Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plants That Are Best For Greenhouse

By Keith Markensen

Greenhouse Checklist for APRIL

Tulbaghia vinlacea is a bulbous, evergreen plant that is practically everblooming. Its star-shaped, bright lilac flowers borne in umbels of eight to 16 flowers, and completely simple culture, make it a valuable plant for every pot plant gardener. You may order divisions of this tulbaghia from a dealer in rare bulbs.

Amaryllis which have not already bloomed this winter may have buds now. Keep them in active growth. Every four big, strapping leaves should store up a bud sheath in the bulb for next season. They should be warm (70-80 degrees), well-fed and grown in a sunny place.

Wax begonia seedlings started in February should be potted now.

Anemnne coronaria makes a beautiful greenhouse plant. For the best blossoms grown, sow seeds now, When the plants are large enough, transplant to deep pots.

Procure the best tuberose bulbs available and pot two or three of them in a 5 inch pot. The delightfully scented Flowers make them worthwhile for the greenhousel

Vegetables and annuals should be well on their way for use in outdoor planting during the next two months. Some gardeners have tomatoes and sweet peppers to blooming size by the time the weather is warm enough for them to go outdoors. Smaller plants have a point in their favor because they will adjust to the outdoor weather much faster than large plants.

If space is available, try planting a few lima beans in pots for an early start. Plant one bean to a three-inch pot. Do likewise with cucumbers and cantalonpes, except in a two-inch pot.

Despite this being a busy season for gardeners, if you have the slightest notion of adding a greenhouse to your landscape or gardening projects this year, it is time to do research. Write for catalogs from greenhouse makers, and study the books available. Be sure to talk to other gardeners who have home greenhouses - theyll tell you many things theyre glad they did when they built, and theyll also give you handy hints about "the next time I build a greenhouse to add to my backyard designs, I'll do it this way..."

Easter Sunday afternoon is a good time to hold open house for your greenhouse. Plants should be at their best at this time of the year. If seedlings and young plants have your structure too crowded, move a few blooming plants into your house for the afternoon. Invite your friends, and be sure that garden. club members, and others who might be interested, are invited to come and "get acquainted.," and to talk about home greenhouse gardening.

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