Friday, May 22, 2009

Tricks To Cool Your House During The Summer

By JT Miller

Summertime is here! We're now entering the warmest part of the summer season and many of us facing a hard decision: We can stay cool and dry in our homes by paying high energy bills due to the cost of running our air conditioners all day long or we can skip the air conditioner and be warm and miserable.

Don't worry because there are some things you can do to keep your home cool while still saving money. Here are a just some of the many easy ways you can help your air conditioner work less in the heat of the summer.

Install Blinds on You Windows: You'll be amazed at how much cooler your house can be with the well thought-out placement of a few light-blocking shades over your sunniest windows. Sunlight pouring in through your windows can heat your home like an oven. Regular curtains probably aren't enough. You'll want to use a full light-blocking blind. You can keep your regular decorative curtains in place, just be sure to also use light blocking blinds on the same window or doorway. Blocking out that light during the warmest part of the day can make a dramatic difference in cooling.

Replace your Air Conditioner Air Filters: Whether you have a central air conditioner or window AC units, you have to clean and eventually replace your air filters every so often to make sure you have a unblocked flow of cool air. A dirty air filter can prevent air from being blown efficiently by your air conditioner. If your air filter is really dirty it could actually cause your AC fan to break down which could end up being expensive to fix. This is probably one of the single most overlooked central AC maintenance tips. You'll want to check your air filters once a month and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and replacing your air filters regularly.

Insulate and Seal: One way to keep your house cool is to make sure you're not losing any cool air from your AC where you shouldn't be. You can inspect all your windows and doors searching for small openings where cool air could slip out. If you have window AC units you may want to make sure they are installed tightly and have no gaps around the installation hardware. If you have a central AC then you should go over as much of the metal vent system as you can. Use aluminum foil tape to seal up any small holes or gaps that may be letting out cold air. You may also want to close the air vent registers and close the doors in rooms you don't use so that your AC doesn't have to try to cool those rooms too.

All of these energy saving methods will help keep your house interior cool and help your air conditioner keep running efficiently this summer. These are just some of the many home cooling methods you can use to stay comfortable inside during the heat of the summer months. Utilizing these cooling tips in unison with one another can really help you save money on your energy bills and keep you comfortable during the summer!

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