Monday, May 25, 2009

Steps I Installing Walk-in Tubs and Showers

By Bob Ranold

The comfort of relaxing in a hot bath tub cannot be underestimated especially after a long and stressful day. Millions of dollars are spent each year in tub, bath and spa treatments. This is not to mention their complimentary services such as massages and aroma therapies.

Then there are the different products such as soaps, lotions, perfumes and aroma therapy bubble bat solutions that cater to spa fans. There is also a section of the populace that does not necessarily enjoy the tub the way others do and this is because of their disabilities which prevent them from getting in.

There are many in society who have physical limitations such as paralysis, arthritis, sickness and other issues that cause them to be under the care of someone else or where they find it a challenge to lift themselves and get into the bath tub. It therefore become necessary to carried in and out of the bath tub.

Walk-in tubs and baths may resemble ordinary tubs but they are also specially designed to allow a door on the side. This opens much in the same way a car door opens. One then gets into the car and closes the door. Newer tubs also spot a seat where one can ease and sit down. Once inside the person can close the door and proceed to turn on the water.

An interesting aspect of about walk-in tubs and baths is that they completely airtight and when the tub is full, it does not leak through the door hinges. The walk-in tubs and baths also come with special tub handles where the person using the tub can easily lift themselves out of the tub before stepping out. This is both convenient and adds to safety.

In the past, someone had to lift the invalid in and out of the tub. Not only was this very strenuous but it can result in back injury for the caregiver who is carrying them.

So how can you make the transition from a regular bath tub to the walk-in tub? In the US there are many stores which sell bath products and fixtures. Room stores and giant retail stores such as LOWES and Home Depot outfit bath tubs with excellent do-it-yourself installation guides. There are also excellent and friendly staff on standby and for an additional fee they can help you with installation if you do not want to mess around with the installation process.

In order to efficiently install a walk-in tub, you may want to contact the services of a handyman. These are home improvement experts who do any installations and modification jobs around the house. In the US you can find competent handymen through the yellow pages or simply contacting your local homeowners association. Handymen are very "handy" because they save you time and money all for a very minimal fee. We recommend that you seek the services of a professional handyman if you want a perfect installation of your tub.

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