Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Closer Look At Sunbeam Electric Blankets

By Andy Zain

Since the discovery of an electric pad in 1912, it has become a staple in most homes. The modern electric blanket is many times preferred to regular unheated blankets. The electric types often help save energy and money by lowering heating expense. There are many different brands to choose from and one of the most popular is Sunbeam electric blankets.

Sunbeam offers durable and safe electric blankets at a reasonable price. There are different styles of electric blankets at different prices. Some are simple and easier to use and can be purchased for anywhere from $35 to $55, depending on the brand that's desired. Other electric blankets can be quite pricey and can do things like isolate the heat in one area of the body and be programmed to turn off and on.

There is one important consideration. How safe is the blanket? After all, it is a piece of material wrapped around heating elements. Early on, the safety of electric blankets was thoroughly studied and improvements were made. Here are a few things to think about when looking to buy an electric blanket.

1. Buy the blanket from a known name of a company that makes many different electrical appliances. This is a reassurance that the brand is familiar with extremely low frequency and magnetic fields. There have been concerns about ELF and the increased risk of developing brain tumors after prolonged use of electric blankets.

2. Be aware of the thickness of the blanket. The thicker the blanket, the more material between the heating elements and the user's skin. This helps prevent any burns that could occur if the elements get too hot for the person using the blanket. Many manufacturers have taken that in consideration so there are not many quality electric blankets that are thin.

3. It is recommended that consumer's buy their electric blankets and appliances from a company that is well known for safety. Many of the manufacturers specialize in the production of electrical appliances, giving them the knowledge to produce safe and reliable electrical blankets.

Electric blankets are no longer for those considered upper class. The quality of blankets, such as Sunbeam electric blankets, as well as the safety has greatly improved. Prices vary and they are very affordable. Electric blankets not only keep their owners warm, they also help lower utility bills.

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