Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green With Solar Pool Covers

By Karen Gareth

There are thousands of ways you can save energy in your home. Most people don't realize the huge difference a solar pool cover can create. Solar pool covers are one small change that can save you a lot of money, and save the planet a lot of wasted energy.

This is what you should know.

1 The cost of pool heating can be curtailed a great deal if you keep the pool closed or covered when not in use. 2 You can actually decrease the size of your pool's propane, electric, gas or solar heating unit, with your pool cover alone.

Due to the evaporation of water, the heat of the pool can be reduced by almost 70 percent. A lot of energy is used up in water which evaporates. Heating a pool uses 1 btu of energy to raise 1 lb of water 1 degree, not a lot. But at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, each lb. This evaporated water reduces the pool heat by over 1000btu. Your pool gets colder the more water evaporates from it.

What increases the evaporation of pool water?

1 The temperature of the pool water itself. 2 Air temperature. 3 Humidity. 4 Wind speed, higher wind speeds plus higher water temperature equals faster evaporation.

Here are some suggests for reducing pool water evaporation.

To get respite from the wind entering the pool you can plant tall shrubs and bushes, install or build a fence and plant trees around the pool. Since the sun acts as a free pool heater you need to be careful not to block the useful rays. Avoid shaded areas; this prevents the sun from naturally heating your pool, causing a significant increase in energy usage. And the point is saving energy not wasting it.

Indoor pools what about them?

With an indoor pool you dont have to worry about wind or sun, a problem that you have to consider with outdoor pools. So obviously you wouldn't need to plant trees or build fences indoors. Nevertheless, there is no change in the quantity of water lost due to evaporation. A pool cover can fix these problems.

Why the solar pool wrap?

If the other advantages arent enough consider the fact that people who use solar pool covers report having to add water 30 to 50 percent less. Employing a solar cover could help you reduce the chemicals added to the pool by 35 percent to 60 percent. And of course think of the amount of time and energy you will save by not having to clean the pool if you keep it closed in the first place. So when your pool is free you want it covered for that time. It just makes sense to cover it with a solar cover which will save energy, save money and save time.

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