Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glass Blocks Can Enhance A Room

By Garry Brown

With new home construction on the rise, there is no shortage of new and innovative designs. When we drive around some neighborhoods we cannot but help noticing how the builders of these structures have gone all out in making their homes unique and competitive.

We now have homes in almost all shapes and sizes. Even people with existing homes have joined the fray. Since they cannot outright demolish their homes and reconstruct, they make a spirited attempt to modify their homes using innovative techniques. One of those techniques is using glass blocks.

Glass blocks as building blocks have been around for some time but they have become more prevalent in recent times as more and more people discover their inherent advantages. Glass blocks are not made of regular glass as there are many types of glass.

Rather, they are made out of what is called tempered glass which is a specially made to specially-treated glass that is heated to certain degrees and then left to dry. This produces a type of glass that is more resilient than regular glass and can even be as hard as marble. This makes this a very attractive building material. Glass blocks have several advantages that make them an attractive building option.

A great advantage of glass blocks is that they are very attractive. This is because they are translucent and allow light to enter into the room. This ensures that the people inside the building have a partial view of the outside..

What makes glass blocks attractive is the fact that they allow light in without necessarily being brittle. We normally associate glass with being brittle and delicate as with drinking glass. The same is not the case with glass blocks. These can be set to allow light while at the same time be as hard as marble. They can even be set to allow some light and not all, meaning that they become translucent rather than totally transparent. This can allow light to enter into the building without necessarily compromising privacy.

Another reason that makes glass blocks attractive is their resilience. We mentioned this before; that they are made out of treated glass which is enhanced with the addition of increased chemicals and moderated heat levels to create a glass substance that is hundreds of times stronger than regular glass. In the event that is cracks and breaks, it does not shatter the way regular glass does. Who would not want a strong glass block to form part of their walls at home or at the office which is very beautiful to look at and also very strong?

Because glass blocks allow a lot of light into the room, they contribute to lower energy bills. This is because the room requiress less artificial light since it is now utilizing natural outdoors light.

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