Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why You Might Want To Consider Filter Fridges

By Zachus J Winstone

Everyone knows that drinking water is a much healthier option than drinking anything else. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is, most people in the United States dont drink much water due to their available preferences such as Coke, Pepsi and other delectable soda drinks. One way to ensure you get pure drinking water is with a fridge filter. A fridge filter is a water filtration device which is attached to a refrigerator. Filter water from fridges are suppose ably better than bottled water, which is nothing more than tap water, bottled, labeled and shipped. If you consider the total energy expenditure that goes into bottled water, including distribution, its an ecological disaster.

There are real benefits to having properly filtered water. Most city water, while it meets the EPA's thresholds for purity, still has trace elements of lead and mercury, and depending on where it comes from, probably tastes strongly of chlorine, especially if the local water source is a lake or river system, rather than an underground aquifer.

A great water filtration system "mainly a pitcher-driven filter-averages about $35. Most filter fridges normally lasts a period of two years before they need changing with filter cartridges. If compared with a normal buying a bottled water everyday for the next two years you will find that a installing a filter in your fridge is far cheaper than the alternative.

What a fridge filter does is put a filtration system like the one for a pitcher filter into a water and ice dispenser on the refrigerator door. The simpler filtration systems are single pass activated charcoal filters, which do the bulk of the work in making water taste good; activated charcoal will sequester chlorine and other oxidizers.

The more elaborate fridge filters use a multi-step filtration system which runs water through osmotic barriers. These barriers screen more metals, soften the water, and then lets the water run through activated charcoal. To do this, a reservoir needs to built into the door to store water, much the same way that a filtration pitcher tends to hold about half as much as a standard pitcher does.

Having a fridge filter is convenient; it gives access to pure clean water for the whole family. With a fridge filter soda habits will gradually become a thing of the past and a healthy future a thing of the present.

Not all filters are built to last a life and this is the general case for fridge filters. After a certain amount of time, depending on its usage it would only normally last two years. These filters have replacement cartridges and very cheap to purchase.

So my advice to a person who is looking to get a fridge is to ensure you purchase a fridge filter as well. There are many different model filters depending on the size of your fridge and your preference. In the long run could be assured that these filters would bring you cleaner drinking water and increase the health of your family. This would ultimately decrease doctors bills but definitely increase your well-being and that of your family. Fridge filters I use it and I highly recommend you try it and taste the difference.

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