Saturday, May 23, 2009

What to Remember when Getting 5 Cup Rice Cookers

By Anthony Cruz

I love rice, my husband and son also loves it. We cant live without it. Were very particular about the rice we eat.

My husband hates it when the rice is too sticky. My son doesnt want it undercooked. We had a smaller rice cooker (3 cupper) and it left us disappointed.

My primary concern is size. We always eat rice, so having a small rice cooker is never a good idea. Thanks God, my mom persuaded me to buy an Aroma 5 cup rice cooker as a present.

Read on to know more about the features you should look for when buying 5 cup rice cookers.


My friend was very disappointed when she tried her new 5 cup rice cooker. Shes so confident about the cookers capacity so she tried to cook 5 cups of rice. She left the rice cooker for a while to attend to some household chores, positive that the cooker would do okay.

But when she returned, the rice cooker was spilling some water. It was a mess.

So its best to read the specs when youre choosing a 5 cup rice cooker. Are you getting a 5 cups dry, or a 5 cups cooked rice cooker. They are hugely different.


Your 5 cup rice cooker should be versatile. If youre on a healthy diet, you might want something that allows you to cook healthy food. In addition to cooking the finest rice, your rice cooker should also allow you to steam veggies and fish and make stews and soups.


When choosing a 5 cup rice cooker, look for one that has easy-to-clean parts. There are rice cookers that spill over, making a real mess on the counter. Stay away from these rice cookers.

Choose one that has a lid that barely needs washing. Go for a one that combines cool features with great engineering and that is dishwasher-friendly.


Automatic timer and stop features are great for busy people. These features save you time and effort going back and forth to check the rice cooker. Higher-end 5 cup rice cookers sport some features like extended keep warm and delayed start.

Design and style

Of course, you dont want your 5 cup rice cooker looking out of place on your counter. Go for a rice cooker that will look nice on your counter. Get one that will blend elegantly with the overall design of your kitchen.

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