Thursday, May 14, 2009

Green Backup Emergency Power Supply - Power4home Homemade Wind Generators

By Dan Gentry

Power generation with homemade wind generators has been used for many years and is a well proven technology. Not really magic...turning a generator by any means, be it wind, water, gasoline or diesel motors will make electric power. How much electricity is generated depends on many variables and with homemade wind generators wind speed will be the limiting factor.

You can check on what the average wind speed and even the number of full sun days in your local area by visiting weather related web sites. Using both wind and sun days you can estimate what a homemade energy system can generate both day and night.

With a guide such as Power4home you don't need any special skills because of the included videos, blueprints, parts list and other resources that will show you exactly how to build homemade wind generators and homemade solar panels. If you are a common home owner handyman and can use standard tools you have in your garage you will successfully complete these home green energy projects.

Power4home and other top guides are an exceptional value for the average person looking to see what is needed to generate their own power. What you need to keep in mind though, is a combined small homemade wind generator and homemade solar panel probably isn't going to generate enough electricity to power your entire home.

How much usable electricity can I make?

A green emergency backup power supply is one of the best applications for a combination homemade wind generator and homemade solar panel system. This system can easily charge a battery bank made up of four to six twelve volt cells and power lights, television, computers and a small refrigerator to keep those big game beers cold. You may find that your neighbors will be visiting you during those summer storms that knocks your power out.

Now that you have the power outages covered you can also use your homemade power system every day to run your small appliances, security lights, electric garden tools and even give a charge to your cell phone. This can amount to a nice monthly savings of from ten to thirty percent. Not bad for a homemade system!

If you take a realistic approach you will be amazed what you can do and not have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. Some of the hype with small scale homemade wind generators and solar panels is that you can cut yourself off from the power grid. Well this can be true but you will need more than just a basic system. Start small and get good instructions from the Power4home energy construction course and you won't be disappointed in your results.

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