Monday, August 24, 2009

Make A Big Impact With These Kitchen Changes

By Stacy Pollack

If you are trying to do a quick update or overhaul of your kitchen, there are several areas where you can get the most bang for your dollar. The kitchen is usually a central room in the house and visible from several different rooms. The color you paint your kitchen is, therefore, something that can make a big impact right away.

Before you jump in and paint your kitchen a new color, make sure you make the right choice, as some colors will not work too well. The color(s) you choose should blend well with the surrounding rooms and probably not be too bright and flashy. The kitchen is a room that is commonly used as a gathering place so the color must be cheery but not too overbearing.

Another thing you can do to make your kitchen look different is to change the flooring. New houses all seem to be being built with wood floors now as they are very popular but that might not be the right surface for your kitchen. Bigger kitchens might look good with wood but if yours is small it might look better with tile or some other material. The floor color will of course be very important and must match with the walls.

You can also use stone, granite, and laminate as materials from which to make your new kitchen floor if you dont want wood or tile. You will find some homes with laminate floors but not as many with granite. Granite has become the most popular material for kitchen counters and all high-end homes use it for the counter tops but not so much for the floors. Installing a new kitchen floor can be a big project so much planning should be done to make sure you put in a floor that looks good with its surroundings.

Lighting also plays an important part in your kitchen and changing or upgrading the lighting can also make a big difference. Track lighting can be used to highlight parts of the kitchen and many homes have lights that hang down over the counters or island. These lights are similar to what you might find in a bar or nightclub and they make the kitchen look very modern. Ideally, you should have the lighting help show off the colors of your kitchen and they can work to give it a unique feel.

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