a light wood inlayed into a darker grain, then the pieces left behind will make an exact mirror image that can create a similar piece just like the first piece. If someone else is interested in this kind of piece then the neither customer will be charged for the wasted wood.

Remember though that once the work is started, it is virtually impossible to change the design, so check it over twice before putting in the order.

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