Monday, August 17, 2009

The Truth about the World's Energy Crisis

By Dale Green

In order to get a grasp on the world's energy crisis, you have to learn more about the renewable energysolution. To be honest, you won't find a fast answer to this one thanks to its complexity. However, if we can just figure out a way to keep up with the technology we're given, things would run a lot smoother.

Would you believe that by the time we reach 2050 the energy usage will be double what it is today? It's a scary though considering the problem we already have now. This is due to the ridiculous population growth all over the world.

Even the countries that don't utilize a substantial amount of energy are using technologies that need it. In the end it's adding a lot more stress to the world.

Two example of this is India and China. Whether it's getting on an airplane for the first time, purchasing a new vehicle, or indulging in new televisions, many people are in need of electricity. This means that not only will the use of electricity increase, but the fuel will as well.

Hopefully this all makes sense, and helps you understand how important it is for our societies to start using renewable resources. Obviously we'll still need the same old things like coal and oil, but it's becoming more difficult to dig deep within the earth's core.

So the renewable energies of solar and wind are not a slam dunk solution to this problem but can be helpful. These are only used globally for about one percent of the energy supply. By the middle of this century the experts are hoping this will increase to at least 30 percent. Many more wind turbines and solar energy systems will need to be installed to make this happen though. Also advances in technology will have to be made in this area to lower the cost of these forms of energy so that this necessary increase can happen.

Plus we'll need to figure out a way to lower the cost for it as well. This is going to take a substantial amount of time, which means we all have to be patient. More importantly, it's our jobs to make the world a safe place to live in, and there is no better way then helping the environment stay clean.

So for now we'll just have to keep moving forward when it comes to wind and solar power. Eventually it could be used in every home out there, but for now just do what you can. In the end it's going to cut down fossil fuels and give everyone a better understanding of how it can help each and every one of us.

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