Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Using A Chipper Shredder

By Aaron Shanty

When working on your garden or backyard to clear any non-essential bushes, trees or plants is very hard work! Not only do you have to chop the stuff down, you are also required to then get rid of of it in an environmentally compatible way too. This is definitely where having access to a branch chipper or shredder will be ideal.

These compact and portable devices will break down small sticks, twigs or branches and plants into smaller pieces so that they might be re-used or re-cycled in a large number of different ways. An example, a thin branch from your old tree could be turned to wood chips to be used as a decorative layer on top of your plant pots and bedding areas. Also, if you might have larger numbers of trees or branches to chip, they could be used to make an area where children can play safely. Softer material such as shrubs could be broken down using a chipper shredder to a fine or coarse mulch and is then excellent for applying onto your plants and used as a organic fertilizer. Mash up the reduced plant with water and leave to compost in a covered place and you will get a perfect, locally made and compatible product to assist your new trees and plants flourish.

Chipper Shredders are designed in all shapes and sizes, from smaller portable plastic ones made for home gardeners only, which have rigid nylon wire to chop the waste plants you insert into it into small pieces, right the way through to large towable wood chippers and model that are made for industrial chipping and shredding for landscaping companies and environmental workers. In the middle ground of these items there are many wood chippers which are designed to break through the majority of what is put into them. They are made to process branches of no bigger diameter than 2 inches and very happily chip all manner of other yard waste without any problems at all. Products by Troy Bilt or Bearcat are built for this and will last you for many years.

A smaller leaf shredder is a great choice for gardeners with bigger gardens that have non evergreen trees that shed their leaves. Get the leaves into the shredder and they can be shredded easily. The processed leaves are excellent for making some compost or mulching, and the shredded leaves are easily disposed of.

Why not make it a communal purchase. Befriend your neighbors and purchase the shredder between you and then share it around. It is a great idea to part own a chipper shredder as they are not needed all year round.

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