Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Water Purifiers And Filters Effective And Inexpensive

By Derek Reeve

There are many home water purifiers and filters being sold today. Choosing the right brand can be difficult and confusing. The prices cause even more confusion. Whats the difference between a $40 system and an $800 system? Thats the price range that you will see. Heres what you do and dont need when it comes to water purification.

There have been many claims out there that you should use Japanese rocks. However, if you have heard of these claims do not buy into them because they have not been verified.

Well water can be some of the hardest water to get the contaminants out of because there are so many. Most people will not do any research and will just get a filtering system thinking that are all the same. However, they are not because some filtering systems only get certain contaminants out, where the more expensive ones are better to treat things like well water.

You should look for home water purifiers and filters that provide selective filtration. These systems provide effective contaminant removal, without removing the naturally occurring minerals that are good for your health and digestion. A trace mineral content is also fresher tasting.

The thing that most people do not understand is that public supplies of water usually contain a lot of contaminants. The treatment facilities in your town will filter out most of them but not all of them. Not to long ago there was an article posted in the USA today about the tap water taken from homes around the US contained high levels of weed killer and bug spray.

Most people do not understand when they hear all these names of different things that are in their water exactly what they are, or what they are used for. You see as said above that weed killer and bug spray have been known to be found in the water in homes around the US, will contain alchalor, lindane, and atrazine. You probably have never heard of them; however these are the chemicals that are most commonly found and used by farmers and lawn-care experts.

You see you can't see them, so most homes do not think that they are there. However, when consumed you obviously know now that they are very harmful to your health, and the health of your family. The reason why most people do not know what is in their water is because local facility plants do not have to publish there water testing reports, so no one really knows whats being sent to your home.

One type of contamination is caused by public treatment methods. Chemicals used for disinfecting (as well as other disinfection methods) cause the formation of a cancer causing compounds known as THMs (trihalomethanes).

The big difference in the more expensive brands of home water purifiers is what all the water filtering systems gets rid of. Most of your more expensive brands of water filters remove these THM's, where the less expensive brands only reduce the chlorine.

As you can see making sure that you safeguard your water supply is very important and you need to do everything you can these days to protect your health. The best thing for you to do is to make sure that you do your research, find out whats in your water, and get the best filtering system you can for your home.

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