Monday, May 18, 2009

Junk Pickup

By Gingerich Odorico

With landfills reaching capacity in some cities, the people of Arizona need new options for trash removal. Two options that are proving popular are recycling materials that are recyclable and reusing items that still have some mileage. This article looks at examples and ways to get involved.

There are two types of waste containers available to those in Phoenix, in sizes of one and three-hundred gallons. There are weight restrictions that are in place for these containers of two hundred and five hundred pounds respectively. This is because waste removal vehicles may not be able to remove the waste in question if it is too heavy.

Waste containers that are city owned are usually able to be repaired. There are special hotlines in place for residents to request their waste containers to be refurbished or replaced. There may be charges applicable for service.

Trash removal sorts your trash for you. Trash can be sorted in different categories such as recycle, donate, or dispose. This spares you the pain of sorting your trash, yet still gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your items are going where they belong.

Once a month, Scottsdale has a day in which leftover lawn waste is removed. On this day they also remove furniture and bulk waste. There is no additional fee on your trash removal.

Your table scraps can be used to feed your household pet. Instead of dumping the food, give it to your dog. Make sure that it is safe for them to eat.

Landfills can be quite technical. There are two types of landfills that are specialised in the way they dispose of waste. These special landfills are usually carefully planned structures which utilise isolation and sometimes line the waste to protect the public and integrate well into modern society.

There are a variety of materials which are acceptable for recycling. These include aluminium, cardboard, paperboard, glass and paper (including newspapers and magazines). Plastics that are accepted for recycling include tubs, bottles, jars and containers.

Some items are flagged for recycling by the waste collection agency in Mesa. These include batteries, air-conditioning filters, light bulbs, rubber bands and gift wrap. Plastic liners are a form of plastic not acceptable in blue recycling barrels.

Appliances can be annoying to throw out. If you do not feel like hiring someone to dispose of it you can request the city of Scottsdale to do it for you. For thirty dollars, they will come by and pick it up.

Contacting the waste collection agencies that represent the City of Mesa can get clarification and the answers you need if you find yourself in a situation where you need to know more information about the services offered.

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