Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Success without Black Mold Cleanup without the Regrowth of Mold Colonies

By Paul J. Easton

Black mold can show not only on wood and wallpaper but also on drywall, carpets, and even in unexpected places like paints, fabric, and insulation. The inexperienced with black molds might go around the basement searching in dark corners but the veteran professional knows that molds can grow under the carpet too. Check the insulation in the room above the bathroom and whenever you see stains, however faint, may indicate a crucial mold contamination.

The first step to clean up black molds and preventing it from re-growing is to remove all causes for humidity and moisture. A dehumidifier thus is an inevitable piece of equipment with mold clean up. A room must not reach 55% humidity level to prevent the black mold's development.

In cases where the premises have been flooded, utilize pumps to eliminate the water. Use high level UV lights to delay the black mold growth. Prevention and elimination is crucial and is dependent on how fast you dry the area.

Take out all the dust in the room and seal it off to have negative pressure. Negative pressure precludes the mold spores from spreading. This requires wrapping the room in plastic to seal it off. Make sure to duct tape the edges of the plastic until the task is complete.

Whenever viable, set an exhaust fan next to an open window to lead the air flow outside the building. The exhaust creates an environment that is counterproductive to the black mold colony's growth.

Another tip is to mist the room with a mixture of water and mold retardant. Misting the room will lower the level of dust inside the room. Once the area is damp, clean the area with a disinfectant. This will wipe out the mold spores. Make sure to clean all areas accessible too.

It is now time to contact some services from professionals, or use a product created for cleaning black mold. Discard all mold-infested building materials into heavy duty plastic bags. Throw these bags out the window and do not transfer them through the home, even if the tops are sealed.

These points will serve to prevent more contamination. Cleaning up black mold is a tough task that demands to be done correctly or the mold will re-grow.

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When discovering you have mold in the basement, it always is a shock. But do not worry, basement mold does have its solutions and can be solved very quickly. In any basement mold cleaning event, you will just need to make sure to not only clean the mold but prevent it from coming back. Do not go and be a superhero and remove all the mold immediately.