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The Real Aspects of Ionic Air Purifiers

By Ion Dissonance

Air ionizers are utilized in air purifiers, hence the name ionic air purifier. How exactly does it work? Well, the electrode inside attracts the airborne particles, and this process is quite similar to the process of static electricity. The ions which have been attracted are de-ionized by the earthed conductors. The dirt trap should be cleaned regularly, once the saturation is complete. The very aim of an ionic air purifier is to clean the air. The air we breathe is rarely clean - it is swarming with cigarette smoke, dust of all sorts, pollen and even pet dander. These irritants can affect our health, besides having an impact on personal hygiene. So why spend dollars and dollars buying furnace filters and other such products, when you can simply buy an ionic air purifier to solve the problem?

An ionic air purifier would bring in clean air, and inject an extra amount of freshness into your life. Products which were made a few years ago worked by moving air through the filters. Now things have changed, and so has the working style and the efficiency of products. The machines work by releasing a steady stream of negatively charged ions into the air, they electrify the dander and the dust in the air, and pass on the negative charge to them. These in turn get attracted to the machine's collection plates, which are, of course, positively charged. This results in the air around you becoming much cleaner.

So what's the most amazing thing about an ionic air purifier? Well, it's silent, mostly. Also, there are no motors or moving parts involved, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of replacing filters. But one possible downside is that ozone is released, to some extent, which is a potential pollutant. Where can you buy an ionic air purifier? Well, they can be found at drugstores and department stores, you can also find them on the Internet. Many different brands and models are in the market, so you have a wide variety of choice.

Try to buy something which is extremely effective in bringing about a drastic reduction in airborne irritants and allergens in the air. Get something that is silent, which works without a motor or fan. Buying it will also reduce your risk of asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, and other such respiratory diseases. Look around, see the various models and the options on offer, and get something that fits all the characteristics.

Why is an ionic air purifier the ideal investment for your home? Well, for the simple reason that the quality of air is vastly improved, because the purifiers are adept at removing the airborne irritants from your room. However, you should take into account the amount of ozone released, because if too much ozone is released, then you could be at risk. Even a small amount of ozone could affect you. If you are prone to allergies or if you suffer from asthma, then you might install a high-efficiency particulate air filter in your cooling or heating system. These filters have a fine mesh, which trap all the irritants. This prevents them from circulating through your home.

So what other characteristics should you look for when buying an ionic air purifier? Go for a silent product, something that has washable steel collection blades for trapping the airborne allergens and the pollutants. Ideally, the product you buy should be easy to use, efficient, and also you should choose something that does not require filters. Most air purifiers work by putting a negative charge into the air, and then attracting the dirt and dust particles with a positively charged collection plate.

If you are wondering why your ionic air purifier is making a strange buzzing sound, then perhaps it needs a cleaning. Usually, it is suggested that you clean the collection blades at least once a week, and clean the internal ionizing wire at least every 10 days. But it's important to remember that a slight buzzing sound is always normal, it's just to signify that the product is working properly. However, do remember to clean it.

An ionic air purifier could do wonders for your home. Buy one today. You won't regret it, because the clean air you breathe in (free of all pollutants and contaminants) will be worth everything.

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