Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleaning up Black Mold Mess

By Paul J. Easton

Black mold can show on wood, wallpaper, drywall, carpet, and even in paints and adhesives. The inexperienced may go to the basement seeing around pipes but the veteran professional will look under the carpet in the TV room, or check the insulating material in the room above the bathroom. Any discoloration, no matter how faint, or what color, may signal a serious mold problem.

The first step to clean up black molds and preventing it from re-growing is to remove all causes for humidity and moisture. A dehumidifier thus is an inevitable piece of equipment with mold clean up. A room must not reach 55% humidity level to prevent the black mold's development.

If the area has recently been flooded, use pumps to get rid of the water. Also, place fans in the premises. In addition, using high level UV lights can slow and keep the growth of black mold. Dispatch wet items from the place. Bear in mind that prevention and elimination is always dependent on the way the place is dried.

Next is to remove all the dust in the room and sealing off the room. This creates negative pressure, forestalling the mold spores from dispersing to other parts of the home. This entails confining the room in plastic. Remember to duct tape the edges and leave all cleaning equipment inside until the whole task is over.

Another tip is to place an exhaust fan next to an open window. This will also produce negative air pressure, leading the air flow outdoors. This creates a bad condition for the growth of the black molds.

Apply water and bleach by misting it over the room to diminish the level of dust inside the room. By cleaning up the room with a disinfectant, you wipe out the mold spores. Clean all areas accessible also. These mold spores can remain dormant though for years but can still initiate another colony with suitable conditions like high humidity and a dirty space.

Better yet, hire a professional service if unsure with what to do. Discard all mold-infested building materials into sealed plastic bags. Pass these bags out the window and never transport them through the household.

Cleaning black mold is a challenging task. It needs to be done perfectly or the mold will grow once again.

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