Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Disabled Can Benefit From Walk-In Tubs

By Bob Ranold

You simply need to walk in to the tub. That sounds really simple. No wonder, walk in tubs are becoming so damn popular. With people around us affected by arthritis or paralysis, it is really nothing surprising to have hit the market. Now what is so new about it? A bathtub is a bathtub. But this is different. It is meant particularly for people whose activities are limited unlike any other normal person. People tend to get immobile when they are crippled with diseases that bind them with painful joints and lots of swelling. Not knowing the root cause for these diseases, we can only come out with solutions, if not treatment.

With crippled and swelling joints it is a painful exercise to get into the bathtub and then come out of it. But they can manage with some difficulty. What about people who are semi paralyzed? How do they use the regular one? It would be next to impossible for them to have bath in this bathtub.

How about a bathtub with a door in it that enables one to simply walk in? Although it looks like any other normal bathtub, it has a door in sideways that differentiates it from other regular ones. Now does it not resemble a car that has doors? It is designed so to ease a person from lifting his or her leg to get into the tub.

So all they need to do is simply walk in. There is a seat provided where they can sit comfortably and have their bath. Once the door is closed, the bathtub is completely sealed. It is designed to hold the water without any leakage and is airtight too. There is no way out for the water to flow through leakage. Although it sounds like normal bathing experience, the walk-in facility puts it apart from the other ordinary bathtubs.

This unique walk in tubs and baths are quite popular in the nursing homes in United States. One need not be struck by any illness to get paralyzed. Old age is also equally bad when they find it difficult to get even their simple job done. Old age home and nursing homes takes care of such people assisting them in their daily chores. Walk in tubs are hence handy and helpful here.

Walk in tubs can be the right solution for such people who are elderly or in other words dependants. They depend on others to be lifted physically for having bath. With walk in tubs that would not be required.

They will not be required to lift their leg to get into the tub. There is no danger of losing the balance or injuring their knee or leg. Losing a balance could lead to a fall which can be fatal at times. Quite a few cases where old people are involved have been reported. A walk in tub at this juncture is nothing but a blessing for people who have become dependants. It is installed easily and is quite cheap as well.

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