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Kitchenaid Filters & Katadyn Water Filters: The Facts On Filtered Water

By Zachus J Winestone

It is a proven fact that filtered water tastes much better than tap water. The smell is also much better due to the adsence of chlorine and bacteria. The prime choices for filtered water are Katadyn water filters and kitchen aid water filters due to their outstanding quality and evolutionary features. Katadyn water filters and Kitchenaid filters are also cheaper than other bottled waters, they are reasonably priced so except a lot more savings. Its obvious but not widely practiced that if you want healthier and better tasting water try the wide variety of water filters.

For outdoor sports, camping trips and hiking trips Katadyn water filters are the way to go for water purity. Katadyn water filters have a 3 range series. These are the endurance series, the backcountry series and the Ultralight series. The endurance series is most effective for turbid water. If youre wandering what turbid water is, well, this is water that comes from lakes, rivers and streams. The contamination from these waters usually come from sediments from lose soil in the water distributed on a daily basis by currents. This gives the water that cloudy murky outlook also making it unsafe to drink. Build up of Phytoplankton in turbid water is caused from environmental disturbances, storm water run off or even construction around the area.

Katadyn- Your Outdoor Water Filter

The Endurance series is focused more for a number of people mainly 4 to 5. On the other hand the backcountry series is geared for 4 people or less whilst the ultralight series caters for just one person. Mind you all of these series are incredibly portable and very durable when it comes to outdoor use. Each water filter series vary in capacity intake so it is vital that a camper knows exactly what and how much he needs when planning his trip. Ideal for hotel use, sporting events and day trips is the Ultralight range designed for light use and easy to pack.

The filters that are in the Backcountry Series are ideal for campers and hikers. These water filters can handle slightly turbid water, are lightweight and easy to use. Depending on the turbidity of the water, users can select from several different filters for varying degrees of filtration based upon need. The products in this series are the midpoint between the rugged Endurance Series and the smaller, simpler Ultralight Series.

Kitchenaid Filters-For Your Home

Kitchen Aid offers a wide variety of water filters for home use. They are installed by either twisting them or pushing them into place in the water filter system that is in your refrigerator. These filters remove many different impurities and contaminants from your drinking water, including lead, mercury, benzene, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, asbestos, cysts, alachlor, endrin, lindane and many more. However, no refrigerator water filters that are built in to the appliance remove fluoride.

With its versatile system Kitchenaid is the most popular easy to use brands around the world. This popularity is due to its reliability, affordability and consistency always providing clean pure water with every glass. After six months of use these filters need to be changed and replaced with a new filter. If you have a refrigerator filter than this also needs to be changed every six months or else water quality will be poor. Kitchenaid filters can get rid of every type of bacteria except fluoride. Fluoride isnt as harmful like other bacteria however in extremely concentrated quantities this causes minor health problems.

All in all, both Katadyn water filters and Kitchenaid water filters are able to give us the same end product. Both products give clean, fresh drinking water however the method to which this is delivered is different. So, whether you are planning a camping or hiking trip, or if you just need a home water filtration system, Katadyn and Kitchenaid are able to deliver high quality pure water for you and your family.

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