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Best Method to Clean Carpet and Rugs

By Collean House

Weather your a hard wood floor person who likes to use oriental rugs or if you are a die hard carpet fan who loves thick plush carpet in every room, cleaning your carpet can pose some questions. Such as, what types of methods are there for cleaning my carpet?

A method known in the industry as Hot Water Extraction or steam cleaning is considered the best way to clean carpets and rugs. This method is highly recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Hot Water Extraction Method is the most effective way to clean carpeting. Todays largest carpet manufacturers in the world all recommend hot water extraction to clean and maintain carpeting. This method is friendlier to the environment, pets and people, as well as your carpet than other chemically heavy cleaning techniques. This state of the art solution for heavy or regular maintenance carpet cleaning should be preformed by well-trained certified technicians using the latest products in the industry.

Most people tend to place rugs in higher traffic areas of their house which may require special attention when cleaning. When getting your rugs professionally cleaned your local carpet cleaning company may want to preform the cleaning process from its shop. This allows them to use special equipment that may aid in getting the most dirt and debris from your rug as possible, a process that may take several steps to complete.

The first step in this process is to place metal grids on the ground. This aids in the cleaning process and allows dirt and debris to separate from the rug. Next the rug is placed upside down on the metal grids. Special equipment known as the "Badger" is then used to vibrate the dirt loose from the rug. The rug is then rolled back to reveal the dirt and debris left behind. At this time the metal grids are rolled up as well, and the debris is gathered from the floor. The rug is rolled out again. It is then vacuumed and disinfectant spray is applied to the entire surface of the rug. Remaining dirt and debris are extracted. After disinfectant spray is applied a specialized wand is used for the extraction of excess debris. The rug is flipped right side up. Disinfectant spray is reapplied and a special comb is used to agitate the rug causing the disinfectant to reach deep into its fibers. The rug agitation, wand extraction, and disinfectant spray are repeatedly preformed until the rug is thoroughly clean.

No matter if you have rugs or carpeting a stain will always hinder the beauty of a floor. Some stains may be so bad that you think the rug or carpet is ruined, but that is not always the case. Some companies even guarantee their work, and if they don't i would recommend finding someone who does.

Most companies will offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service for your carpet and rug cleaning needs. If you are not happy with their service they should come back free of charge. And if they still cant get the stain out to your approval they should not charge you a dime.

Having your rugs and carpeting cleaned can be easy, but you must trust the company you hire to do the job.

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