Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Building a Garage Without a Sweat

By Frolker Hrewseen

Spending money in a time where everyone is feeling the pinch of an economic crisis seems like a bad decision. Everywhere you go, people are complaining of losing their purchasing power. With the threat of financial bankruptcy hovering over the heads of numerous Wall Street firms, ordinary employees are mostly holding on to their savings so that they can have something to use in case mass layoffs will happen.

However, thank your lucky stars if you were able to save and invest wisely years ago. This means that even if you are experiencing some difficulty, it's not as bad compared to what other people are currently going through. As a treat for yourself, why not improve your home layout by starting with your garage. It will redefine your lifestyle and also improve the total appeal of your abode.

Here are some tried and tested ways to build an aesthetically pleasing garage without the usual hassle that one encounters. Read on how it's possible.

First, sit down and have a serious talk with your architect, contractor and engineer for the blueprint of the garage. It is a serious investment that entails spending a big amount so you must make sure that you are not being shortchanged. The design must fit your discerning needs. Make sure that the people you hired can explain in layman's terms what exactly they are going to do step by step. When you have your blueprint, make sure that it includes foundation plan, the exterior elevation blueprint, floor plans, a cross section view and the highly important specifications. Additional stipulations may be included according to your whims.

Next, knowing where to put the windows and doors will help create the total look of the garage. Windows must be appropriate in size and diameter to allow rays of sun inside the garage so that there would still be a source of light without turning on an electric bulb. It has also an added bonus of killing microorganisms. Another purpose of the window is to allow air to ventilate properly inside the garage. This is to avoid that familiar musty odor which affects dark and damp places. A door strategically placed in front of the garage will also provide easy access no matter what time of the year it is. Now, if you don?t want to pass through the main door all the time, have a side door installed so that you can pass through it discreetly.

Aside from just being a plain old garage, you could maximize its use by transforming it into a storage area. Build a loft so that your stuff will be lifted off the ground. This way, if ever there are pests that can enter the garage, your belongings are in a secure location.

Furthermore, if you want to build a room above the garage, it could be rented out to a person in need of a bed space. Through this, you will supplement your salary with the money being paid for the rent. Doesn't that sound terrific?

In order to cut costs considerably, buy all your raw materials in bulk from a wholesaler. This includes the sacks of sand, cement and gravel, plywood, nails, piles of lumber, cans of paint and so on. This will save you the hassle from going back and forth.

You may now commence building your garage after reading these great tips. Good luck!

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