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How Can We Fashion Glass Painted Cards Correctly?...

By Anna Meenaghan

Have you ever actually thought about doing this? I believe that it is rather a first-class thought! Not merely do they present a special feel to whomever you choose to devote them to, but they what's more cause absolute pleasure.

As a result, you could be keen on the notion, however what will you want to get started? I will do you a list and so therefore you can determine whether you intend to continue.

First of all you will require, what is called, a greeting card mount, which your outline will fit into. A craft knife, some silver foil, masking tape, a Pritt adhesive stick, scissors, a pencil, a piece of acetate, kitchen roll, a no. 4 round brush, if at all possible water based glass paints and several tubes of cerne relief outliners.

First step that you will need to undertake, is to seize your acetate layer and score it a slight bit bigger than your motif. Next use the masking tape to save your acetate in place above your special figure. Using the outliner does not at all times seem uncomplicated, and you want a firm hand to use it.

It is a good idea to practice first with this on any of the acetate piece that you are not going to make use of. Sample removing a little paint from the nozzle and at that time clean the top with the kitchen roll before you start. A excellent rule is to keep the nozzle clean.

If you believe you have got the hang of this and obtained a quite easy flow, make a start by tracing the motif on to the acetate piece and subsequently leave it alone for around twenty minutes to grant it time to dry out.

When you make out that the outliner is in reality dry, if you suffer any unasked for bits, mistakes if you like, you can begin to remedy them, by using the craft knife to incise through the liner, to raise off spare paint, or you can chip bits off any unwanted blobs. After that you will need to repair any areas where you have cut away the paint and then leave them to dry.

As soon as it is dried out you can next begin to paint your image, except be liberal with the paint. If you don't get through to a large extent paint, you will notice that you find brush strokes showing, which you do not really want!

What you ought to do, is to leave like a puddle of paint, wherever you need it, and you will realize that the outliner is comparable a stop line for the paint. The image is currently perhaps accomplished, as a result really wants to become dry.

To lighten up your draft, rest your basic shape on your silver foil next press it very hard with a pencil, to mark out your contour. All you ought to make sure of next, is to engrave the foil. The image at this point needs to be fixed into the card mount.

Place the silver foil you have now cut out behind the painting plus attach it to the portion of the card that folds in behind. Paste the side card downward. You can in spite of everything affix some optional extra embellishment by means of your outliner if you choose to!

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