Monday, August 31, 2009

Faux Wood Laminates Look Great

By Norbert Wolfenk

Today with "everything on the table" when it comes to flooring, never before have there been fine flooring choices at such affordable prices. Vinyl, that costs so little, was the winner in days gone by. It wore well and was everywhere. An in expensive alternative then was ceramic which became king. It looked great and lasted forever.

Hardwoods, while still pricey, look beautiful and provide great wear. Hardwood is cost-effective and is a fine flooring product that is within most budgets today. Whether your hardwood choice is an excellent Brazilian Walnut, or an exceptional Australian Cypress, with proper care, this kind of flooring will last 50 years or more.

Nonetheless, if hardwoods are still a bit of a financial stretch or the care required is a little more than desired then try looking at discount laminated flooring (Faux wood). They're another excellent option.

Faux wood (laminates) look great. This kind of flooring is usually strong four-layer construction that yields a highly durable product. The costs per-square-foot is much less, than you might expect than hardwoods and laminated flooring are ultra-easy to install.

Ceramic and Porcelain flooring are still eternal favorites. There seems to be a race for favor between both types, ceramic and porcelain, simply because of both products with their strength and durability. Either provides a rich, bright appearance and can last for many decades with appropriate care.

Formerly, concrete was DIY flooring in the basement or garage. Today concrete will be found in the bathroom, kitchen, or almost anywhere. Consumers are opting for surface effects that create colorful flooring, even emulating the appearance of marble or tile. It's low cost and looks great.

Sub-flooring is getting more attention these days. These spaces are as likely to be concrete as the traditional plywood. In any case because they age will require repair. However, you be glad to know that sub floor planking is being better treated to reduce the odds of insect invasion and water damage.

Carpet is still very much the number one choice for flooring. There are numerous basic types. There is everything from a simple throw or area rug, to full-room coverage that could be relatively inexpensive, long lasting, and beautiful.

That space under foot getting greater notice today. You might consider installing heating whether electric mesh, or radiant tubing, these systems have come down in price. They keep the floor warm and production methods have improved their efficiency. Other heating methods will not be needed, even in other rooms. The under floor options are less expensive to operate than they might appear.

If you plan to install tile, what is beneath will be noticed. Laying tile requires first-rate preparation, so be certain the sub-flooring is strong and super-flat. That is necessary or the tile will not set properly. Then there is the requirement after you install it, and that is to look after your floor.

You know it! And there's no getting around it! Every kind of flooring requires some care. Carpets require cleaning, especially when something spills. Ceramic and laminates require mopping. Hardwood flooring requires good care, so that they don't dull or scratched due to grit being dragged across the surface. Minor tile cracks, carpet burn, and laminate scratches; all require restorative efforts that are more extensive.

At the end of the day or the decade however, you can look back and even though it's underfoot, flooring can make or break the appearance and usability of a room. Selecting well and keeping it in good shape will reward the cost and effort many times over.

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