Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Can Build Your Very Own Wind Power Generator!

By John Ashbury

You can build your very own wind power generator, however for it to work properly there are several components you will need for completion. These components include a generator, a tower, the yaw mechanism, the rotor blades and several others.

Using the power of the wind as a means of lowering your expenses due to the use of power is an awesome solution. You can save money while not contributing to the air pollution that generates in this modern world. Many homeowners with wind power generators are very happy with their alternative energy solution because it does save them money on a monthly basis. With this easy to install system, you can save money while absorbing the costs throughout the years.

You will need a generator to build a wind powered solution at your home. Wind power means that you do not rely on grid power like a solar source does. The best form of a generator for a home solution of wind power is to use a car alternator. However, there are drawbacks to this type of generator which include needing to be driven at high speeds for top output.

When there is low wind speed it may not put off enough power also. If you don't want to use a car alternator then you should consider using a permanent magnet generator. This is usually the most successful form of generator you can use.

You can carve your own blades from wood if you like while building your own wind turbine system. On the other hand, you can always purchase your blades from a local retailer. Regardless of how you get your blades, you need to consider protection and safety issues before installing them to get the best results.

Wind is a factor if you want to build your own wind alternative energy source at home. If your home is situated in a bank or an area where there is not enough wind coming your way then the system may not work well at all. A wind system needs a lot more than 6 mph of wind. If that is your average every day then there will not be enough stored energy on the generator to run anything in your home.

You will also require a tower while building your wind alternative energy source at home. If you live in a HOA or homeowners association neighborhood, you need to counsel with them to get permission to install a tower in the neighborhood. Many towers may reach a height of 80 feet in order to get the wind speeds required to generate power. Your HOA may not give you permission to install a tower in the neighborhood. Check with them before beginning your project.

There are many factors to consider when you are planning to build a wind alternative energy source at home. For instance, you need to ensure that you do get the type of wind speed required for building your own turbine system at home. You can also find what you need by shopping with local retailers.

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