Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Purifiers/Filters For A Better Health And Well-Being

By Zachus J Winestone

If you are someone that is interested in eating well and being healthy then you know that drinking water is an important part of that routine and having water purifiers/filters in your home can help you stick to this goal. There are a variety of different water purifiers/filters that you can choose from for the perfect solution for you and your family. It will save you money and improve your health and the health of your family as well. Clean water: now that is a value that the whole family can agree on.

Water Is Healthy

Physicians suggest drinking no less than 8 glasses of water daily, particularly if you are engaged in physical exertion which causes sweat. Water improves your state of being by flushing out toxins. Remember, one can live without food for days but can only exist without water for one day. Keep that in mind and take measures to install a water purifier or filter in your home to make drinking more palatable.

Every one at home drinks a lot of coffee and too many sodas partially because its easy and tastes great. By having water filters/purifiers installed in your own house, you can make sure that you get purified tasty water in almost no cost. Be a role play for your kids and help them develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water.

Why Filtered Water Is Best

You can drink water straight from the tap, but depending on whether you have a well or city water, you may not know what is in there and you definitely wont like the taste. Wells can be contaminated with any number of toxins that leach in from the surrounding soil. It does not have to be a spill on your property it would be a mile away but it affects the same groundwater that we all share. Consider that water purifiers/filters can eliminate these toxins from your water, leaving you with pure, clean, refreshing water to drink.

Tap water is held to a certain level and is measured every year, but it can still have more pollutants than you would like to know about. And why have to worry about what is in the water when you are trying to do something good for your body? With water filters/purifiers you never have to worry about your water.

Better than Bottled

Many people enjoy the convenience and taste of bottled water, but it can get expensive. By reusing a few water bottles or getting some nicer thermos type bottles you can fill them up from your water purifiers/filters at home for pennies. Kids and adults will love the cool variety of water bottles available and everyone in the family can have their own.

Importantly, the water from water purifiers/filters is cleaner and better for you than bottled water. The standards of the city water are not always good which is the same as the Bottled water. In fact, in several studies popular brands of bottled water were found to have more contaminants than New York City tap water. So, this simply means that the water from water purifiers/filters at home is clearly so much better.

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