Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How a Queen Size mattress can affect the enviroment

By Natalia Abella

I know that cancer is a disease widely discussed around the world and there is not tested a specific cause of this disease but there are some identified elements that can produce cancer in many ways and several part of the body. In many cases I have seen also other kind of materials that can produce allergies and some skin problems that you should indentify. For instance, there are people that contact with polyester fabric produce several allergies in diverse part of the body.

If can make several questions related to chemicals. People ask whether materials extracted from chemicals can affect your health or not. Evidently yes, and this is the main reasons why international regulations are taking place in many developed countries and not only for environmental reasons but to protect the health of people that face several kind of diseases. The source of many diseases is clearly identified and the use of some products and mattresses affect in many ways your health and also impact your body.

In this second part of this article, I would like to share with you the most recommended materials should be considered when you are prompted for a queen size mattress or a mattress. If you believe a Sealy Posturepedic is the best option for you is that we will explain in detail in the following lines.

As mentioned in the first part of this article, the trend nowadays is to use organic matter as it is scientifically proven that the mattress is the most recommended to protect the environment and human health. One of these is organic wool. But the wool used for this purpose is not wool, and is certified in natural wool, which are not contaminated by chemicals. Wool is also very important to protect your home in case of fire because of this wool is fire resistant. Everyone knows that in case of fire in one of the things that is very fast burn beds, pillows and curtains above, but in this case, you will receive better protection of such material.

The certified organic cotton is another material that is used to manufacture beds that protect your health and the environment. The construction of a mattress is not only based in one material but is the combination of several materials that produce some level of firmness and comfort. There are several kinds of cotton but only certified cotton (with no chemicals and pesticides) is the propel cotton that wont affect your health. Let me tell you that probably you arent affected by any breathing disease or asthma but the most recommended materials are shown in this article for general knowledge. Finally another recommended material is the natural rubber which is widely used in many high quality mattresses and pillow tops so that you can only enjoy a fresh environment but have full comfort and protection. These materials are the finest, healthiest and most recommended by the leaders of the industry.

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