Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can Diversion Safes, Hide a Safe Secret Hiding Safes

By Mark Ramos

Diversion safe is better known as Hidden safe. It refers to the system in which people take some safety measures for the valuable things of the households from being stolen or burgle red. Its like hiding your valuable things in a place where a thief will pay less attention while stealing things from your home. As we know the robbers spend less time during any operation, its the thief against who the guard can be taken of. As for example if the owner of the house can just keep the valuable things in a can hardly anyone outside of the house have clue of that.

The Michigan Crime commission reports that usually home invaders do not spend more than 10 minutes in a victims house. Increase the odds of your jewelry surviving a robbery; simply hide your valuables in plain sight in a hidden diversion safe. The Diversion Safes are a unique home-security product that blends in with the other items in your house; and reduces your chances that a thief will find your valuables.

You can make any household item as a diversion safe. Usually diversion safe does not have any lock but when a thief is looking for valuables, he does not look at the flower pots or in a beer can. So you can use a can as a diversion safe. It is safer than a safety lock. Because any thief can break a lock of a safety lock but he does not find in a can.

Any kind of cans would be the best option to be a diversion safe. It has become the most popular one among he people. Otherwise a books, electrical outlet, rock, candle, flower pots can be used as well. Cans of Pringles, carpet cleaner, dog food, Ajax, shaving cream, engine degreaser, bathroom cleaner are also could be the medium of diversion cans as well.

The inner region does not have too much space by the size. In that case you can make an area by filling 1or 2 inches wider. Book safes where as does have widen area of approximately 7 inches long and 4 inches wide and up to 1 inch deep. The most spacious thing would be the flower pots which is usually the largest safe. For the space concern one can buy larger pots for reducing the space limitations.

It is the obvious thin to amaze diversion. For hiding the money jewelry and other valuable thing, one can use the kitchen bathroom or the garage. The whole funds are to keep the safe in a general place and making sure about the matching of the safes with the surroundings. The hider will have to make sure that the whole situation should look real and genuine.

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