Saturday, May 16, 2009

Equestrian Home Decoration Guidelines

By Elias Maseko

If you are a horse enthusiast then anyone who knows this of you would expect you to adorn your rooms with an equestrian theme. Equestrian house decor is a popular home decorating style, not only because of the animal's beauty, but also because of the versatility of available forms of horse decor. Here are some ideas on how to adorn your home with horse decoration.

Here are several suggestions about how to use horse decor as designs for your home. If you feel that larger pieces are overbearing, you can start with tiny emphasis pieces like a figurine on your hall table, a Texas star wall time piece, bookends with horse figures, or wall art with horse design. You can also erect a large welcome sign or doormat with horse and cowboy design to set the tone or mood of the home.

Other types of horse decoration are piece of furniture accents like a country-style themed dresser or armoire in deep color with horse design.

This piece can serve as centerpiece of the room, or it can be placed in a nook for emphasis and a base horse figure can also serve as cocktail table or side table. This horse figurine as base can also be used for table lamps or you can have a stunning horse scene in the shade and when lit, the shade gives really beautiful western colors. If you enjoy adorning your room using tea light wax lights and oils, you can obtain a ceramic horse oil lamp that will burn with the scent you desire, or wrought iron candle holders with horse figures on them.

You can also hang some horse art in the wall with the size depending on your preference and on the size of the room but if you want bigger designs, you can paint a mural on one wall or use wallpaper with horse designs. Other kinds of emphasis items are throws, rugs and pillows that are imprinted with equine images since these items will make any kind of house or cabin more fascinating. For the room, you can also have a comforter, beddings and pillow instances with equine design which is perfect for a horse-loving kid's room and if you add a rocking horse, and your child may never want to leave the room at all!

Horse themed items fit in well in a country style bathroom, so adding a horse design shower curtain, rug, tissue holder, or towel bar is simple in a bathroom like that. A sampling of well placed decorative tiles with a horse theme can be placed in your sink. Horse figures in wrought iron may be used as plant or magazine holders in your kitchen and why not try equine figures as cabinet door knobs or pulls?

Interestingly, a number of individuals who use horse decor are not western or country in origin, neither are they horse riders or they just love the horse form. Though it can be simple to find places selling equine home decoration, local home stores and the internet can provide special pieces you may not find anywhere else.

With the many designs available, there is bound to be one that will accentuate your home, so let the beauty and grace of our horse friends shine on in your home.

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