Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simple Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree You Can Do Today

By Giselle Taylor

It has been a custom to families across the globe to set up and deck out a christmas tree in twinkling lights and festive trimmings. There are many new and exciting christmas tree decorating ideas you can use so long as you infuse it with your personal style and taste. Get great tips on decorating a christmas tree you can use with your family this year.

Let us start with the framework of it all-the christmas tree. You can use either a synthetic or a live tree. If you are like me and love the smell of a fresh pine tree in your home then trek on to your favorite christmas tree shop to get yourself a beautiful fir. Take care in loading in your backseat or tie it securely on the roof. Ruffle up the needles when you unload it as car rides tend to squash some of the volume out of them.

Have the tree pruned, washed and dried before you bring it inside your home. Set it up in a spot where it will be showcased best to your friends and guests like the living room or by the foyer. Make sure you place it near a wall socket but far enough that you can walk its circumference comfortably. If you want, you can move it farther against the wall when you're done decorating.

Choose a theme and a color palette and have your tree adhere to these parameters as well. The first decorations you will hang up are the lights. Mini white lights are a classic which go well with anything but take your pick among the different kinds available in the market today. Begin with the lowest set of branches, coiling the strand of lights around the trunk and limbs evenly and work your way upwards.

The next set of decorations we hang up are the holiday garlands wrapped around the tree. Use tinsel for this purpose. There are some with little sequins attached to them and when the light hits it, they give off rainbow colored reflections that are stunning to see. Avoid using edible food like stringed popcorn and cranberries unless you can be sure no mice or bug will sniff this out and gnaw on them in the middle of the night.

Now for the really fun part: the accessories. What motif have you decided on this year? We will build our look around this. If you want a classic and elegant look, trim the tree in velvet, lace and pearls all over. How about trying a country theme? Just fasten mistletoe with sprays of baby's breath and other herbs and tie it around the tree's boughs. Surprise your visitors with neon colored embellishments strewn across the fir's branches. The best christmas decorating ideas are always fun and exciting.

Finally, use glass ball ornaments as fillers in the christmas tree. Mix different sizes and textures to make the whole tree look interesting. You can use graduated colors of the same color family to add depth to it. The only rule here is to make sure that these balls are evenly distributed throughout each side.

These tips on decorating a christmas tree will get you a lovely looking tree. However, it's up to you to make this a beautiful and memorable time. You are loved and a blessing to people-- enjoy life, enjoy the holidays!

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