Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting The Best Water For Your Household.

By Zachus J Winestone

Most of General Electrics refrigerators come with built-in water filters. While very useful for both making ice and dispensing water, any filter does pose an ongoing cost and need to periodically replace it. It's the cost, quality, and ease of replacing that set filter systems apart. Having poured through dozens of consumer reviews about General Electric refrigerators with GE water filters, we're ready to give you the low down.

Most GE fridges have inbuilt water filters with a wide range of price and top designs. On the very affordable end is the carbon activated water filters. This type of system filters out the visible harmful particles which produce gritty cloudy dirty water. On the more elaborate end is the expensive reverse osmosis system. These filters remove particles and bacteria on a molecular level, straining out almost all known contaminants.

GE fridges with GE water filters have received outstanding reviews. On a scale from 1-5 stars, GE fridges and filters keep scoring between 4.6 and 5.0 stars. People who own such GE fridges say that the water and ice they get taste great, and they use both for cooking and drinking. Furthermore, the water volume is great. We couldn't find a single instance where owners said that they ran out of water from their GE dispensers.

GE provides filters that last longer that most, with a replacement needed about every six months. However, some customers say they have to change their filters every three months. This is most likely due to how much water the owner consumes and not the quality of the GE filters.

Most people who own a GE fridge are content with what they paid. There are many GE fridges that use the same type filter, and a pack of three will last for more than a year. Those who have a GE fridge with a filter replacement indicator feature are glad that such a feature exists.

People who own General Electric refrigerators say that it is very easy to replace a GE water filter, simply because the filters are so easy to get to and can be twisted out. On the other hand, some GE refrigerator owners report being sprayed by cold water when attempting to install a new filter, but this seems only to happen to a very few number of people.

There are very few negative reviews of General Electric refrigerators and GE water filters, and even fewer complaints that appear more than once. Owners of General Electric refrigerators whose GE water filters do not have convenient, automatic filter change indicators bemoan its absence. More importantly, the only consistent complaint in consumer's reviews of General Electric refrigerators and its filters was with water pressure. The water flow appears to dwindle as the water filter becomes dirty, and some customers report it slowing to a trickle before the GE water filter is changed.

GE fridges with GE water filters are overall a good buy.Those who have purchased a GE fridge appear to be satisfied with the quality of water and how long the filters last. The replacements seem to be cost-efficient and easy to install. GE should be at the top of your list if you are considering purchasing a new fridge with a water dispenser and an ice maker.

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