Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scream Out Your Thoughts With Wall Writings

By Bart Icles

Greeting cards, streamers, posters and postcards - here are ways on how people want their messages to be seen. Ways to send messages has developed creatively through the years. From simple letters in stationeries to writing messages in the sky, from emails to blogs, messaging could definitely done in various ways. Graffiti is another way of getting what's in your mind known, although, not a lot of people would consider it done inside the walls of your home. These times, there is now a way to make writing on walls informative, tasteful, and classy.

Vinyl lettering is an innovative kind of wall writing method. Because you can choose which font, how large or thick and what color to use for the letters, it can be suited to what kind of character a person has or what personality he or she wants to project. If you are an environmentalist or some kind of activist, you could choose a message which would describe your beliefs and have them formatted to your liking. If you're someone who's sophisticated, you could choose sophisticated lettering which would diffuse a classy ambience fit to your lifestyle and personality.

Writing on the wall could be as much fun as making graffiti. Though you may not be spraying paint and forming each letter manually, you could have a neater way of printing out your messages. Since these are done in a more technology-integrated way, the spacing of your letters would come out even and the letters would be perfectly cut. Despite this cleaner appearance, the lettering would still come out as if they have been painted.

Your inspirational messages could be visible within the walls of your house or office without it looking bothersome. Unlike painting directly on your walls, you could have a preview of how it would look on your walls with vinyl letters. Though it seems that it is very difficult to attain such perfected lettering, its application is actually not that complicated. Applying this to your walls is a no brainer. All you need to have is a pair of steady hands.

The great thing about having wall writings is not only to provide a great wall decoration. Most importantly, it is an amazing and fun way of instilling your motivational messages or motto onto a place where it could be seen all the time. By constantly seeing this, you could remind yourself or the people you want to deliver your message to, your beliefs and thoughts which will inspire you throughout the day.

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