Friday, November 13, 2009

Antique Picture Frame: Pick Yours!

By Benedict Perez

The appearance of antique typically casts both a classical feel as well as a modern touch of works of art. Through creative shaping of patterns mixed with colorful attributions, a picture frame will surely exhibit only wonderful images and visions. Thus, antique picture frames can certainly do marvels for pictures and images.

Traditionally, picture frames are wooden. Although through time other materials like aluminum or plastic are used. These frames come in different colors and textures. Nonetheless, gilding and other embellishments are regularly added to make the frames more attractive. Also there are elaborate moldings to add up to its artistry. These are strips of material with cross sections to wrap spaces in between surfaces or for decoration.

While in some cases there are no safeguards needed for the art or picture where the same are not really subject to damage or deterioration, still normally these frames have a glass or plastic cover for purposes of shielding the art or picture within. There are glazing coatings that make the glass cover invisible but still protective of the inside. And there are glass coatings like UV filters. These cover glasses are important for precious works of art like paintings and stuff.

Matting is also important for frames with glass covers especially for photos which are sensitive to touch or contact. Technically, matting is that lining of plastic spacers, shadowboxing, stacking two moldings with the glass in between. With the constant contact of these sensitive pieces of art to the glass, the condensation within the glass would directly absorb with the pieces of art leaving no space for it to disperse.

So also is lifting such cover glass very important when a piece of art is done in a loose medium. This is imperative in order to prevent any smudging on the material. There should be extra care and diligence in dealing with these pieces in order to preserve and extend its utility as well as its aesthetic worth.

There are styled varieties of antique picture frames. There is the "L"-style, made with a single L-shaped border, with its bottom part at the front of the frame to hold in the glass which is secured in from the back. Then there is the photo cube usually displaying family pictures and other personal memoirs. Some other styles are the box frames and shadow boxes.

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