Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wall Graphics are transforming the Large Format Digital printing industry

By Jamie Xuereb

Wall Graphics have slowly evolved over the last decade. At first cut vinyl were used as wall graphics. Then printed wall graphics had a permanent adhesive which stuck to walls permanently. When peeled off however the adhesive was so strong that paint would be peeled off with the adhesive.

Wall graphics changed a couple of years ago when a new product hit the market. The adhesive on the wall graphic was now removable. This meant that wall graphics were removable off walls without ripping off paint. This meant though that wall graphics was still a one use product.

However now there is a new wall graphic material which is much more advanced than previous products. It not only has a removable adhesive, it is also repositionable. The benefit of this is that is it can be used, removed and re-used in a different location time and time again.

The material is also a fabric and not a shinny gloss stock like previous inferior materials. This blends in well with walls and gives the prints a nice natural matt feel. Also this material has the benefit of being water resistant and also tear resistant.

Wall graphics are now ideal for kids. Use them as a gift, to educate or to reward. Having the alphabet wall graphic kit can educate young children visually their A to Z. Having outerspace wall graphic theme kits can spark creativity in children. Or having the fairytale theme kit is the perfect way to surprise your little princess. The best thing is the adhesive from wall graphics will not damage your walls.

Wall Graphics have changed the way people think about wall stickers. Not only are they for children, but also for adults. Renovators trying to make their rooms look lively without painting them. Or everyday people trying to turn their normal wall into a feature wall.

They can turn a wall into a feature wall without having to paint them or drill holes into them. They also have the benefit of being able to be re-used, so if you are in the business of renovating homes and selling them, you can use these as portable decorations you can take with you anywhere.

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